Colour: Cowry is white, yellow, red, black and blue in color.

Taste: It is vapid in taste.

Structure: Cowry is hard and winding. It is found on a type of creature that exists in water. It is a type of cover. Cowry, snail and shell belong to the same kind.

Nature: Yellow cowry is hot in nature. Red and white cowries are cool in nature.

Precautions: Using over quantity of it may be harmful for the lungs.

Removing side effects: Honey is used to remove all the side effects of cowry.

Comparison: Cowry can be compared with oyster (Seap).

Dosage: It is used in 2 grams quantity.


          Cowry cures eye diseases, otorrhoea and ureter sores. It increases appetite, brings out phlegm and cures bile disorders. It is used in many types of hypocrite treatments. The cowry juice, which has yellow burls, is very beneficial as medicines. The cowry of 15 grams (1.5tola) is considered best and which weight is 7.5 grams is medium.

Useful in different diseases:

1.Dentition: If any child has been suffering from pain while dentition, burn cowry to prepare ash and grind it fine. Mix honey with this ash and rub it on the child gums, it makes dentition easy.

2.Stomachache: Make the powder by grinding cowry ash and black pepper together thereafter fill this powder in the lemon and heat it on low flame. Stomachache ends by sucking this lemon.

3. Sweat of the hands and feet: Burn separate yellow cowry and kandi thereafter grind fine and mix both together. After that, rub this powder on the hands and feet to reduce excessive sweat.