Sinking in water



          If a person who is sinking into water should be brought out. Thereafter, water filled in the stomach should be expelled out by pressing his stomach or any other way. 

Treatment of the victim after expelling out from the water:

          First of all, the victim should be made lie on the back. Thereafter, the chest of victim should be pressed with force to expel out water filled in the stomach. After that, try to give breath with the mouth to run victim’s breath. Then, try to bring warmth in the body of the victim. Keep bottles filled with hot water should be kept into both armpits and on the soles of feet as well as on the belly of the victim. Thereafter, the body of victim should be covered with a blanket. Give 2-3 spoons hot water to the patient if he desires. Then, hot milk should be given to the victim to drink, thus, the patient becomes conscious soon if the treatment is done as mentioned here and body of the victim becomes normal.