Smoking Biri And Cigarette



         Smoking of biri and cigarette is very harmful for the heart of a person. A person can becomes the patient of many diseases due to smoking as asthma, cancer etc. tobacco contains nicotine and this nicotine is a powerful and active poison. Nicotine and carbon mono oxide enter into the lungs when a person smokes. Thereafter, nicotine mingles into the blood and excretes adinalin and narodrilin on a large scale. Because of this reason, fat increases in the blood and due to this reason process of hardening blood pipes becomes high.  Blood pipes become active and hard and several kinds of diseases take a person in their grip as pain in the heart, high blood pressure and other heart diseases. Vitamins contained in the body destroy due to smoking. If a person smokes one time, he loses as much vitamin c as an orange has.     

         If tobacco is used for long time by a person, he becomes the patient of many kinds of diseases. Such kinds of diseases are as vertigo, trembling in the hands and feet, fits, etc. Tobacco contains 16 such kinds of elements which produce cancer. Veins of the hands and feet contract if a person uses tobacco for long time. If the patient walks, he suffers from joints’ pain. This disease is known by the name of burges disease.   

         Not only smoking is harmful for a person’s health but also eating tobacco and rubbing tobacco on the teeth or smelling tobacco by nose also harmful.

Treatment by nature therapy:

         The habitual of smoking should have firm determination to get good health. He should promise to himself not to touch such kinds of things because all these things always prove harmful never beneficial. The person should pay attention on his health by giving up all these bad habits.