Sex problems in adolescence



When a child enters into puberty, it is called adolescence. At this time of age, all the glands of the body start their work. It means that the origin of hormones starts in the body of an adolescent. The height of the body increases and voice of the boy become heavy. Other symptoms are as appearance of beard, moustache, pubes on the genital regions and enlargement of the penis. All these change take place because of hormones named gonads. A new energy produces in the body at this time of age, which fills a boy with enthusiasm. Male adolescents attract towards girls. Often, they feel excitement in the penis. These are the natural changes of the body of a man.

Some boys spoil and some boys go on right path and become good persons in this stage named adolescence. Adolescents, who get apt and adequate sex education, pass this age properly. In fact, this age is very sensitive and tender. This age is called the base of life and now it depends on the boys whether they strengthen it or weaken it.

When semen starts to be produced in the body of a boy during adolescence, sex related ideas strike in the mind of a boy. His penis starts to erect repeatedly and because of this reason, he has to involve in masturbation. There are several myths about masturbation in the mind of adolescent and the reason of this thing is misconceptions manipulated by various persons as weakness in the body, weak memory, several diseases of the body and impotence are the consequences of masturbation. Such doctors or hakims manipulate such misconceptions to earn money. Such misconceptions are as looseness in the penis and curviness in the penis.

The penis is an organ of the body. As the veins can be observed in other organs of the body, similarly the veins of penis are observed. Then there is no need to be worried about it. Similarly, curviness of the penis is not a problem because one testicle of the two is bigger than the other testicle and the penis is located over them. The penis bends towards small testicle and a bend comes in the penis. Thus, we can say that all such kinds of thing are only misconceptions. Only repentance and remorse produce in the mind of a boy.

Some formulae to avoid masturbation:-

If a boy is habitual of masturbation, he should control over his mind for quit it. He should not pass his time alone and avoid by reading pornographic books. He should pass his excessive time in playing games. He should include green vegetable and pulses in his diet. Some boys think that if they quit masturbation, they will become the victim of nightfall

Some doctors (hakims) describe nightfall as a disease and terrify to the adolescents whereas it is not a disease but it is a common and natural process. When too much semen gets gathered into the testicles, it comes out through nightfall and a person becomes the victim of wet dreams.

There is no definite number of nightfall. All depends on living style, diet and health. Victims of constipation suffer this problem soon. Aphrodisiac atmosphere and constant thinking about sex are other causes of wet dreams. Such adolescents get rid of this problem after marriage.

If we become aware about the real causes of nightfall, an adolescent can avoid to this problem to some extant. We dream different kinds of visions while sleeping and the center of these dreams are one’s ideas and sacraments. A person dreams only what he does or thinks during day as watching adult films, reading pornographic books and constant thinking about sex. 

If an adolescent wants to get rid of this problem, he should not think about sex related ideas at all.

Problems of damsels: (Female adolescent)

Damsels also undergo through different kinds of changes in their body when they enter adulthood from childhood. Such changes are as growth in the height as well as whole body, appearance of breast and round hips. At this period of changes, girls feel a strange kind of malaise and they get pleasure by rubbing or stroking their genitals. Genitals of some damsels arouse themselves while bathing, cycling and after wearing tight clothes. Some damsels rub their genitals by the hand or by inserting their finger into the vagina to get satisfaction. It is called the ‘masturbation of damsels’. There is a difference between the masturbations of boys and girls. This difference is that the boys emit semen after getting climax but there is no such type of secretion in girls but they get lots of enjoyment in doing so.  


Masturbation affects bad on the mind of damsels. They feel shame and sin after doing this deed. A girl wants to remain far from a male person. Besides it, many damsels insert artificial penis shaped things into the vagina for satisfaction. Vaginal way is very soft and tender and it may hurt into the vagina by inserting such hard things into the vagina. There can be a swelling too near about the vaginal platform.

Illegal sexual relation:-

Nowadays, woman has equal importance as man has almost in all the fields. All rights have been providing for them. They have been getting free completely. However, many women have been doing wrong deeds after getting this freedom and they have been making illegal sexual relation with men by ignoring their boundary.  

In foreign countries, full freedom is given to boys and girls in the reference of sex as well as other relations and this is the reason that there are many cases of divorce problem there. Indian culture and civilization is different from these countries. Here marriage is considered such a relation that lasts till “seven lives”. Therefore, here this relation cannot stay only for sexual intercourse so damsels should not involve in physical relation in premature age. Only a single step in this reference can destroy their whole life. They have a great need to be aware in this reference when boys propose and force to make sexual relation during friendship with boys. Here it is necessary to describe clearly that sexual relation harms only and only for girl not for boy.