Sexually transmitted diseases



          Such kinds of diseases occur because of infection. Generally, there are several kinds of diseases in sexually transmitted diseases but two diseases are major which have been given below.


          In this disease, a small pimple appears near about the genitals of both men and women which burst after maturating. There is pus in the pimples too. In the second stage of this disease, region near about the genitals swells. Red flecks, sore, swelling and pimples appear on the other body organs. In the third stage of this disease, the skin, joints of bones, heart and nervous system become affected due to this disease. In this stage, this disease makes a person blind and deaf.

          Infection is the main cause of this disease and this disease spreads if the patient kisses or copulates with a healthy person. A healthy person can become the victim of this disease if he uses the things used by the patient of this disease.


          The patient suffers from such kinds of symptoms as itching in the urinary tract, anuria and dysuria, yellow thick substance with urine, swelling in the testicles, etc. when he becomes the patient of gonorrhea.

          Yellow thick substance starts to exude from the vagina when a woman becomes the victim of this disease. She feels violent pain when she urinates. Muscles of the vagina swell and this swelling reaches to the uterus of the woman by increasing gradually. The woman becomes the victim of abortion if she is pregnant in this stage. In the first stage, this disease is limited to the penis of the man and vagina of the woman but other body organs become affected from this disease later on. Sores are external in syphilis but sores are internal in gonorrhea

Treatment of venereal disease according to naturopathy:

  • The patient of this disease should remain far from sexual intercourse.
  • The patient of this disease should not allow to other person to use his things used by him otherwise they can be the patient of this disease too.
  • The patient should not give his meal to the other people to eat.
  • Keeping fast becomes very necessary for the patient of this disease to purify blood and to expel out the polluted substances from the body. A person can keep fast from 7 to 14 days according to need.
  • The patient should take juice on large scale in his diet. He can drink the juice of such thins as spinach, white ashgourd, green vegetables, water melon, cucumber (kheera), carrot, sweet beet.
  • Water should be drunk on large scale by the patient of this disease.
  • Drinking coconut water regularly is very beneficial for the patient of this disease.
  • The patient should eat fruits, salad and sprouted grains on large scale along with the treatment of this disease.
  • The patient of this disease should drink the juice of the plants of wheat. Its use provides lots of relief.
  • Venereal disease disappears within some days if the patient eats 25 grams leaves of amaranths twice or thrice a day.
  • Mix a little turmeric and honey in the juice of Indian gooseberry and give to the patient to drink. Such kinds of disease disappear soon by its use.
  • For the treatment of venereal disease, first, the patient should cleanse his stomach. The patient should adopt enema to cleanse the stomach.
  • Boil neem leaves in water and wash the sores with this water.
  • Use of mud packs on the sores, swelling and pimple proves very beneficial for the patient and he gets well soon.
  • The patient of this disease gets lots of relief if he takes hipbath (Kati-Snan) with hot water.