The whole world knows the fact that aids is dangerous and dreadful disease. A large number of people have been facing this serious problem. There is a proverb that precautions are better in a disease, which is incurable. This thing applies on this disease named aids completely. There are three main causes of this disease viz aids takes people in its grip due to three reasons.  

1. Unsafe sexual intercourse

2. The use of aids affected patient’s blood

3. The use of a needle that has been used by the patient of aids

          First cause of this disease has been considered more responsible than the other causes. Several people consider that Europe is the origin place of this disease. Here it means to say that this disease took birth in Europe and all the people agree with this fact. Europeans are deeply attached in sex. It is considered that people live there for sex. Here it means to say that they want to take excessive sexual pleasure through sexual intercourse. Sex is the most important part of their lives. Sexual intercourse is an art there.

European culture is not so good and superb as Indian society and country is. Not only men but women also keep on changing their life partner to take too much sexual pleasure.  In this kind of atmosphere, none knows how and when viruses of aids take birth. In this way, people become the victim of aids.  

Nowadays, the disease named aids has become the serious disease in the country. Europe is rich and developed country. Many efforts have been doing there to find out the medicine for this disease and crores and millions rupees have been expanding on this task. Several eminent doctors and scientists in different countries are doing experiment after experiment day and night.

India is a developing country and it is not as rich and prosperous in the point of view of money as European countries are. A big part of population is not able to manage three main requirements-bread, home and clothes. The reason behind this fact is large population. In India, a big portion of money cannot be spent on the scientific researches due to limited budget.  Therefore, complete knowledge about the precautions and adoption of Indian tradition is the only way to remain far from this serious disease.

Our society does not allow to polygamy. People of no country give so much reverence and respect to women as Indians do. Here a woman is not a symbol of sex but it feels that poison of European countries have been spreading in our country too. It appears that Indian society has been splitting in the matter of sex. Social and family restrictions have been breaking continuously.    

Marriage is sacred bond and this is the reason that too much reverence is given to a wife in Indian family.  Illegal sexual relations take birth when a man makes sexual relation to another’s wife but such kinds of sexual relations are temporary. In this condition, we should be aware with this fact that scarification of precious life is appropriate for us to get temporary sexual enjoyment.  

Several men make sexual relation to another’s wives. Such people consider that each woman is thing for using. Thinking of such people is not good. They think that life period is very short and one should take as much real sexual pleasure as one can take.

They take much sexual pleasure until they become the victim of dangerous disease. Everything seems vain to them after knowing about the disease named aids. They remember God at that time. No physical symptoms appear in the patient of this disease but symptoms of many diseases appear in them. Patients of this disease start their treatment of the disease of which symptoms have been appearing.  

Patients of aids know nothing about their disease because symptoms of this disease appear after about 5 years. During this period, the patient keeps on passing life normally and he keeps on distributing his disease among other people. If he has become the victim of this disease by making sexual relation with another’s wife, all the women with whom he has made sexual relation will also become the victim of aids.

However, the man gives up illegal sexual relation but he can give viruses of aids to his wife by establishing sexual relation with her. This disease is fatal and it can be suppressed for some time but it cannot be cured. Expansive treatment cannot save the life of the patient of aids. It has become so popular today that each knows the fact that aids is an incurable disease.

People, who know and understand about aids, keep on entangling in the bog of this disease. Number of the patients of aids is increasing day by day. A man destroys his life for temporary sexual pleasure. This temporary sexual enjoyment brings death after some time. In this way, man ends his life.   

Nature has endowed the partner of for each creature and human being so that no living being may absorb in depression and generation of all may advance. Making sexual relation with another’s wife is not allowed by nature. God never pardons to those people who go against nature. Punishment of GOD is unbearable. All should be aware with this fact.  

Harlots and aids:-

There is no society and country in this modern era which is without bad habits and none can prove this fact false. If you have many good habits, you will have some bad habits too necessarily. This thing is different that someone is quite unknown to this disease or he does not accept the fact after knowing whole truth. A dirty place does not become neat and clean because only dirt disappears after cleansing.

We have achieved this sex knowledge through television, cable, pornography and brothels. People became the victim of this disease through brothels. Brothel and harlots have appropriate place in the society. Business of body has been accepted as a trade. Business of harlots keeps on going in all kinds of social circumstances. Today, no leader or social worker raises voice against prostitution. None encourages to the harlots to live a respected life.

None says that men should not go to the harlots because all the people know that if there are harlots, customers will come and in this way, brothel will keep on running properly. It is said by accepting the truth that a man should go in the brothel with condom. A man does not become the victim of aids because of its use. 

Modernity has made this mentality as a business and it is the reason that many companies have been launching condoms in different colors and flavors in the market. In addition to, customers are given belief that packets of condoms may contain real sexual pleasure without fear. 

Here one question arises that if bearing any dirt is a compulsion, efforts should be done to reduce or end the dirt. This arrangement should be applied on the brothel and harlots. Sometimes, it is heard in the society that health of the harlots should be checked up by making governmental rules at a regular interval. Doing so will be beneficial for both people and harlots.        

This check up will find out the fact whether a harlot have been suffering from any serious disease or not. Sexual transmitted diseases spread rapidly through physical sexual relation. However, doing this act is not a difficult task but it has not been doing by the government. Rule and regulations are made in the files but they do not work in reality and it is the biggest problem in our country. Big statements are expressed in the respect that they will prove very useful after the existence of the rules and regulations.

If such rules and regulations are run by the government, it is too late. Plan of the check up of the harlots is such kind a problem. This plan has not been started till now. This is the reason that sexual transmitted disease have been taking more and more people in their grip day by day and the disease named aids has become most dangerous sexual disease.   

Some important information about the virus of aids:-

Virus of aids viz HIV is quite different from the viruses of other diseases. Viruses of aids attack on those cells which fight against the diseases and keep the body far from disease.  

Generally, white cells (lymphocyte) existed in the blood of a man defend our body. These cells stop the infection. Besides it, lymphocyte (t-4) of immune system order to killer cell and these killer cells separate to the disease affected cells and healthy cells from the body and when their work finish, these cells waste through suppresser t cells.    

          Viruses of aids destroy to the t-4 helping cells, which destroy immune system. In this way, a patient of aids keeps on becoming weak day by day. In this situation, when the body of the patient of aids loses the power to fight against the diseases, several diseases start to attack on the body. If immune system is well viz fighting power against the diseases, no kinds of viruses attack on the body.    

Four kinds of symptoms appear in the body after destroying the immune system of a patient of aids:-

1. Gastrointestinal patron:-

In it mouth and food pipe of the patient become infected because of which the patient starts to suffer from vomiting and loose motions. Body weight of the patient starts to reduce and the patient reaches at the mouth of death.

2. Pulmonary patron:

Viruses of pneumonia enter into the body soon if immune system of the patient has been destroyed.

3. Pireskiya of unknown origin patron:-

The patient of aids starts to suffer from fever continuously along with low body weight. Body of the patient becomes lean and thin.

4. Central nervous system patron:-

In it, the patient starts to suffer from meningitis and cerebral lymphomas. Besides it, many patients of aids start to suffer from cancer and several other diseases.   

Causes of aids:-

  • If a man makes sexual relation without condom with a woman who is the patient of aids, he becomes the victim of this disease.
  • If blood of the patient of aids is injected in the body of a healthy man, the healthy man also becomes the victim of this disease.   
  • If a needle that has been used on the patient of aids is used by a healthy man, viruses of aids enter into the body of a healthy man too. In this way, a healthy man becomes the patient of aids.
  • A child may also become the victim of aids if the mother is the patient of aids.
  • Anal intercourse is more responsible for the disease named aids than vaginal intercourse because membrane of anus is too sensitive that the membrane of vagina. There is big doubt to the scratch due to the process of stroking. This is the reason that viruses of aids enter into the body of the partner easily through semen while making anal intercourse

Symptoms of aids:-

  • A person starts to suffer from fever, body ache, headache and flu after some weeks of entering the viruses of HIV into the body. Such symptoms do not suit for all the persons because after sometime such kinds of symptoms disappear themselves. Thereafter, no kinds of symptoms appear in the body after 3 to 12 years. This is the reason that it is very difficult to say by observing a patient outwardly that one is the patient of aids. One thing should be remembered that power of fighting against the disease disappears.
  • Lymph glands of the patient of aids swell. In addition to, tumors with swelling is produced in the thighs, armpit and throat. 
  • Often, the patient keeps on suffering from fever after an interval.
  • The patient sleeps at night and his body drenches due to excessive sweating.
  • Several kinds of diseases take the patient in their grip, which do not cure soon. In addition to, weight of the patient’s body starts to reduce. 
  • The patient feels too much exhaustion in the body if he lifts weight or he walks on foot. Sometimes, the patient feels tiredness in the whole body because of the disease.
  • The patient suffers from loose motions.
  • Wounds appear in the mouth and food pipe of the patient due to fungus.
  • There is infection in the brain of the patient.
  • Fighting power of the body against the diseases reduces day by day and this is the reason that viruses of pneumonia enter into the body. Thereafter, body of the patient starts to dry slowly and he reaches into the paws of death. 

Treatment and medicines of the disease named aids:-

Several kinds of medicines for the treatment of fatal diseases have been prepared by scientists and such medicines have proved effective. They have not get success to find out such medicine which can cure the disease named aids even today. Reason behind this fact is that virus of aids changes into minute form due to its strange construction. This is the reason that no medicine has been proving effective of this disease. Nowadays, Z.T, (zidonudaun), D.D.I. and D.D.C are being used for the treatment of aids but such medicines do not remain effective for long time.

Besides it, such medicines are too costly to purchase common people. Generally, these medicines do not cure this disease by root. The patient can prolong his life 2-3 years by using such medicines. Another unfortunate thing with the patient is that viruses of aids not only spread in the blood but also in other tissues as bone marrow, liver and spleen. The patient cannot be saved even after changing the total blood of the patient.

One thing should be remembered that if infection is normal, use of chlorine and hydrogen peroxide ends the infection because its use ends the tissues of the patient. If the patient of HIV makes sexual relation with a woman with condom, he can avoid to the infection again. In addition to, the man should pay lots of attention on nutritive food. A patient of this disease can live for long time by walking in fresh air, exercising, no negligence of tiny diseases, remoteness from mental depression and self-confidence. Scientists have been trying repeatedly to find out the treatment of this disease but they have not get success to the present day.     


People who have been suffering from HIV viz aids whether the cause of this disease is unsafe sexual relation or other cause as use of infected blood, their relatives, friends, neighbors behave like strangers with them. This is the reason that patient of this disease feels hesitation to consult a doctor. Here one thing becomes essential for the members of a family in which there is patient of aids that they should not behave with bias with the patient. The patient should be believed by the family members that his secret would not be told anyone out of home. He should be assured that treatment would start after medical check up.

          Sometimes, doctors do not consider blood check up essential before injecting into the body of a person. The doctor should be careful in this respect. The doctor should take sample from the blood and sample should be a secret form. If doctor and government follow this rule, the disease can be stopped to some extant. In addition to, patient of aids should be encouraged for medical check up. For it, first there is a need to be careful in this respect.

HIV check up should be done of the substances that are made from blood necessarily. If a man needs to inject blood into the body, he should be definite whether the doctor is well qualified or not. If the doctor is careless in the treatment, action should be taken against the doctor. If it is done once by one person, other people will become aware with in this respect. No doctor will be careless in future.  


  • A person should use condom while making sexual relation with unknown man and woman.
  • Observe medical check up report of blood before the use of blood. 
  • Avoid anal and oral intercourse with a woman as far as possible. Sexual relation should not be established during the days of menstruation excretion. Besides it, a person should avoid from all kinds of sexual intercourse in which fluids are transferred.   
  • Used injection and blood should not be used again.