Silk Cotton



silk cotton is a ayurvedic a medicines that is very useful to cure different types of diseases:Useful in different diseases:

1. Leucorrhoea: Take the fruits of silk cotton with ghee and rock salt. Its use gets rid of leucorrhoea.

2. Wound: Grind the bark of silk cotton tree and apply it on wound. The wound heals up soon by its use.

3. Disturbances in blood caused by bile: Take 1-2 grams powder of silk cotton’s flowers mixing with honey twice a day. Its use provides relief in this disease.

4. Diarrhoea: Take 50 to 100 milliliters cold decoction of stems of silk cotton’s leaves thrice a day. This is very good remedy in diarrhoea.

5. Burns: Burn silk cotton and apply its ash on the burnt portion. Its use provides quick relief.

6. Impotence: Shuffle 10 grams powder of silk cotton’s fruit and 10 grams sugar in 100 ml water. Taking this mixture twice a day ends impotence.

7. Blood amoebic dysentery: Immerse upper bark of silk cotton’s flowers in water at night. Mix sugar-candy in this water and make the patient drink in the morning. Its use cures blood amoebic dysentery.

8. Leucorrhoea: Fry cooked vegetable of silk cotton’s flowers with pure ghee. Eating this vegetable gets rid of leucorrhoea.

9. Tumors: Grind the leaves of silk cotton plant and apply or tie it on the tumors. Its use reduces the swelling of tumors.

10. Metrorrhagia: Take 1 to 3 grams gum of silk cotton twice a day. Its use provides relief in blood leucorrhoea.

11. Impotence: Mix sugar-candy in 20 ml juice of the bark of silk cotton tree. Taking this mixture enhances sperm count and sexual vigor.