Today, everyone knows what the sterility is. An impotent is a man who has a defect in his sperms or penis. He is not able to make a woman pregnant. Such kind of man is called impotent. In the same way, a woman, who has a fault in her uterus or she has disturbances in her menses is not able to beget a child. Such kind of woman is called sterile. Either a sterile is a woman who has no uterus or she has no menstrual excretion. Many women suffer from sterility in spite of the appearance of menstrual excretion. Many men are not impotent fully. They have only some symptoms of sterility. If they are treated well, they can become able to beget children. They get masculinity to make women pregnant. In the same way, many women suffer from sterility if they are not treated well and they become sterile.

21 kinds of sterility:-

1. Udavarta: A woman who excretes frothy menses with too much pain is called udavarta.

2. Bandhya: A woman who never faces menses is called bandhya.

3. Vilupta: A woman who suffers from pain in her vagina all the time is called vilupta.

4. Parilupta: A woman who faces too much pain in her vagina while making sexual relation is called parilupta.

5. Vatla: A woman whose vagina is very hard, rough and painful is called vatla.

6. Lahitakshara: A woman who excretes menses very rapidly is called lahitakshara.

7. Prasani: A woman whose vagina replaces from her vagina is called prasani.

8. Vamni: A woman whose vagina throws out the semen of a man rapidly like vomiting is called vamni.

9. Putradhani: A woman who suffers from bleeding after some days of pregnancy and faces abortion is called putradhani.

10. Pittla: A woman, who suffers from inflammation in her vagina and there is pus in the vagina is called pittla.

11. Atyananda: A woman who wants to make sexual relation all the time is called atyananda.

12. Karnika: A woman who has several small tumors in her vagina is called karnika.

13. Aticharna: A woman who ejaculates before the men while making sexual relation is called aticharna.

14. Aanand charan: A woman who excretes too much secretion from her vagina at the time of sexual intercourse and ejaculates before the man is called aanand charan.

15. Shleshma: A woman whose vagina is cold and smooth along with itching is called shleshma.

16. Shund: A woman whose breast is too small along with no menses and she has not uterus or if she has, it is very small.

17. Andambhi: A woman who suffers as if there are two testicles between her legs when she sits is called andambhi.

18. Vidruta: A woman whose vagina is too much open is called vidruta.

19. Suchivaktra: If the vagina of a woman is too hard to insert the penis in it, it is called suchivaktra.

20. Tirdoshja: a woman who faces unbearable pain in her vagina all the time is called tirdoshja.

21. Sheetla: A woman with cool nature is called sheetla. They do not want to meet men. They get no sexual pleasure when the make sexual relation with her husband to please her husband. They keep on lying on bed like lifeless things. Such kinds of women become the victim of big problems. If they do not take full interest after one-two months after marriage in sexual intercourse, they should be treated by a good doctor or gynecologist. 


1. Mix 12 grams baking soda in two-liter hot water and squirt into the vagina of the woman. Besides it, keep a cotton piece into the vagina by drenching it in the oil of mushak. It is very beneficial in the disease sterility.  

2. Take three grams leaves of staff tree, one-gram potassium carbonate of potash, 2 grams verch and equal amount of indian kino tree. Prepare powder by grinding all these things. Give this powder in the quantity of half gram in the morning and evening with milk. The victim should take ghee, sesame, kanji (sour water), kidney bean, whey, coconut and date palms during this treatment.

3. Fry indian vulerian, chhoti kantkari, costus root, rock salt and ground sugar of cedar properly. Soak one piece of cotton in this preparation and keep into the vagina. Keep syrian, soya and seeds of staff tree on a burning coal. Keep this coal on the earth and sit by covering a cloth around the leg to take smoke into the vagina. The woman should not come out in open air.

4. The victim should sit on the earth on her knees at the time of sleeping. She should lie on the earth in this way that her bosom keeps on touching with the earth properly. Her waist should be upwardly as much as possible. When she feels exhaustion, she can lie on the right side. They can adopt this method on the coat too. Cotton piece soaked in the oil of mushak should be kept into the vagina. In this disease, taking stream of milk is very beneficial and useful.

5. Mix neem juice, impure carbonate of soda and dry ginger each one gram properly. Take this mixture with the juice of cardamom. Squirting of the decoction of dashamool proves very beneficial in the disease named sterility.

6. The woman should take the ash of pearl –conch and ash of iron (faulad) each 125 gram in the morning and evening with butter, compote of carrot or apple. If there is an excretion from the vagina, she should take half-gram extract of Indian berberin with 50 grams water or butter. She should apply a paste prepared from a soft leaf of banyan tree, ochre and green algae. If not all these three things are available, one can take only green algae. The woman should lie flatly on her back.

7. Mix 4 grams elephant creeper, 3 grams bark of dry pomegranate and give with the fresh or cooked syrup of unrefined sugar or with the juice of pomegranate. This medicine proves very beneficial very much to the patient of sterility.

8. The victim of this disease should not take hot milk and rice. She should take gourd, radish, turnip, pumpkin, cold syrup, butter, green towel gourd or bread with the cooked vegetable of kulpha.

9. Make a packet of a thin linen cloth and sink it into the water properly. Keep this packet of cloth in the mouth of uterus. This packet of cloth should keep in the morning and evening. If bleeding does not stop in this way, she should consult to a gynecologist or good doctor.

Mostly, a woman faces the problem of abortion because of many causes. Some such causes are as lack of good meal, hard working, lifting heavy weight, traveling by car on a zigzag way, injury in the stomach, sexual intercourse with wrong technique, gonorrhea and bleeding time and again etc.  There are two kinds of abortion. 1. a woman becomes the victim of abortion in spite of all kinds of precautions. Opening of the mouth of uterus very much is the cause of abortion. If there is problem of such kind, abortion should be adopted properly by going in hospital. In this situation, it is good. 2. Another cause is that when mouth of the uterus is not open very much and there is constant bleeding inside the uterus. It is called R. O. D. E. viz R means rest. The woman should make her rest by getting her lie on bed in a dark room. Two bricks should be kept under the four legs of the coat to make high to the coat. The woman should take rest both physically and mentally. Only one or two person should be present in the room.

O-opium: mostly doctors inoculate the injection of morphia and ayurvedic doctors give a mixture of opium to the victim of sterility. 

D- diet: The use of easily digestive meal, nutritive fruits, and juice of fruits, carrot, tinda, gourd and other green vegetables proves very beneficial for the patient of sterility.

E-enema: Enema should be adopted by the woman with the help of nurse with lukewarm water too.

If a woman becomes the victim of abortion, uterus of the woman should be cleaned in the hospital. If the woman has been suffering from gonorrhea, it should also be treated.

10. Cool water or milk should be sprinkled on the vagina of the woman constantly. A cotton piece of loban oil should be kept into the vagina. The woman should take white sandal, pure biroja, tabashir, small cardamom and unrefined sugar after mixing properly each in equal quantity with Indian gooseberry water in the morning and evening. This mixture should be taken in the quantity of 4 grams. 

11. If the woman wants to make sexual relation but it is very harmful for the honor and health of the man. She should take ochre and powder of black pepper each two grams with water in the morning and evening with water.

12. Sterility can be cured by adopting operation too.

13. (a) Toast poison nut with ghee and separate its bark and pulp properly. Boil this preparation in 20 folds milk until the milk thickened like condensed milk. Mix equal amount of cloves’ powder in it and make tablets of the weight of one fourth gram. Give this tablet to the woman with 10-12 grams butter or milk after meal.      

 (b): Mix one-gram asafetida and one fourth gram borax with honey. This preparation should be applied into the vagina by sterile. The woman becomes satisfied soon during sexual intercourse. 

(c) Mix cloves, nutmeg, mace each 12 grams, ash of gold and musk deer each one grams with nanny goat milk. Make tablets of one fourth gram. The woman should take these tablets in the morning and evening mixing with honey.

14. First, the woman should wash her vagina by thin decoction of pudding pipe tree. Thereafter, take costus root, rock salt, long pepper, black pepper, kidney bean, soya each one-gram and mix water in these things. Make long wick with these things. Keep this wick into the vagina after drying. Black pepper does not create inflammation in the vagina. 

15. Pessary ring can be bought from any medical soap. The vagina gets lots of relaxation by keeping it inside the vagina. Vagina does not bend towards below. This work should be done in the observance of a gynecologist or experienced doctor.

16. Giving soda water into the vagina with the help of syringe is very beneficial.

17. Boil bark of pomegranate and gallnut in water with coffee. Filter gallnut through cloth and apply one pinch this powder inside the vagina. Its use will be helpful in the contraction of the vagina size soon. After sometime there is no need of the pessary ring for sometime. This pessary should be adopted in the observance of gynecologist or experienced nurse. After menstrual excretion, the pessary ring should be drawn out and it should be adopted again by taking the water through syringe.  

Ghee of fruit


Ghee of fruits ends the faults of man’s semen and woman’s vagina. This ghee of fruit certified by Mahrishi Shrushrut is an important medicine, which gives new life to a woman. This ghee has proved very beneficial in all the female diseases.  


Take ghee of fruit in the quantity of 10-12 grams by mixing in milk or too much honey. This ghee can also be taken with the small pieces of bread.


Bhanjapan nastrik