Useful in various symptoms:-

Respiration-related symptoms:-

           Silphium is an excellent remedy in the symptoms of cough with discharge of excessive, dilute and light colour phlegm, cough due to rumbling sound of the phlegm in the chest which aggravates by cold air, lungs contraction and discharge of excessive and stringy mucous due to body coldness.    


         Silphium can be compared with drugs like- Aurelia, Copaiva, Terivi, Cubeba, Sambuc, Silphium sairenecum, Poligonum aviqulari, Salvia, Arrum dreconishyam, Justicia adhatoda, etc. 


           Giving 3rd potency of Silphium to the suffered patient makes him healthy within few days.


           Mostly, the trituration of lower potencies of Silphium should be used.