Hand practice




Ejection of semen by rubbing the penis with hand rapidly is called hand practice. Masturbation is called self coition too. Mostly boys start masturbation as they touch the age of adolescence.  Several adolescent boys adopt this habit by seeing their friends who are involved in it. Pornographic books encourage boys to adopt this habit because such books arouse their sexual urge. Mostly those boys adopt masturbation who are vagabond and are not worried about their study as well as life.    

Origin of inferiority complex:-

Inferiority complex originates in a man after masturbation and he thinks that he will not commit this mistake again but he is not able to control his mind and sexual urge and commits this mistake again. In this way, a man becomes the victim of inferiority complex. This disease is known by the name of anxiety neurosis too. 


          In this disease, the victim of masturbation does not want to study, eat or any deed. He thinks that he will get failure if he does something. The victim shows such types of symptoms.

Misconception about masturbation:-

  • Is a man not able to make sexual relation after masturbation?
  • Is semen of a man become thin due to this habit?
  • Is a man, habitual of masturbation, not able to satisfy his wife during sexual intercourse? 
  • Is a habitual of masturbation feels physical and mental weakness?


          Some psychologists think that masturbation in limitation is not harmful but too much involvement in this habit becomes the cause of several diseases. a man suffers from several kinds of abnormalities as loss of face glow, dark circles under the eyes, obstruction in the growth of the body, constant backache, weakness in the body, no desire for eating and drinking, unwillingness to do any deed etc. Sometimes, a man, habitual of hand practice, becomes the victim of restlessness, wrath, mental disturbances and inferiority complex in the mind.   

Worthless misconception:-

          Many men think that size of the penis become aslant due to excessive masturbation.  Sexologists say that no change occurs in the size of the penis because of masturbation because penis is made of tissues. There is no bone inside the penis. Its formation resemblances with sponge and this is the reason that penis is soft in a hanging position. Penis becomes very hard when a man feels sexual urge and it bends towards one side due to this reason. By seeing this condition of the penis many men think that penis has become aslant. Blood fills in the veins of the penis after its erection and it bends towards one side. It is common thing. In the condition of erection, penis of a man cannot be erect in proper way.

Suppression of semen is impossible:-

Many men hold the mouth of their penis tightly when semen is about to eject while masturbation. They do so because they do not want to eject their semen. They think that by doing so they will get sexual pleasure without destroying semen. Doing so is not just by any way because it is harmful for the body. Ejection of semen after masturbation is a natural process because semen will not return in its original place after misplacing once. If semen is stopped after masturbation, it fills into the ureter and comes out with urine when the man urinates. Hence, suppression of semen is not just at any rate. Excessive suppression of the penis can be harmful for the penis and sometimes, ureter can be blocked because of semen. 

Avoid from wrong habits:-

Many men rub their penis on bed or pillow because of excessive excitement. Sometimes, many men make a hole in a thing and insert their penis in it or they insert penis into a bottle. They stroke with their penis rapidly in such kinds of objects. Many men stroke with their penis by making a hole in the earth. Such kinds of activities should not be adopted at any rate because it can be harmful to the penis. Sometimes, the penis gets hurt because of hard scratching or there can be swelling on the penis. Sometimes, skin of the penis can tear due to excessive stroking. Therefore, a man should avoid by adopting masturbation.  

          Mostly unmarried young men are involved in masturbation. A man needs not to adopt this habit after marriage because he makes sexual relation with his wife for sexual satisfaction. Sometimes, some married men make masturbate in the absence of their wives. Many men do get sexual satisfaction with their wives and they satisfy themselves by adopting this bad habit.


Impact of company:-

A man accepts wrong and bad habits soon than the good habits. Mind and feelings of an adolescent boy are very tender. Such kinds of boys dreams to make sexual relation by observing those beautiful girls who are going to school or anywhere. They feel sexual excitement by seeing girls. They talk to their senior friends about sex or they read pornographic books. Bad company and pornographic literature prove very harmful for them. In this way, several men start masturbation. Constant masturbation provides them temporary sexual pleasure. A healthy man feels himself as a patient because of masturbation. Men, who adopt masturbation due to bad company, should give up the company of such friends.

Impact of a family:-

          A boy acquires good habits if family atmosphere is good. Besides it, if family members are involved in wrong things, the children also become the victim of such bad habits.

When a boy touches the age of adolescence, he wants to know about sex. He observes sexual activities and kissing of his brother and bhabi minutely. A child looks quietly how his parent makes sexual relation. If family members make sexual relation at a lonely place or live in limitations, a growing child remains unaffected. In this way, sexual urge does not take birth in the child before time and he does not involve in such kinds of bad habits. If a child observes his family members involved in lovemaking, he feels sexual urge. The child holds his penis and rubs it repeatedly because it seems very good to him. In this way, a man ejects his semen out and adopts the habit of masturbation.

This kind of family atmosphere effects bad on growing boys. Sometimes, many boys observe secretly to their brother & bhabi and parents when they make sexual relation at night. They start to think about sexual relation by seeing sexual relations at home. They adopt masturbation in the lack of female partner. They become habitual of hand practice because they get pleasure in it.    

Itching of the penis:-

          Smegma gets gathered at the glans of the penis in the lack of proper cleanliness and the boy start to feel itching. Penis gets excited because of rubbing. The boy gets strange kind of pleasure in rubbing and fondling the penis. Penis gets erection by constant touching. At this time, the boy masturbates and ejects his semen out. He keeps on doing this hand practice repeatedly to get temporary pleasure. In this way, a boy becomes habitual of masturbation. A mother should try to open the foreskin of her son in childhood to clean the smegma gathered at the glans of the penis. A mother should teach this habit of cleanliness to her sons. In this situation, the child does not become the victim of infection of the glans of the penis.

Other kinds of agitation:-

Sometimes, a kind of agitation takes birth in the penis because of any disease in the penis. Due to this reason, many boys start to rub their penis with the help of hand. The penis becomes erect and hard by doing so and many boys become the habitual of masturbation.

Due to pornographic literature and films:-

Many men become habitual of masturbation by reading pornographic literature and movies. When sexual excitement produces in the body by reading pornographic books or by watching pornographic movies, it is not easy for young boys to suppress their sexual urge soon. This is the reason that they adopt the habit of masturbation to get rid of such kind of sexual excitement. This way a boy does this action repeatedly and habit of masturbation takes birth. Sexual excitement compels a boy to adopt masturbation.

Due to the suppression of urine:-

          Sometimes, when a man suppresses his urine, he holds his penis closely with the help of hands. A strange kind of sexual pleasure takes birth in his body by holding the penis tightly. This thing is attached to the brain directly. Sometimes, a man holds his penis unknowingly and penis gets erection. The boy feels it enjoyable. In this condition, he starts to fondle his penis gently and continues this process until ejaculation of semen. 

Some easy tips to get rid of this habit of masturbation:

          There are two ways to get rid of masturbation, which have been given below.

  • A man can get rid of this problem by his own efforts and determination.
  • A man gets rid of masturbation by the use of medicines.

Through own efforts by a man:-

  • A man should make his daily routine in a way that he may not get leisure time to do such wrong deeds. He should involve in his family, friends and in other kinds of jobs. He should study religious and good books because his mind does not incline towards sex and wrong subject.
  • A man should walk in open sky in the early morning. If there is a lawn and garden inside the home or there is a park near by home, he should walk on the green grass drenched with dew on bare foot. A man remains healthy by doing so. Besides it, the person gets calmness and strength by regular walking.
  • A man never should take spicy food and intoxicating things. Besides it, he should avoid from fried things.
  • He should take normal food and have fast once a week if it is possible. Fruits should be taken along with food. Take fruits’ juice if it is possible.  
  • Give up bad company soon. Pornographic book should never be read at any rate because such books arouse sexual excitement in a man. Pornographic movies are also avoidable. Try to involve in good and holy deeds. The mind of a man will not divert by doing so.
  • Penis and testicles should be washed with cold water after evacuation of stool and urine. Hands and feet should also be washed with cold water.
  • Constipation should never take birth in the stomach. Stomach should be clean and soft. Several kinds of diseases take birth if stomach is disturbed. If there is disturbance in the stomach, consult to a doctor soon to get rid of this problem. 

Treatment of masturbation with the help of homely medicines:-

  • Mix 250 gram honey in 500 ml juice of onion properly. Cook this preparation on light fire. Boil it until onion juice disappears and honey remains. Mix 250 grams powder muscle (moosli) in the remaining honey. Fill it into a bottle of glass after shuffling properly. The habitual of masturbation should take this powder in the morning and evening to get rid of this disease and several other problems. The man will feel a kind of energy and excessive sexual power by the use of this medicine.
  • Prepare powder by grinding Bengal quence and root of betel leaf. Mix honey in it and make tablets equal to plum. Keep them. Take 2 grams this medicine with cow milk in the morning and evening. Its regular use ends the disease named premature ejaculation produced due to masturbation. The man gets excessive sexual power.  


If a man takes this tablet with milk before one or two hour of sexual intercourse, he will feel double sexual power:-

  • Fill juice of the root of oleander, pure ghee of cow and wine each 20 grams in a clean bottle of glass. Apply this preparation on the penis excepting glans of the penis. Thereafter, tie a leaf of betel on the penis. All the defects of the penis originated due to masturbation disappear. A man gets rid of several kinds of problems of the penis as aslant penis, thinness of the penis and appearance of blue veins on the penis. A man gets rid of premature ejaculation too after following this formula.
  • Mix 15 grams white conch powder in 250 ml pure ghee of cow. Grind this mixture for one week regularly. Thereafter, dry this oil in sun and fill in a bottle of glass. Apply this preparation on the penis. Betel (bangala) leaf should be tied on the penis too. Follow this formula at night regularly. In this way, all the problems relating to penis disappear.

Do women have a habit of masturbation?

Many men think that women also get pleasure through masturbation. It is true that nowadays, women too masturbate. When a girl crosses the age of 12-13, her body organs start to grow. At this age, she rubs her front vaginal platform and become habitual of doing so. As a boy gets sexual pleasure by rubbing his penis with hands in the same way the girl gets too when she rubs her vagina with the help of finger. Mostly those women adopt masturbation, who is not able to make physical relation with men because of any problem. They get sexual satisfaction by doing so. It is found mostly that girls insert candle, cucumber, carrot, brinjal and other things into her vagina to get rid of sexual excitement.  

Conditions in which masturbation is adopted:

  • All the men involve in masturbation who do not get married after too much age.
  • All the men adopt the habit whose wives are not with them.
  • Widow men adopt masturbation if they do not get remarriage.
  • Husbands of pregnant women or ill women masturbate.
  •  In old age, when prostrate glands of a man increase, the man has to masturbate in the lack of treatment.


If there are such kinds of disease, sexual relation becomes essential once or twice a week. If there is no mean to satisfy sexual excitement, masturbation can be adopted once or twice a week.


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