This bath is also called penis bath, and reproductive organs bath. This bath is much beneficial for the women. For this bath, take a tub and a small stool. Thereafter, stool is putted in the tub first and water is filled in this tub to the surface of stool. The height of the stool should be so much that 80-100 liters water may fill in the tub. If the water is not sufficient in the tub, water becomes hot soon by which the patient is not able to get complete benefits of friction bath. After filling water in the tub, sit on the stool with nude body and put the legs on the second stool out of the tub.

Activity of cold sitz bath for women-

        If this bath is being taken by the women, sit on a stool first and put both the legs on second stool. After that, immerse a small gamchha (a kind of thin towel) or thick cloth and wash the upper part of the vagina by this cloth slowly. Wash vagina slowly. External or upper skin of the vagina should be cleaned by washing in this activity. Keep one thing in the brain that this activity should be done peacefully so that there is no scratch on the upper skin of the vagina.

        Thus, clean vagina by rubbing for 5-20 minutes. After that, immerse a cloth in the water and squeeze it. Thereafter, wash body parts from neck to hips by rubbing for 2-3 minutes. After washing the body with wet cloth by rubbing, wear clothes and the body should be made warm by doing any exercise or covering the body with quilted blanket. 


        This bath should not be taken during menstrual excretion but it can be taken in excessive flow of menstrual excretion after consulting to a doctor. Maximum period of menstrual excretion is four days. If menstrual excretion period is more than four days, this kind of menstrual excretion should be considered abnormal and consult to a doctor.

Cold sitz bath for men-

        If this bath is being taken by man, he should sit in the by becoming nude. He should hold the foreskin of the penis by the left hand and he should take a short piece of cloth in his right hand. Drench that cloth in the water and the skin of the penis should be washed with cold water repeatedly.   

        If the front part of penis is not covered with skin, he should wash the penis’ skin portion and wash testicles too. After cleaning the penis, soak 2-3 inches lower part of the waist in the water too. Hips become wet in water and remaining parts remain dry. In this activity, immerse lower part of the testicles whereas upper portion of the testicles should remain dry. Now clean the soaked part in water properly by rubbing with the cloth. Thus, if this bath is taken for once or twice, disorders originate in those parts, which are used in taking bath. In this condition, if there is swelling in those parts, the patient should not fear and he should keep the bath continue. All the disorders disappear by it.

        Many types of blood disorders disappear by taking this bath for many days. Abscesses originate on the body by this bath by which inner polluted liquids come out from the body. if polluted liquids are coming out after originating abscesses, wrap the wet bandage of cold water on the abscess’ mouth and bath should be kept continue. Use soft clothes more than before if it is necessary for this bath. After this activity, the patient should wear clothes and walk for about 20-30 minutes. If the patient is weak, he can make his body warm by wrapping blanket or quilt.

Special note-

        Much importance has given to the penis in this bath because effect of different nerves of the body (which are related with spinal cord and brain) affect reproductive organs. Therefore, this bath makes all the nerves pure and active by which all the parts of the body get affected.

Cold Sitz bath by bucket or enema pat-

        If water is sufficient for this bath, this bath can be taken by filling water in the bucket. For it, take a bucket of ten liters water and set a nozzle in it. After that, fill water in this bucket and hang it on the height of 3-4 feet on the wall. Now sit in the tub under this bucket and take bath. If this activity is impossible, this bath can be taken with the help of enema machine.

Benefits by the cold sitz bath-

        This bath calms the excessive warmth of the body and makes the body clean, calm and energetic. It also makes the nervous system strong and increases vitality power. Polluted liquids come out from the body by it. All the disorders (which generate diseases) come out through the anus after this bath. If this bath is taken before sleep, it bring sound sleep and cures insomnia etc. This bath is also beneficial in case of chronic diseases, sperm discharge, leucorrhoea, nervous weakness etc. It calms anger and provides relief in the neural pain and sciatica. This bath is also beneficial in hysteria and in all the diseases of the women.


        Before taking this bath, keep one thing in the mind that this bath is beneficial only for the patient. Therefore, healthy person should not take this bath.

         Wall water should be used for this bath. This bath can be taken for 10-60 minutes according to age and physical capacity of the patient. Bathroom should not be excessive cold in winter season. To make the room warm, heater should be kept in the room by which the patient may feel relief while taking this bath. In winter season, fresh water should be used for this bath whereas pitcher water should be used for this bath in summer season.