Size of the penis



In India, many persons always are puzzled in the reference of sexual relation because of the lack of sex education. Men are worried about the size of the penis. A person says that his penis is small and another person says that his penis is not thick. Such persons complain that they do not get full pleasure while making sexual relations. Here it becomes very necessary to know what the main work of penis is during sexual intercourse and how the penis works.

The main work of the penis is to supply the semen into the vagina of the woman and to satisfy a woman sexually. Generally, two inches frontal portion of the vagina is very sensitive and in this way, we can say that long, stout and thick penis is not necessary for the vagina. Clitoris, situated outside of the vagina, is the most sensitive part and a woman gets excessive sexual pleasure when this portion is rubbed. This friction can be completed properly with a small and thin penis too. When the penis enters into the vagina and the woman is fully aroused, she grips the penis in her vagina. Thus, both man and woman get lots of sexual pleasure.

According to well-known sex book, the vagina has a capacity to adjust to all kinds of penis. If penis is too long, vagina makes a place for it and if penis is small, vagina takes it inside. If penis is too thick, vagina stretches and if penis is thin, vagina constricts.  

More about penis:-

  • The length and thickness of the penis is different in different persons.
  • The size of the penis depends on the height of the person as well as hereditary.
  • The penis is small when it is flabby but becomes long in the stage of excitement.
  • If we watch to the penis from up to below, it seems to short. So, it should be observed by standing before a mirror to know the right and proper size of the penis.    
  • There should be no misconception in the mind about the size of the penis because a woman is not worried about the size of the penis but she wants only love from her husband.
  • If penis of person is small, he should keep a pillow under the waist of the woman lying on the bed. Thereafter make sexual relation. The penis goes into the deepness of the vagina and both man and woman get great pleasure while intercourse.   
  • A person with small penis should lie in a flat condition on the bed during sexual relation and the woman should make sexual relation. This technique proves very beneficial for those persons who have small penis.
  • If a man feels that he will not satisfy his wife because of small penis, he should rub to the clitoris with his finger properly. He can satisfy his wife by doing so. A woman becomes satisfy with this technique.