Small Wild Eggs Plant



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Colour: Its leaves are green, yellow and thorny. Its flowers are purple.

Taste: It is spicy and bitter.

Structure: Its plants are found in the forests that spread on the earth in groups. Its flowers are purple and fruits are round.  Its raw fruits are green and yellow after ripening.

Nature: It is hot.

Precaution: It causes itching.

Removing side-effects: Taking shikanjvin removes all the side-effects of small wild eggs plant.

Comparison: It can be compared with echinops echinatus.


Small wild eggs plant is peptic and bitter. It is beneficial for heart and stops the stool. It is expectorant and eliminates gas. It reduces mouth dryness and ends indigestion.  It is beneficial in leprosy, fever, cough and asthma. Its use kills stomach worms. It causes unconsciousness. The leaves of small wild eggs plant are very useful for the treatment of piles. Taking its powder with cow milk enhances sexual vigour and sperm count.