What is hysteria? Hysteria is a disease in which women become the victim of unconsciousness. There are several causes of this disease named hysteria. Such have been presenting below.


Mostly women become the victim of this disease due to such causes as irregular menses, excessive pain during menstrual excretion, dissatisfaction in sexual relations, swelling on the vagina and inside the uterus, fear, mental shock, grief and physical weakness. Sometime, a girl becomes the victim of this disease if she is not got married on proper time. Some widow women and the women whose husbands are living on distant places also become the victim of hysteria.


          A patient of this disease feels retching and sometimes she suffers from fast breathing. A woman becomes the victim of unconsciousness. 


          If a woman has such kinds of symptoms, she should consult to a doctor immediately. 


Shuffle saffron, collyrium, beleric myrobalan, mask, small cardamom, nutmeg and cloves each in equal quantity in the decoction of aniseed for seven days regularly. After that, prepare small tablets like cardamoms seeds from this mixture. Take these tablets with the decoction that has been prepared from white muscle and aniseed. If there is problem in menstrual excretion, above mentioned medicine should be taken to get relief.   

If a woman has become unconscious due to hysteria, salt mixed water should be dropped into the nostrils of the victim first. Unconsciousness will break by its use but this treatment is temporary. Treatment should be adopted under the supervision of a doctor. Sometimes, this disease takes a woman in its grip due to anemia.

If a woman is the victim of hysteria, one fourth grams iron ash should be given to her to lick mixing with one spoon honey in the morning and evening. After that, 10-12 grams butter or cream should be given to the victim. In addition to, pulse, bread, milk, cream and ghee can be used by the patient of hysteria.