Shabby Basil



Name in different languages:

Hindi              :        Tulsee Rama, Ram tulsee, Banjari, Ajabala

Sanskrit          :        Ajeka, Amari, Ram tulsee

Marathi           :        Malitulas, Ajabala

Gujarati          :        Ajabala, Guggel

Bengali           :        Ramtulsi

English           :        Shabby basil

Latin              :        Ocimum gratissimmu


         Shabby basil is pungent in taste, hot in nature and stimulating. It increases urine quantity and helps in stool clearly. It makes the digestive system and liver strong. It is useful for the treatment of vatta, anorexia, indigestion, cough, anuria-dysuria, wound and eyes diseases. It brings phlegm out too.

Shabby basil generates bile and stops menstrual excretion. It is used in all the works as common basil. Using it cures cough and brings phlegm out.