Often, a kind of white substance comes out from the vagina of women. This excretion can be as mucus or foam along with foul smell. It is called white leucorrhoea. In this disease, the woman becomes excessive weak due to this disease.


If a woman take bath in the three early days of menses, she becomes the victim of while leucorrhoea. Besides it, a woman suffers from this disease due such causes as excessive sexual intercourse, constant thinking about sex, oily food, sourness, red chilly, onion, egg, meat and lack of cleanliness of the genitals.


  • Triphala: If a woman is the victim of white leucorrhoea, she should mix 12 grams trifala in half-liter water or 6 grams baking soda in one-liter water. She should sprinkle this water on her vagina. Giving water into the vagina through syringe proves also beneficial in this disease.
  • Cluster fig: The patient of white leucorrhoea should take 6-grams cluster fig or half-gram extract of Indian berberin with water. Its use provides relief. If above mentioned things are taken with butter, the victim gets rid of this disease soon.
  • Bastard teak: Grind gum of bastard teak, pili kauri, gum of acacia arabica and kahrua separately and filter through a cloth. Mix them altogether properly after filtering. Take 2 grams this powder with cold water in the morning and evening. Its use provides relief in white leucorrhoea. The woman should not take hot foodstuff, sour things and oily foodstuff while taking this medicine. 
  • Indian gooseberry: Soak 25 grams Indian gooseberry in 250 ml water at night and filter in the morning. Mix honey and unrefined sugar in this filtered water. The victim of leucorrhoea will get rid of this disease.
  • Wine: Mix 12 grams wine in 125 ml water. Thereafter, eat 3 grams thick cardamom and 2 grams cassia followed by water mixed wine at night before sleeping.
  • Oil of rat’s orbicular dung ball: Cook 250 grams orbicular dung ball of rat in 4-liter water. Cook it until one-liter water remains. Thereafter, mix 250 ml sesame oil in it and boil until oil remains only. Then put down the vessel. Soak piece of cotton in it and keep into the vagina of the victim of white leucorrhoea. Its use ends the swelling of uterus and normalizes it.

Shvet pradar