Lightening to the body and keeping the mind far from tension by the practice of Shava Asana


        Spread a mat or bed sheet on the floor and lie down on the back (on the mat) for the practice of this asana. Now keep both the hands in the sides towards the hips and keep the palms’ face up. Keep the fist half open and half close. After that, join your both the heels together and keep the tiptoes open. Now loose the body one by one viz first, toes, legs, hands, body, neck and head and muscles of all the organs. Now remove all types of external fear from the mind and concentrate your mind. After leaving the body and mind loose completely, close your eyes and take breath slowly. Stop thinking and remove all types of thoughts from the mind. For it, make the mind calm and imagine about any beautiful place and concentrate on that place.


        The practice of this asana for 10 minutes ends whole tiredness. It helps in ending mental and physical tiredness. This asana is helpful to make blood pressure normal. Heart disorders, diseases related to nervous system, insomnia, high blood pressure, diabetes, neural disability and other mental disorders are cured by the practice of this asana.