Sinapis nigra-brassia nigra




            Sinapis nigra is prepared from black mustard. This drug is used for curing chicken pox, influenza, cold and catarrh

Useful in various symptoms:-

Head-related symptoms:-

            Sinapis nigra is a great remedy for curing symptoms as warmth of the head skin with itching, sweating on the forehead and the upper lip and feeling of tongue blisters.

Nose-related symptoms:-

            Sinapis nigra should be used in the cases of discharge from the left nostril which is cold, scanty and sharp discharge from the nose, chockness of the left nostril daily at noon and in the evening, dryness in the front portion of the nose, frequent sneezing caused by chocked nose, blowing tears from the eyes frequently and frequent cough which is ameliorated by lying. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.     

Stomach-related symptoms:-

            Sinapis nigra is an excellent remedy in the cases of offensive smell from the mouth like onion while inhaling, stomach inflammation which is moved to the pharynx, larynx and inside the mouth, hot and sour belching, stomach pain which occurs due to bending frontward and ameliorated by sitting straight and blisters inside the mouth.  

Throat-related symptoms:-

            Sinapis nigra is used in the cases of intensive burning sensation in the throat as if someone has burnt the throat from inside, deep breathing like asthma and severe cough with voice from the throat as if dog is barking. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Urine-related symptoms:-

            Sinapis nigra is a beneficial remedy in the cases of ureter pain and diabetes mellitus with frequent urination.

Back-related symptoms:-

            Sinapis nigra is an effective medicine in the cases of rheumatic pain in the glands of the back and intercostals and inability to sleep properly due to pain of the back and buttocks.  


            Sinapis nigra can be compared with drugs like- Sulphur, Colocynthis, Sinapis, Alva, etc.


            3rd potencies of Sinapis nigra should be given to the suffered patient according to symptoms of diseases. It makes the patient healthy within few days.