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          Silicea is anti-seric, anit-sycotic and anti-syphilitic medicine that acts effectively. The effect of this drug stays in the body for a long time. This medicine is very useful for curing diseases that occur just after delivery. Silicea removes the bad effects of mercury. Silicea is very helpful drug for curing the patient soon who is suffering from any acute disease.

Useful in various symptoms:-

Mind-related symptoms:-

         The patient becomes upset from his life and thinks that his life is useless. He feels fear by little noise and thinks as if he is worthless. The children become too irritate and stubborn. If someone loves them, they start screaming. The patient suffers from restlessness all the time, inability to do any mental work, brooding, night mare and inability to sleep at night for a long time. Giving Silicea to the suffered patient checks above symptoms.     

Head-related symptoms:-

        Silicea is an excellent remedy in the cases of giddiness due to watching to upwards, headache that occurs daily and begins from the rear of the head and moves above the head and eyes, feeling of head enlargement, intensive headache caused by blowing air which is ameliorated by urination, headache which aggravates by little noise and doing mental work, but ameliorates by tying bandage on the head tightly, headache due to rapid and excessive sweating from the head.  

Eyes-related symptoms:-

         Silicea should be used in the cases of swelling of the tears pipe of the eyes, pimples on the edges of the eyes, eyes inflammation, troubles in the eyes due to cold air, cataract of the persons who work in the office, troubles after any type of hurt in the cornea, intensive pain in the eyes by lightning, cornea swelling and eyes illusion which means- when the patient reads, he seems as if characters are moving with him. This medicine checks above symptoms quickly.   

Ears-related symptoms:-

        Silicea is a great remedy in the cases of deafness, echoing of loud sounds in the ears, ears pain due to little noise, offensive discharge from the ears and inability to hear anything properly.

Nose-related symptoms:-

       Silicea is used in the cases of hard and dry coats inside the nose which do not remove easily and starts bleeding due to removing them, excessive sneezing in the morning, inability to identify fragrance and offensive smell by smelling, nose pain due to touching the nose glands due to excessive sensitivity and itching on the nose tip. This drug provides complete relief from above symptoms.   

Throat-related symptoms:-

          Silicea is a beneficial remedy in the cases of swelling in the glands behind the mouth palate which occurs daily with pricking pain in these glands, coldness in the throat, swelling of the ears glands, throat pain due to swallowing anything, rigid and cold swelling of the neck glands.   

Face-related symptoms:-

         Silicea can be used in the cases of facial etiolation, blisters and pimples of the lips with pain even by little touch with the hands, pain and swelling in the tumours of the lower jaw and cracks of the mouth corners. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.  

Mouth-related symptoms:-

       Silicea is an effective medicine in the symptoms as pain and swelling of the gums, feeling of the teeth looseness, gums pain due to drinking cold water, feeling as if a hair goes on sticking in the front part of the tongue all the time and excessive foul smell from the mouth in the morning.

Urine-related symptoms:-

         Silicea is very useful remedy in the cases of red or yellow sediments coming with incontinence urination, sperm ejaculation due to pressure while excretion and bed wetting of the children due to stomach worms at night.  

Fever-related symptoms:-

       Silicea drug should be used in the cases of feeling excessive coldness, fever due to cold air, excessive sweating at night, feeling of coldness in the closed and hot room, body shivering all the time, fever which begins in the evening and aggravates at night, feeling of weakness due to excessive sweating at night, offensive sweating from the hands, calves, soles, toes and armpits and feeling of excessive warmth during relapsing fever. The patient does not feel thirst during fever too. This medicine checks above symptoms completely.

Sleep-related symptoms:-

          Silicea is an excellent remedy in the cases of somnambulism, sleepiness all the day, sleeplessness with high blood circulation and excessive head warmth, night mare and waking with startle while sleeping.

Back-related symptoms:-

          Silicea is used in the cases of weakness of the spinal-cord, back problems due to blowing cold air on the back, coccyx pain, burning sensation of the back bone due to hurt, diseases of the back bone and T.B. of the back bone. This drug provides complete relief from above symptoms. 

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

          Silicea is a great remedy in the symptoms as sciatica, pain in the legs, feet and buttocks, pain with numbness (bayanta) in the soles and ankles, excessive weakness of the legs, hands trembling during any work, white marks on the nails caused by any disease of the nails of the fingers, growth of the nails of the toes from inside, excessive coldness of the feet like ice, excessive sweating in the feet, numbness of the body parts on which patient lies, offensive sweating from the hands, feet and armpits, feeling of fingers maturating, angulbedha, knees pain as if someone has tied the knees tightly, pain under the toes and soles problems via feet, ankles and middle of the toes.  

Stomach-related symptoms:-

          Silicea can be used in the cases of retching by looking at meat and hot food, anorexia (lack of appetite), over thirst, sour belching after taking meals, stomach pain due to little pressing and vomiting due to drinking any beverages. The food reaches in the posterior nares itself after swallowing. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Abdomen-related symptoms:-

          Silicea is a beneficial remedy in the cases of excessive flatulence, stomach pain or sensation of the coldness due to pain which is ameliorated by hotness of the outer side, constipation, yellowness of the hands and nails, excessive rumbling sound in the intestines, liver problems and pain with swelling of the chest glands.

Rectum-related symptoms:-

          Silicea is very useful drug in the cases of intensive pain in the rectum after excretion, sensation of prolapsus ani, anus sinus of the rectum, fistula and light colour, offensive and scanty excretion as small stones. Stool does not come out properly during excretion or If comes little bit, returned back. This medicine checks above symptoms quickly. 

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

          Silicea should be used in the cases of delayed and scanty menstruations, discharge like milk with urination, pungent leucorrhoea, itching in the vagina and vaginal way, bleeding between two menstrual secretion, bleeding from the vagina while feeding her young ones, suppression of menses while feeding, intensive pain from the breasts to the waist while feeding her baby with toothache, caruncling in the vagina or uterus, hard tumours of the breasts and uterus cancer. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.   

Symptoms of men diseases:-

          Silicea is an excellent remedy in the cases of hydrocoel, pain and burning sensation of the genitalia organs, night fall, and feeling of body weakness after sexual intercourse, back pain and testicles enlargement of the child.  

Skin-related symptoms:-

          Silicea is used for curing symptoms as whitlow, skin wounds like sinus, cracking in the fingers tips, glands swelling without pain, pink flecks of the skin, discharge of offensive pus from boils, maturation of small hurt, infection of injection, leprosy and dryness of the finger tips.   

Respiration-related symptoms:-

          Silicea is an effective medicine in the cases of constantly spitting from the mouth, incurable cold and catarrh, cough, throat inflammation, cough with discharge of blood with phlegm in day time, pricking pain from the chest to the back and intensive cough at night with discharge of thick, yellow and lumpy phlegm. 


          These symptoms are aggravated by washing, during menstrual secretion, by moisture while lying, lying down on the left side, after no moon, in the morning, by living as naked and in cold.


          These symptoms are ameliorated by warmth, covering the head and in the summers.


          Fluoricum-acidum, Saniquila, Thuja, etc. are the supplementary medicines of Silicea.


        Silicea can be compared with drugs like- Black gun powder, Hepar, Kali-Phosphoricum, Picricum-acidum, Calca, Tabashir, Natrum-Salicylicum, Silica marina, Bitrum and Arundo donecs etc.


          Giving 6th to 30th potencies of Silicea to the suffered patient provides quick relief.


          200th and higher potencies of Silicea should be given to the suffered patient. It provides complete relief.