Sida Cardifolia



Names in Different Languages:

English       :         Sida Cardifolia

Hindi          :         Khareity, Variyaar

Sanskrit      :        Vala, Vaatyalika

Bengali       :        Shwet, Bedela

Marathi       :        Laghu Chiknna

Gujarati       :        Waldaana

Taste: It is sweet.

Structure: It has four kinds:- Wala, Mahawala (Sahadevi), Atiwala (Kanghi) and Gangeruki (Gangren).


Sida Cardifolia enhances body strength and glow. It ends Vaata and Pitta and blood disorders. Its use ends Tuberculosis.

Sida Cardifolia (Naagwala*) is useful in different diseases:

1. Diabetes Mellitus: Taking powder of Sida Cardifolia root’s skin with sugar is useful for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.
2. Spermatorrhoea: Take its sugar-candy mixed milk, it cures spermatorrhoea.
3. Tonic (Body Power): Grind 5-10 grams skin of Sida Cardifolia root with milk and prepare the powder. After that, take this powder, it provides relief. If one takes milk as a diet regularly for one month, he lives long and his body strengthens. It also protects from several diseases. It is a good medicine so it also makes the body strong.
4. Loose-motion of pregnant woman: Give syrup of Sida Cardifolia’s leaves to the woman twice a day, it provides relief in this disease.
5. Urine problems: Take its flower and soft fruit with sugar, it provides relief completely. One can take it 2-3 times a day regularly.
6. Heart Pulsation: Take 5 to 10 grams skin of Sida Cardifolia root with milk twice a day, it provides relief completely.