Insomnia is not a disease in itself but it is a reaction of mental disturbances and other diseases. A person becomes the victim of this problem because of such causes as constant contemplation, depression, anxiety, dread, constipation, exhaustion and other diseases. Some persons take drugs to sleep. This should not be done at all because a person sleeps by the use of these medicines but after some time body remains unaffected by these drugs. There is no impression of these medicines upon the user. There are seven kinds of insomnia.

1. Patients who awake at night constantly and they remain far from sleep.

2. Some patients are such who take drugs, wine and other intoxicating things for sleep.

3. Many persons remain far from sleep since childhood.

4. Persons, who have many anxieties and surrounded by several disturbances all the time, become the victim of insomnia.

5. Some patients feel sleeping badly and they keeps on sleeping all the time.

6. Some patients who suffer from breathing problems and consequently they do not sleep properly.

7. Many patients suffer from somnambulism, teeth grinding and a habit of muscles’ movement while sleeping.

Food and abstinence:

         Face, hands and feet should be washed before going to bed. Take regular rest and exercise in the morning. Milk should be drunk before sleep. Walking is a boon for health and good sleep after having light food. A person takes sound sleep by taking apple jam.

         The patient should not be worried because of this disease named insomnia. He should not take coffee and tea at evening. Do not sleep during day. Wine should not be taken at all.

Treatment by different medicine :

1. Mustard oil: Massage the soles with mustard oil before going to bed. A person takes a sound sleep by following this formula.

2. Cabbage: Cook the sabji of cabbage with ghee and eat. Insomnia remains far from a person by its use.

3. Milk:

  • A person sleeps well if he takes 50 grams thickened milk.
  • Mix ghee and sugar each one spoon in a glass of milk. Take it. A person falls in bed soon by its use.

4. Honey:

  • Mix one spoon lemon juice with honey and take before sleep. Its use ends insomnia.
  • Grind poppy seeds with honey and syrup of sugar. Dissolve the mixture properly. A person sleeps well by taking it.  

5. Garden nightshade: Wrap garden nightshade root in a light cotton thread and tie it on the forehead. Alternatively, put a citron on the head side of the bed. Both formulae help in sound sleep.

6. Almond:

  • Massage the head with pumpkin oil and (almond oil) badam rogan. A person sleeps properly by its use.
  • Mix badam rogan, cuscus oil and prickly lettuce oil altogether. Massage it on the temples. Its use ends insomnia.

7. Caraway: Take one fourth to half-gram powder of hen-bane seeds twice a day. Its use ends insomnia.

8. Poppy seeds: Prepare a decoction by boiling poppy seeds and take regularly. A person sleeps well by its use.

9. Bengal quince: Grind 10 grams root of Bengal quince with water and shuffle this preparation. Give it to the patient to drink twice a day for the treatment of insomnia.

10. Coral tree: A person sleeps properly by taking 5-10 grams powder of coral tree bark twice a day.

11. Apple:

  • Take 10-20 grams powder of apple root twice a day. Its use provides relief in insomnia.
  • A person becomes free from insomnia by taking apple jam. A person sleeps soundly if he takes an apple before going to bed.

12. Marsilea minuta: This disease is cured by taking cooked vegetable of marsilea minuta in rainy season.

13. Prickly lettuce:

  • Prepare a decoction by boiling 20-40 grams seeds of prickly lettuce. Its use ends insomnia.
  • Take 1-2 ml milk of prickly lettuce, it ends insomnia.

14. Leea hirta: Tie a root of leea hirta in hair. Its use is the source of sound sleep.

15. Henna: Keep dry flowers of henna in your pillow. This formula creates sound sleep.

16. Juice: A patient of insomnia gets relief and sleeps properly by drinking mixed juice of guava, potato, spinach and apple.

17. Mango: A person sleeps well by eating mango but milk should be drunk necessarily later.

18. Garden nightshade: Mix jiggery in 10-20 ml decoction of garden nightshade’s root. Drink it to cure insomnia.

19. Staff tree: Grind seeds of staff tree, rauwolfia serpentina, spike nard and sugar candy altogether. Mix one spoon this powder with honey and eat. Its use provides relief in insomnia.

20. Spike nard: Take one spoon powder of spikenard with fresh water before one hour of going to bed if you want sound sleep. Its use ends insomnia.

21. Nutmeg: Grind nutmeg with ghee or water and apply on the eyelids like paste. Its use ends insomnia.

22. Thickened milk: A person sleeps soundly well by eating thickened milk before going to bed.

23. Carrot: The disease named insomnia disappears by drinking one glass carrot juice regularly.

24. Nigella: Mix half spoon oil of nigella in one spoon honey properly and take. A person sleeps soundly by its use.

25. Linseed: Grind linseed oil and the oil of castor kernel in bronze vessel. Apply this preparation in the eyes. A person sleeps well by its use.

26. Convolvulus pluricaulis: Mix sugar candy with the powder of convolvulus pluricaulis panchang and take 1-1 spoon twice a day. Its use normalizes fast heart pulsation and cures trembling. This way a person gets free from insomnia and nervousness.

27. Poison nut: Mix poison nut seeds with one spoon pepper root’s powder and take. The disease insomnia disappears by its use.

28. Pomegranate: Boil 20 grams leaves of pomegranate in 400 ml water until it remains 100 ml. Mix milk in it and drink. Its use ends physical and mental exhaustion. Thus, a person does not become the victim of insomnia.

29. Water: Keep your feet in hot water for 5-10 minutes before going to bed. Its use ends insomnia. Wash feet with cold water in summer and with hot water in winter, it is useful for sound sleep.

30. Castor: Grind sprouted seeds of castor and mix a little milk in it. Apply this paste near about the forehead and ear. Its use cures this disease.

31. Brinjal: Toast soft brinjal in cinders and mix it with honey. A person sleeps soundly by taking it twice a day. 

32. Opium: Mix jiggery and powder of long pepper each in equal quantity to prepare one spoon medicine. Mix 1\4 gram opium in this preparation and take. Its use cures this disease.

33. Asrol: Grind 1\4 gram root of asrol and take before going to bed. Its use cures insomnia.

34. Cus cus: Grind the seeds of cus cus with almond kernels and take twice a day by mixing sugar. This is a good medicine for sound sleep.

35. Cinnamon: Boil 3 grams cinnamon in 125 ml water properly and mix three spongy cakes after filtering. Heat it a little and drink in the morning. Its use is good for sound sleep.

36. Ferment (yeast):  Grind yeast and cus cus each 6 grams altogether and take with water everyday in the morning. This medicine is very good for sound sleep.

37. Viola odorata: Take vilola odorata and yeast (khameera) each 6 grams before going to bed; it is very efficacious for sound sleep.

38. Barshasha: A person sleeps soundly by taking 2 grams barshasha.

39. Aniseed:

  • Boil 10 grams aniseed in 500 ml water until it remains 1\4. Mix this preparation with 250 ml milk, 25 grams ghee and sugar according to taste after filtering. Take it before going to bed for sound sleep.
  • Grind aniseed, khurpha seeds and seeds of prickly lettuce. Mix one pinch this powder in water and take twice a day. Its use cures this disease.
  • For a person’s treatment, who is the victim of insomnia and always feels drowsiness, boil 10 grams aniseed in 500 ml water until it remains one fourth. Mix a little salt in it and take twice a day to cure insomnia.

40. Curd: Mix aniseed, sugar and ground black peppers and take, it is good for sound sleep.

41. Fenugreek: Make one-inch fat pillow of fenugreek and use it. A person will sleep soundly.

42. Banyan: Grind thickly banyan leaves dried in shadow and mix in one kg water. Boil it until it remains one fourth. Mix one-gram salt in it and take. Its use cures this disease.

43. Basil: A person sleeps soundly by eating 5 leaves of basil or by keeping these leaves around the pillow. Smell these leaves, it helps in sound sleeping.

44. Onion: A person sleeps well if he takes four spoons juice of raw or toasted onion.

45. Hog weed: Take 50-100 ml decoction, it cures this disease named insomnia.

46. Indian hemp:

  • Apply Indian hemp upon soles. Its use is good for sound sleep.
  • Excessive use of Indian helps in sound sleep. If a person does not sleep properly by the use of opium, he should take Indian hemp for sound sleep. Constipation also breaks by its use.

47. Other treatment:

1. Sleeping and awakening on proper time: Sleeping hours increase or reduce according to age. Chart of sleeping according to age- children-18 hours, 10-12 years boys or girls-9-10 hours and 7-8 hours for an adult. A person should sleep on a proper time.

2. Thing before sleeping: A person should think about whatever he did during day before one or two hour of going to bed. A person becomes tension free by doing this.

3. Arrangement for sound sleep: The bed should be soft. There should be no problem due to light and wearing robe. In this way, a person sleeps well.

4. Exercise: Light exercise in the evening is very good for sound sleep.

5. Bath with hot water: A person sleeps properly if he takes bath before 4 hours of going to bed with hot water.

6. Pray to God: A person sleeps properly by remembering god before going to bed.

7. Massage: Massage your backbone, shoulders and neck properly for 10 minutes. This massage provides relief to the body and thus the person will sink in sound sleeps.