There are 26 vertebras present in the spinal cord. The pad of cartilage is located in between two vertebras which keeps attach both the vertebras and provides lubricant to them by which, they do not rub each other. But, sometimes this pad is rubbed and these vertebras are removed from its place and go on rubbing. It is called ‘Slip-disc’. Due to slip-disc, the nerves of this place begin to pain by pressed down in between vertebras. Several people believe that any type of waist pain occurs due to slip-disc that is not true. 7 vertebras present in the neck, 12 in the back, 5 in the waist, 1 in the sacrum and 1 in the anus which are 26 in total.

For reading tips click below links      Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Silicea-


    If T.B. occurs in the spinal cord which is called pots disease, spondilitis or carious of spin, giving Silicea 6x is very useful.
    2.     Calcarea-phos-


      In the condition of T.B. of spinal cord, Calcarea-phos 3x is very effective. Addition to it, giving Vaccilinum 30 once in a week or 200 once in a fortnight (15 days) is very effective.
      3.     Arum-met-


        This drug is known to be very effective in the condition of T.B. of the bones. When T.B. is entered in the joints through spinal cord, giving 3 or 30 potency of this drug is very useful.
        4.     Hekla-lava (Hecla-lava)-

        Hekla-lava (Hecla-lava)-

          Hekla-lava 6x should be given in the aggravating of bones T.B. or in the condition of occurring other disordering.