Sheet bath


Introduction :

        There is a need of 2-3 blankets, one thick cotton sheet and cold water for this bath. This bath is beneficial for the treatment of many types of diseases. This bath is also beneficial in fever too.

  1. Sheet bath
  2. Nidrapada bath

1. sheet bath

        If a person has been suffering from fever, taking sheet bath is beneficial for him. For sheet bath, spread 2-3 blankets on the cot like bed. After that, soak a thick sheet of cotton in cold water by squeezing it properly and keep it on those blankets. Now make the patient nude and lie down on that co. After that wrap the sheets which are is coming out from the cot around the patient’s body.  

        One thing should be kept in the mind that the head of the patient should be out from the blanket on the pillow while wrapping blankets on the patient’s body. After that, wrap squeezed wet towel on the patient’s head. The sheet should be pressed under the legs of the patient so that external air may not enter inside. In this bath, when the patient is laid on the sheet, he feels light cold but after two minutes, he feels warmth. When the patient feels warmth, he should not become nervous and he should tolerate the warmth.

        If he feels warmth in this way, any type of fever whether it is new or chronic disappears within five minutes. In this activity, if the sweat does not perspire from the patient’s body, he gets rid of sleep by doing so. The temperature of the body cools down about one or two degree Celsius by taking sheet bath and the patient gets rid of fever within some time.

Benefits in diseases by sheet bath-

          Prickly heat of the skin, bile disorders, rheumatism and itching etc are cured by this bath. It reduces the speed of blood. If a person has been suffering from legs’ pain, he should rub ice pieces on the legs to get relief in pain. Ice effect is good in summer season. Treatment of ice on the weak person in winter season can be harmful.

        The person gets relief by putting bandage of warm water on the affected part. Syringe is beneficial in the case of ear pain. Putting affected part of scorpion bite in the warm water is beneficial. If a person feels cold suddenly, wrap blanket on the patient’s body and put a bottle of warm water in the lap of the patient. He gets warmth quickly by doing so.

2. Nidrapada bath-

        The person, who has been suffering from insomnia, should put his both legs in the warm water for sometimes and stream of cold water should be poured on the head. The blood of the head reaches in the legs by doing so by which the body gets freshness. After this activity, the patient gets sound sleep. The mind and brain of the patient becomes calm by taking this bath.