Shanshaka Asana



          Shanshaka means khargosha (rabbit). The body shape of a person becomes like a rabbit in this shape, so it is called Shanshaka Asana.


          Spread a mat or bed sheet on the floor and sit upon it for the practice of this asana. Now bend your legs from the knees and put under the hips and sit on the heels. Now raise your hands upward while inhaling. Thereafter, bend the body forward slowly while exhaling and extend your both hands forward and put the palms on the floor and keep your head on the floor too. After coming in this position of this asana, keep the body without inhaling after exhaling for sometime. After that, raise your stomach, chest and head while inhaling and producing flexibility in the body and keep the head and hands straight forward. Stay in this position for sometime and return in normal position and take rest for sometimes and repeat this activity again. This activity should be done 4-5 times.


          In this asana, the person should concentrate on the Mooladhar or Manipurak Chakra or breathing activity.


          The practice of this asana is useful for the treatment of heart disorders, so it is useful for the heart patients. In this activity, the lungs become healthy by taking breath and supplying clean air in the lugs. This asana helps to make intestines, liver and stomach healthy. The practice of this asana makes veins and nerves healthy and flexible and they work properly. This asana keeps the hip and middle muscles of the anus normal. It makes the sciatica nerves flabby and normalizes the functions of adrenal glands. This asana breaks constipation and ends disorders normally. Women, who suffer from undeveloped abdomen region, should do the practice of this asana because it is useful for them.