Smooth leaved




          The trees of smooth leaved are very high and shadowy. Its tree has many branches. Mostly, its trees grow in cold regions. Specially, its trees are found near by rivers. It is also called “Ghiya Karanj” and “Bitap Karanj”. It has many thorns. So, its trees are planted around gardens for fence.

Name in different languages:

Hindi                -               Karanj, Kanj

English             -               Smooth leaved

Sanskrit           -               Karanj, Nakatmal

Bengali            -               Karanj

Marathi            -               Karanj

Gujrati              -               Karanj

Telugu              -               Kanugchettu


Smooth leaved is pungent and hot in nature. It is used to get rid of vaginal diseases, leprosy, enlarged stomach, colic pain, piles and wounds. It kills worms of the stomach and brings the phlegm out.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Epilepsy: Take the powder of smooth leaved with jiggery (gur) to get relief in epilepsy.

2. Pain: A person gets rid of pain by smoking smooth leaved’s seeds with tobacco. Apply oil of smooth leaved’s seeds on the affected part. Its use provides relief in pain. Apply its oil on the skin to soften skin.

3. Toothache: Rub honey or mustard oil on the teeth and gargle with water of smooth leaved twice a day. Toothache and offensive smell disappear by gargling with this water.

4. Whopping cough: Grind smooth leaved, long pepper, big myrolealans 48 milligrams each, salt and 2½ leaves of bamboo together. Boil this mixture in 125 ml water in a soil pot until it remains ¼ then put it down and filter. Take 2-3 ml this decoction 3-4 times a day. A person gets rid of whopping cough.

5. Vomiting: Eat toasted seeds of smooth leaved to stop vomiting. 

6. Arthritis: Take 10 grams powder of dry ginger with sour water (kanji) to get relief in arthritis.