Sisbania Aegyptiaca



Name in different languages:

Hindi          :       Jaint, Jayanti, Jhhijan, Jetrasin, Jentar

Sanskrit     :       Jayanti, Jaya, Sukchham moola, Sukchhampatra, Kesh ruha

Marathi      :        Jait, Sevari, Janjan

Bengali      :        Jayanti

Latin           :        Sisbania Aegyptiaca


          Sisbania aegyptiaca is small, dry and hot in nature, heavy, stimulating, tasty, bitter and pungent in taste. It normalizes the tridosa (Vatta, Pitta and Cuffa) and cures fever, diabetes, fast fever caused by chicken pox and throat disorders. It also alleviates poisoning and purifies the blood too. It is useful to cure tuberculosis of the glands and kill the worms.

Use of sisbania aegyptiaca:

       Sisbania aegyptiaca leaves kill the worms of stomach. Decoction of its leaves is useful to cure hair problems, swelling, rheumatism, pain and leprosy. Taking leaves of sisbania aegyptiaca is useful to end urinary problems and reduce sugar quantity in the body. Using hot decoction and bandage of its leaves in the testicels enlargement and rheumatism is beneficial.