Simple full bath


Introduction :

        Mostly, bath, which is taken by people, is called only bath. According to the benefits, this bath is useless. In this bath, people take bath hurriedly. If the bath is taken daily with techniques, a person gets benefits. For it, benefits are gotten by doing different types of activities before taking bath.

Technique of normal complete bath :

        Make the whole body warm by rubbing with the help of palms or towel before taking bath, which is taken daily normally. The patient should take bath with cold water after making the body warm. Bath should be taken with lukewarm water in winter season. After taking bath, clothes should be worn after moping body by the palms. If the patient feels cold after taking bath, he should do light exercise to make the body warm. In the morning, he should go for a morning.

Benefits by normal bath :

        The body is cleaned and there is an augmentation in the physical power by taking this bath with rules. This bath makes the blood circulation fast and the skin becomes stable and active. The mind becomes happy and the body gets energy and zeal by which a person does any work with interest.