Siddha asana



        This is one asana in all the important asanas. It is an asana by which one gets supernatural powers. In the yoga parts, as celibacy is the best in Yam and evacuation is the best in the Niyama in the same way, it is considered that Siddha Asana is the best in yogasan. The centers of energy present in the body are called chakra and the ducts through which that vital power is supplied are called nerves. The flow of our vital power rises from the Mooladhar and increases upward and reaches in the Sahastrar Chakra because of which the vital power increases towards spiritual development.


       The practice of this asana should be done in calm, clean and airy environment. Spread a mat or bed sheet on the floor and sit upon it. Now bend your lest leg from the knee and put under the testicles near the right thigh and bend your right leg from the knee and put on the left calf and keep the heel in the line of testicles and navel. Now keep the head, neck, back, chest and waist straight and stretched. Keep the body tight and straight in this position. After that, put your both the hands on the both knees. Keep the index, anamika and middle finger open and straight while putting the hands on the knees and joint the little finger with thumb and make Gyana Mudara (position). After coming in this position, keep the eyes half open or close and remove the external surrounding, thoughts and fear and stabilize the mind. You should concentrate on the Sahastrara Chakra of the mind or Kundilini. Sit in this position according to your capacity and increase the period of practice slowly. Try to stretch the anus, bladder and stomach while doing this asana. Pranayam should be done after completing this asana.


        This asana provides spiritual benefits and the mind concentrates. It helps in removing mental depression and thoughts become pure.  It has been considered most important asana in 84 lakh asana. It saves the sperm count and forwards the semen upward. It is useful in increasing luster and intellectual power. The practice of this asana provides divine power and vitality power. It also increases memory power and working capacity of the mind. This asana ends weakness and purifies the blood and saves the blood from impurity. The practice of this asana makes the body strong and face shiny and increases eyesight. This asana cures skin diseases and stomach disorders and is helpful in increasing digestive power. It makes the heart strong and reduces obesity (fatness). Hernia disease does not occur by the doing practice of this asana. It is very useful asana in the treatment of nightfall and spermtorrhoea. This asana helps to clear the filth of the all nerves. Keep attention that this asana is easy and useful asana. All types of sperm disorders are cured by its practice. This asana opens the way of spiritual progress. Doing practice of this asana reduces sexual power and gets akhanda brahamacharya. Therefore, the old age person should do this asana excessively than young person.


        Women should not do this asana and choose neat and clean place for its practice.