Smilax Officinalis



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Name in different languages:

Hindi               -      Sariva jungle, Jungle ushva

Bengali           -       Kumarika, Salsa

Marathi           -       Ghotvel

Tamil               -       Malaetamaraie

Telugu             -       Konda Tamara

Malayalam       -       Klatmara

Latin               -       Smilax Officinalis


        The juice of smilax officinalis is little bit sweet, nutritive and remains a person far from old age to some extant. It causes excessive perspiration. It is cool natured, sweet and expectorant. It affects to the body organs especially on the vesica and genitalia organs (reproductive organs). Smilax officinalis is also beneficial in the second stage of syphilis, joints pain, bones’ swelling and pyaemia