Sex is the easiest source to make successful to the life. Both man and woman make their bond of love strong and powerful after marriage by establishing sexual relations. Sometimes it happens that they get no pleasure in life due to the lack of sexual power. Many men fail while establishing sexual relations and consider to them impotent. In this way, they lose their mental balance. They become restless and depressed because of the fear of impotency.

Lack of sexual power is called impotency in medical language. In this disease, a man cannot satisfy his wife during sexual intercourse because of having wrong ideas about sex in the mind. In this modern age, mostly young men have been suffering from impotency. Second kind of lack of sexual power is called infertility or impotency. Patients of this disease satisfy their wives during sexual intercourse completely but they are not able to make a woman pregnant because of the lack of sperms in the semen or absence of sperms in the semen. Such men have no power to beget offspring.    

Causes of infertility:-

There are many causes of infertility but a man becomes the victim of infertility because of the three causes, which have been given below.

1. Problem in sex organs

2. lack of erection in sex organs

3. lack of sperms in the semen

1. Problem in sex organs:-

1. Small size of the penis

2. Soft and small testicles

3. Aslant penis

4. Testicles inside the stomach

5. all the men with female characteristics

2. Lack of full erection in the sex organs:-

Sometimes, there is a lack of full erection in the penis because of many reasons. Such reasons are as use of intoxicating substances, any kind of depression or tension, stage of lunacy, excessive physical or mental labour, chain smoking, serious hurt on the head or any kind of shock, disturbances in nervous system and hormones. Besides these causes, insomnia, high blood pressure, stage of lunacy, use of medicine to cure ulcer, any kind of fault in a man, diseases of prostate gland or ureter and lack of erection in the penis due to syphilis or other sex disease. In this presence of such diseases, a man cannot establish sexual relations properly and becomes the victim of impotency.

3.      Lack of sperms in semen:-

Sometimes, men are not able to beget children because there is a lack of sperms in their semen. There are many causes of the lack of sperms in the semen such as infection in the penis, obstruction in the ductus defernes, working in sun, problem in the production of sperms or several other causes. 

Check of infertility:-

When a man ejaculates semen during sexual intercourse, 3-5 ml semen comes out from the penis. At this time, there are 8-10 crore sperms in the semen. Semen of a man is considered useless or vain because of less semen than one ml, weakness, pus in the semen and the presence of semen in the semen.  

Number of semen can be known after medical check up of semen of a man. To find out the number of sperms in the semen, we should collect semen from the mouth of the vagina after making sexual intercourse. In this way, we can find out the number of sperms in the semen through medical check up. Thus, we come to know whether the semen may enter into the vaginal pipe or not. In this way, we become aware how to establish sexual relation.

Three things are essential to find out the lack of sperms in the semen-1. X-ray of ductus defernes, 2. Biopsy of testicles and 3. Hormone’s test. After knowing about the lack of sperms a man should start his treatment. If there is a lack in the prostate glands, testicles and penis of a man, he should get rid of such kinds of problems by adopting surgery. If there is an obstruction in the ducutus defernes, a man gets rid of these problems through micro surgery. 

All the men, who have no child, should get check of their wives too. In this way, real causes of infertility will come before us. 

Causes of impotency:-

`        If there is disorder in the ductus of the penis of a man because of any reason, the penis does not get full erection. Strength of a man’s cells keeps on disappearing gradually as a man grows old. A young man gets erection in his penis soon whereas an old man does not get erection in his penis like a youth. Penis of an old man takes long time to be erect. Heart of a man is very strong in young age and blood circulates in the veins rapidly. Besides it, hormones keep on being produced properly in a body of a young man. This is the reason that penis of a young man gets full erection.

On the contrary, sexual activities of the body get loose in old age. Circulation of the blood becomes low and walls of the penis of the old men become hard. Due to this reason, blood does not supply in the veins of the body properly consequently, there is a lack of erection in the penis. Sometimes, fat gathers in the ductus of the penis in young age and circulation of the blood disturbs. The penis of a man does not get full erection in this stage too.   

Causes of impotency:-

A man does not feel full erection in his penis while making sexual relation because of which he cannot make sexual relation properly. This is the main symptoms of impotency.

There are two kinds of nerves in the penis.

1. Artery and 2. Vein

When fresh blood circulates in the arteries, the penis becomes erect and veins take away old blood from that place. Meaning of it is that when a man feels sexual urge, arteries of his penis open and veins become closed. Blood filled in the arteries does not come out after closing the veins and in this way, penis becomes erect. If blood does not circulate properly in the arteries, the man does not get sexual excitement and erection in his penis. In this way, a man becomes the victim of impotency. 

Kinds of impotency:-

There are many cause of impotency:-

1. Impotency due to mental reason:

          Mental impotency takes birth because of many causes. Such causes are as presence of mental anxiety in the body, any kind of fear, presence of anger in the mind, hate from a thing, sensation of shame, fighting with someone, and rejection by girl, economic reasons or lack of any kind of physical work.

2. Impotency produced because of mental disturbance:

Impotency takes birth in the body of a man due to any kind of tension, schizophrenia, mania, mental anxiety and epilepsy

3. Impotency produced because of excessive coition:

A man becomes the victim of impotency due to excessive coition, sexual relation with many women, excessive masturbation or unnatural coition.

4. Impotency due to any disease:

A man becomes the victim of impotency because of sugar, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, cholesterol and hydrocele on high level.

5. Impotency produced because of injury:

          If a man gets injury in his penis, backbone, testicles and in the veins that supply blood in the genitals, he becomes the victim of impotency. 

6. Impotency because of excessive use of medicines:

Impotency takes birth in a man because of stomachache, high blood pressure, diseases of heart, mental diseases and regular use of anti biotic medicines.

7. Impotency produced because of sex disease:

If there is tumor or cancer in the testicles, gonorrhea, mumps or serious chicken pox, syphilis and suppression on the testicles because of the virus, a man becomes the victim of impotency.  

8. Impotency because of the use of intoxicating substances:

          Habit of intoxicating substances as having intoxicating hemp, indian hemp, opium, charas, morphine, pathodine, brown sugar (smek) and wine become the cause of impotency in a man.

9. Impotency because of the disturbance in the production of hormones:

       Impotency takes birth in a man if there is a lack of the excretion of such hormones as sarotine, testosterone, P.E.A, vasopressin, pituitary, thymus, thyroid, vinial, adrenalin, gonads, langer hains hormones and parathyroid.  

10. Impotency produced because of unnatural sex:

       Impotency takes birth because of transsexualism, transvesiticism, homosexuality and sexual unlisim.

11. Impotency due to wrong things:

          Impotency takes birth in a man because of several reasons. Sometimes, a man has misconception in his mind because of the big and small size of the penis. Sometimes, several kinds of doubts take birth in the mind by reading different kinds of adds in the newspapers. Besides it, a man has several kinds of misconceptions in his mind because of such things as incomplete sex knowledge given by friends, wrong information through books written by novices and the size of the vagina. 

12. Impotency after adopting an operation:

          Sometimes, a man becomes the victim of impotency because of prostate glands, operation of hernia, and operation of back, hydrocele, operation of the brain and backbone and chemotherapy.   

13. Impotency produced because of the destruction of semen:

          Sometimes, impotency takes a man in its grasp if he eats excessive spicy foodstuffs, sour things, fast food, excessive hot meal, cold things (coco-cola). A man fees no sexual excitement if he is the habitual of such things as mentioned above in this paragraph.

14. Impotency because of other reasons:

          Lack of right technique of sex, big gap in the age of a man and woman, sex in old age, considering to the sexual relation as a sin, establishment of sexual relation in hurry or making sexual relation stealthily, sexual relation with another’s wife, lack of wife’s support during sexual intercourse, chiding by the wife because of premature ejaculation, making sexual relation on a noisy place in place of silent spot and having doubt on wife by the husband. These are other causes, which make a man impotent.  

How to identify impotency:-

          Impotency can be identified easily. There is no erection in the penis of a man when he is awakened but his penis become hard when he is sleeping. In this stage, it should be considered that the man has become the victim of impotency. The victim should come to know this fact if he has no physical fault, he can get rid of this problem.    

Essential uses:-

  • A man should not become disturbed if he has become the victim of impotency. This disease can take a man in its grasp of every group of age.
  • This thing is quite different that a man cannot do any work after appearing this disease. There are many formulae to get rid of impotency. A man can get masculinity by adopting such formulae. In this way, he can take great sexual pleasure by making successful sexual intercourse. 
  • Many other tips can be adopted by impotents to get rid of impotency from the age of youth to old.
  • If a man gets no success by one formula, he can adopt another formula.
  • Mostly the disease named impotency disappears itself after marriage.

How to check of impotency:-

     Ninety-nine percents men become the victim of impotency because of mental causes. Remaining one percent men become the victim of this disease because of the use of wine, drugs, smoking and other kinds of diseases. If 7 percent people have been suffering from this disease and if they pay attention a little towards it, they can get rid of this problem. Only 3 percents men have a need to consult a doctor.

     The victim of this disease should never consult to a hakims or fake doctors. He should consult to well-known and experienced doctor. Several kinds of treatment can be adopted by the victim to get rid of this disease.

N.P.T. (Nocturnal penile tumescence) test:-

     N.P.T. test is done by a machine named rigiscan. Wires of this machine are connected to the penis at night. Erection of the penis is noted down by observing on the monitor of this machine after sleeping the man. Doctors find out the cause of impotency whether it is because of mental reason or physical reason.   

I.P.C. (intra papverin kavhurnus) test:-

     Erection capacity of a penis can be known by a medicine named papverin. This medicine is injected into the penis with the help of an injection. A doctor can find out the faults of van leakage and tissue of morrow through this test. If the causes of impotency are assosiated with the mind, I. P. C. test comes negative.  

Doppler scanner:-

     The medicine named papverin is filled in the penis by an injection for this test too. Thereafter, circulation of the blood in the blood arteries can be noted down by doctor. In this way, a doctor finds out the cause of impotency by knowing the speed of blood circulation.  

V.S.T. (visual stimulation) test:-

     For this test, unnatural penis, nude and pornographic pictures are shown to the victim to find out the stimulation power of the penis. The doctor notes down the real causes of impotency through this test.

Check of hormones:-

     A doctor finds our about the level of sex hormones. Such hormones are as serotonin, pineal, testosterone, thymus, pituitary, gonads, thyroid, adrenalin, langer hains and prolactine hormones. He tells the real cause of impotency.

Blood check up:-

     A doctor finds out the cause of impotency by checking the sugar, cholesterol, leped and athiroschelerasis in the blood. 

Check up of semen:-

     In this check up, the doctor finds out about the quantity of semen and speed of sperms in the semen. He can come to know the working power of testicles through this check up.

Treatment of impotency:-

Treatment can be started after knowing the real causes of impotency. 

Mental treatment:-

     Impotency produced because of lack of sex knowledge, considering sexual intercourse as a sin, sensation of fear by making sexual relation, anxiety about sex and sensation of despair in the lack of sexual intercourse can be cured by mental treatments. Mental impotency can be cured by consulting to a doctor. According to one specialist doctor, impotency can be cured very soon by consulting to a psychologist. Sensation of fear in the mind because of sexual relation is a mental cause of impotency. Psychotherapist can cure this disease through psychotherapy. 

     A man should have sex knowledge before establishing sex knowledge. A man should be aware with the fact how he looks at the time of sexual intercourse and what body organs should be touched by him. He should know all the techniques during sexual intercourse. He should have knowledge whether a woman has become sexual satisfied or not. If a man has such kinds of sex knowledge, fear about sexual relation disappears. In this way, a man regains his lost sex power and he becomes able to establish sexual relation again.  

Support of wife:-

     If husband of a woman has been suffering from this disease, he can get rid of this problem if his wife treats her husband properly. A patient fears from the thing that he will not able to satisfy his wife. He does not become happy because of the sexual pleasure that he is about to take through sexual intercourse. If the wife says to her husband after sexual intercourse that she is satisfied with him, her husband’s self-confidence increases too much. In this way, a man feels excessive sexual power and he makes sexual relation with his wife with great zeal and zest. A man regains his lost sexual power with the support of a woman. 

Andrological surgery:-

     Sometimes, blood does not stay in the penis of a man because of which blood leakages from the ducts of penis. In this way, blood does not stay in the penis and penis gets no stimulation. This leakage can be closed through endralogical surgery. After this surgery, penis gets erection again and a man makes sexual relation successfully.   

Penile bypass surgery:-

     A duct that supplies too much blood in the penis can be attached with the duct, which gives less pressure because of which penis gets full erection. Many specialists think that if this surgery is not done properly, there will be no erection in the penis of the victim.

Penile implant:-

     A device named penile prosthetic is attached with the penis through surgery. This method is very good for a man who is impotent completely but it is costly treatment.  

Penile injection therapy:-

     Medicines named prosteglandine E-1, phantolamine and papverin are injected into the penis through injection. After that, the penis of a man gets erection soon.

Placibo therapy:-

     This therapy is for those men who have doubts of impotency in their mind. So, false treatment is done with this therapy. Sometimes, a doctor prescribed capsules of vitamins and injection to produce good things in the mind of a victim of this disease. In this way, a man gets excessive sexual power after some days. An impotent becomes sexually strong in this way. Famous sex doctors say that this therapy proves very beneficial for the patients of impotency.   

Testosterone therapy:-

     All the men, who have lost their sexual power due to the lack of testosterone, can adopt this therapy. Excretion of other hormones along with testosterone makes sexual life of a person happy and pleasurable. A man feels no sexual excitement if there is lack in the excretions of hormones.     

     The quantity of testosterone in the blood of a healthy and normal man should be 300 naino grams. If we observe it on the behalf of health, one-decibel blood should contain testosterone in the quantity of 300 to 1000 naino grams. It has been considered a right and appropriate quantity. Sexual urge of a man reduces if the quantity of testosterone is low in the body. Working capacity of the hormones named testosterone starts to reduce, as a man grows old. Working capacity of this hormone keeps on enhancing from 20 to 30 years. Production this hormone becomes very low in the age of 60. Sometimes, level of it does not become low as the age of a man grows.       

     According to one survey, many men have been found sexually strong even in the age of 75. They had big quantity of testosterone in their body. When the level of testosterone reduces in men, sexual capacity and physical power reduces very much. Besides it, physical power, strength and power of the organs also reduce. Despair, laziness of the body, frustration and mental weakness are the main causes of the lack of the hormone named testosterone.    

     Testosterone produces by the pituitary gland situated in the brain. This gland sends follicle stimulating hormone and lutinizing into the testicles through the blood arteries where testosterone and semen start their work. If there is a disturbance in the pituitary gland or there is fault in the landing cells of the testicles, a kind of obstruction takes birth in the production or excretion of testosterone. On the contrary, production of this hormone reduces if a man has anxiety, mental and physical excitement, shock and old disease. Excessive drinking and smoking reduces the level of the testosterone.

     All the men, who do not get erection in their penis and do not want to make sexual relation, should get check up their urine and blood. If there is a lack of testosterone in the blood and they feel lack in sexual power, the victim never should take aphrodisiac to enhance sexual power at any rate.

Treatment of impotency:

1. Opium:

     Take white sankhiya and pure opium each 15 grams and mix in 5 liters milk of cow properly. Give sour to this milk to convert into curd. In the morning, churn this curd properly to gain butter.

     Thereafter, take this butter equal to rice and eat with betel leaf. This preparation can be applied on the penis too excepting the glans of the penis. Its use cures this disease named impotency.

2. Bark of pipal tree:

     Boil the bark, root, soft leaves and fruits of pipal tree in cow milk properly. Filter this milk and mix 25 grams raw sugar or ground sugar candy along with 15 grams pure honey. Give this milk to the victim of impotency for 3-4 months regularly. Sexual power of a man enhances very much and many disease of the penis disappear. 

3. White onion:

     Mix 10 ml juice of white onion with 5 grams honey properly. Take this preparation in the morning and evening. Impotency produced because of blood impurity disappears.

4. Liquorice:

     Mix equal quantity of honey and ghee in the powder of liquorice. Drink sugar mixed milk after licking this medicine. Its use ends the impotency that is produced because of the lack of sperms.

5. Nutmeg:

     Take nutmeg, saffron and mace each 1-2 grams. Grind all these things in 15 ml sweet oil of almonds properly. Apply this preparation on the penis and eat by putting this preparation in a betel leaf. Impotency produced because of unnatural sex disappears and the man feels excessive sexual strength.

          If a man has been suffering from this disease because of mental reasons and he has no physical weakness, he becomes impotent because of inferiority complex. He thinks whether he will do any work or not. This stage takes birth because of many reasons and some such reasons are as a kind of fear, hesitation in the mind, lack of loneliness, hate or reverence from friends and no stimulation in the penis because of sexual weakness. Sometimes, a man does not consider to him able for sex because of the lack of stimulation in the penis. If such kinds of faults are removed, he will be able to make sexual relation successfully. If a man victim of impotency gets full support of his wife, happy atmosphere and surety about the treatment of impotency, he will establish sexual relation properly.    

Some easy formulae:-

          A man victim of impotency should try his best to strengthen his self-confidence along with the treatment so that he may get rid of this disease. He can cure his disease himself.

1. A man should keep on thing in his mind that each person should live his life happily because none can achieve the real pleasure of life until he gets great sexual pleasure. The patient of impotency should not have any kind of fear in his mind related to sex. When nature and our society endowed woman to us to live a happy life, we should take the real joy of sexual life. Each man should live his life with his wife happily. In this way, a man will take the real pleasure of life.  

2. If a man fails while making sexual relation on the first time, there is no need to be worried to him in this situation. It is common in the sexual relation on the first time. The man should pay no attention towards it but he should make sexual relation again. If a man fails in this way, the woman should try not to produce inferiority complex in her husband because doing so is the duty of a woman. A feeling of inferiority complex should not produce in a man at any rate. If the woman does not become sexually satisfied, she should show such symptoms, which prove that she is dissatisfied during sexual intercourse.  The wife should talk with her husband lovingly and she should try to enhance her husband’s zest and enthusiasm. A woman should thing that if her husband is happy, whole world is happy for her.

3. A man should not remain far from sexual relation. If a man thinks that all the women are characterless, it is not just at any rate. One thing does not apply on the whole race of women. if a woman does not change her character in spite of persuading, the man should divorce that woman. Thereafter, he should marry again.

4. A man should give up all the bad habits of childhood. He should give up the habit of masturbation, coition with animals, too much sexual intercourse and anal intercourse. All these things are good for a limited time. Excessive involvement in such kinds of unnatural sex proves very harmful for a person. Remaining far from such kinds of unnatural sex will prove very beneficial for a man.

5. If a woman makes sexual relation after good make up and supports her husband during sexual relation, sexual urge and power of her husband enhance very much. This stage proves very beneficial for the treatment of impotency because support of a woman in the treatment of impotency is very essential. 

6. All the men, who consider themselves impotent, should make sexual relation after regular intervals. They will get sexual pleasure on one hand and find out that they have get rid of this disease to a large extant on the other hand. Touch of the vagina of the woman proves very beneficial for the patient of impotency. Victims of this disease should touch the vagina of the women with the help of fingers gently. Thereafter, start the process of stroking in the vagina by inserting the penis into the vagina. a woman gets sexual pleasure soon with this process of stroking. When a woman gets sexually excited in this stage, the man should touch the vagina of his wife with the help of fingers. Both husband and wife will feel thrilling through this process. In this way, a patient of impotency will get rid of this disease gradually.

7. If a man is the victim of impotency, he should not become nervous with the thing that he will never be able to make sexual relation again. When the victim fails during sexual relation, he should draw out his penis from the vagina and he should clean his penis with the help of a clean cloth. He should touch his penis from the vagina of the woman while cleaning his penis through cloth. A woman will get excessive sexual pleasure with this process and she will not think that her husband is the victim of impotency.

8. Brain is the first organ, which has the capacity to enhance sexual power of a man. Brain of a man is directly attached to the thymus gland, which is the main source of sexual strength. This body organ keeps on distributing strength into different body organs and sustaining it in equal quantity. In the same way, tastus is also a very important body organ. It is directly attached to the brain of a man. It brings proper stimulation in the penis. Herat of a man should work harmoniously too. If any body organ mentioned above does not work properly, a man becomes the victim of impotency. Therefore, a man should pay lots of attention on the treatment of his disease.  

Treatment of impotency without medicines:-

1. The patient of impotency should take fish, meat, milk, jalebi, ghee, butter, egg, pistachio, grapes, coconut, edible pine, mango, onion, honey and date palms. Use of all these things proves very beneficial. These things should be taken with milk or milk should be drunk after taking egg. Drinking milk after eating egg is considered very beneficial for a man to get sexual power.

2. The patient of impotency should shave his pubes with the help of razor daily. A man will feel excessive stimulation in the penis by doing so.  

3. Many men get no time to make sexual relation because of excessive work or business. Such kinds of men start to feel impotency.  A man should live happily and talk with his wife lovingly. He should think that there is treatment of every kind of grief in this world. A man can get rid of impotency with the help of such kinds of thinking.