Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


          Many people get cut their hair in a stylish way but they are unaware with the fact there is dandruff in their hair. In this situation, good hair style does not suit in spite of stylish cut. Negligence towards hair is the cause behind this problem. Some people think that regular washing of hair is not good but they are on mistake. Dirt and soil particles fill into our head when we go out. In this case, regular washing of head is necessary. If you cannot wash your head daily, you should wash your head for at least twice or thrice a week necessarily. Wash your hair with good shampoo to keep the hair clean and lice free.

          Massage your head before washing. Thereafter, apply shampoo in your hair what you like. Some people say that regular use of shampoo for washing hair becomes the cause of grey hair whereas it is not the reality. The cause of hair color changing is melanin pigment which is found in hair. Shampoo has the unit to measure the alkalinity of hair and this is the reason that shampoo has neither acidic traits on large scale nor traits of alkalinity. Due to having such kinds of traits, shampoo cleanses head properly. Some people wash their head with shampoo but they don’t know the right way of shampooing. They apply shampoo in the head and wash with water hurriedly. 

          Wet your hair properly before shampooing. Thereafter, take shampoo in one palm and then rub both palms and apply in the hair after producing foam. Shampoo reaches into the root of hair by doing so. Then, wash head with water properly. Keep remember that shampoo should not remain in the head at all. Your hair becomes sticky if a little shampoo remains in the hair. Now, cover your hair with a towel other hair can break.  

          Shampoo is used to make the hair clean and strong. Sometimes, too much use of some shampoos can be the cause several hair problems. Hence, use Ayurveda shampoo as far as it is possible.

How to prepare shampoo and conditioner:

  • Mix four big spoons curd, two big spoons honey and one egg properly. Apply this preparation in the hair and wash with water. hair gets strength by applying it in the head. Hair can be made stylish easily by doing so.
  • If your hair is oily, mix a lemon juice in half cup lukewarm water and apply in wet hair. After ten minutes, wash hair with water properly.
  • Apply milk in dry hair and take rest for ten minutes. Now, wash your head properly.
  • If your hair is simple, apply 3 small spoons glycerin by mixing 1.5 spoons vinegar. Wash head after 10-15 minutes.
  • Mix egg yolk and lemon juice properly and apply in the hair. Its use makes hair healthy and beautiful.
  • Henna is considered the best conditioner for hair but it should be used twice or thrice in a month. Immerse one cup henna in tea boiled water in the evening.  Mix egg in this preparation in the morning and apply in the head. Wash head with water after one hour.

Homely method to prepare shampoo:

  • Mix 300 grams of fenugreek seeds, handful other herbs in 1kg Indian gooseberry or sheekakai by filling in a jar. Coolness comes in the head along with shine and clarity by applying this preparation in the head. Hair becomes long too by the use of this preparation.
  • Mix ten drops of rosemary oil in 4 big spoons muscovite and then grind this preparation. Filter it through a cloth after drying and now apply in the head. After some time, clean your head with brush.
  • Mix Indian gooseberry, sheeekakai and soapnut each in equal proportions and drench in water. Filter this preparation and wash head with this water. Hair becomes long and shiny.
  • Mix half cup sheekakai, indian gooseberry, 1.5 spoons neem or lemon leaves or flower of jaba kusum and four big spoons curd properly. Apply it in the head. Its use makes hair long and healthy. Hair fall stops and dandruff disappears by its use.

How to shampoo:

  • A large number of women do not know the right of washing hair. Too much attention should be given on the cleanliness of hair. We should look after our hair as we do our face. Many women rub, pull and twist their hair in a bad way. Thereafter, they dry their hair with hot hair of hair drier in a bad way. Hair is very soft and sensitive so it should be looked after carefully and lovingly.
  • If your locality is full of pollution, your hair is oily, wash your hair regularly. Hair should not be pulled or rubbed tightly while washing head. If you do so with your hair, your hair becomes oilier than before because oily glands become active by doing so. Thus, hair problems will become worse.   
  • First, mix shampoo in a little water and then wet your hair carefully with this water. Now, massage your hair gently after applying shampoo for 5-6 minutes. Thereafter, wash your hair by pouring water in a fast way to remove the shampoo completely. You should check the presence of shampoo in your hair. Looking after hair in this way is very essential for hair.


         Shampoo and conditioner should be used to sustain the beauty and shine of hair. thus, you can sustain the natural color and glow in your hair.