Sex organs of male and female



Nature has created a means or medium for the purpose of all the jobs through which we complete work. Some deeds are governed by nature as changes in weather and occurrence of day after night. Besides it, nature has endowed reproductive organs to both man and woman to save the existence of human being. Besides reproductive organs, there are other essential organs in the body of male and female. Life without these organs is not possible. Such organs are as eyes for watching, ears for hearing and feet for walking. Similarly, nature has made sex organs in both male and female to produce offspring for the existence of human being. As far as introduction of organs and their importance are concerned, both male and female should be aware about them necessarily. Even today, many persons have no knowledge about their sex organs. This is the reason that they do not take full advantage of these sex organs viz orgasm while making sexual relation. Sometimes, both male and female suffer several troubles due to the lack of knowledge about sex organs.

All the males and females should be aware about their sex organs and their functions during sexual intercourse. Here it means to say that a man and a woman should have the knowledge what organs are essential for sexual intercourse. Several organs of male and female resemble to each other. Such organs are as eyes, nose, mouth, ear, kidney, stomach, brain and head. Here it is necessary to tell you that sex organs of male and female differ to each other. On the base of these differences in organs human being are identified as male and female. Both male and female should gain the knowledge about these sex organs before puberty. Lack of this kind of knowledge becomes the cause of several physical and mental diseases both male and female during their married life.

Generally, there are several differences between male and female physically made by nature but many organs of both are same as hands, feet and mouth. Besides it, there is a big difference in the body of male and female. For example, a woman has large breast but on the contrary, a man has a flat chest. Sex organs of both differ to each other. Both man and woman are identified as male and female on the bases of these differences. 

Many persons are worried about the sex organs. Sometimes, such kind of man thinks whether he will satisfy his wife or not. Size of the sex organs depends on the mentality both male and female. Both male and female should be aware about the structure and functions of the sex organs before knowing the size of these sex organs.

A brief history relating to man should be studied if we want to know the complexities of male reproductive organs.

Perhaps, our ancestors will have been water creatures before about 30 crores years ago. They will have to face several difficulties after coming on the earth because we know that when a living being changes its residential place, it faces great difficulty to settle in new locality. Here it is necessary to tell that perhaps our ancestors were depend on water for reproduction as several water creatures do.

An example has been given here to know the complexities of nature. When a female fish gives eggs in the water, male fish emits semen on the eggs. A male fish comes behind the female fish during this process. If only one egg is fertilized and none other water animal eat it, a new small fish take birth after some time. Thus, both male and female sustain the origin of new issues. Eggs are fertilized by the help of sperms. Thus, birth rate of issues continues.    

Here it is necessary to tell you how the penis gets erectness. The penis of a man becomes excited after gaining the excitement from the senses of brain. It is necessary to know here how a penis becomes excited. Skin of a man is much sensitive. If it is caressed or touched lovingly, a person feels enjoyment. There are several organs made by many veins in human being. If these organs are touched or fondled, veins become active and send this information to the brain at once consequently the brain of the person becomes excited. The brain delivers this excitement to the spinal nerve. The result of it is that blood circulates towards the penis and vagina. Both penis and vagina become puffed by filling the blood. This stage is called arousal viz excitement.

Development of human reproduction:

Some scientists say that organism will be the first amphibian. (An animal that can live both on land and in water is called amphibian). Such animals are as frog, crocodile and tortoise because these animals can live both on land and in water. The reason behind this is that water is essential for reproduction like fish. Thereafter, such animals will have to start reproduction on the land after changing the weather. Thus, snake, bird and mostly mammals start to produce their egg on the earth. An egg is covered by a thick membrane that protects it from the heat and other things.    

Some big mammals start to have their egg in their body until it develops fully. Human being is based on this process of reproduction. Inner and outer construction of a female’s reproductive organs clarifies that mostly changes for development were connected with this process. Action of a female in reproduction is a little hard but action of man is easy than woman in reproduction. A male only produces semen and injects into female body for reproduction.   

Development and an important part of it is male’s reproductive organ. Complexity and effectiveness of its function contracts because it is connected with urinary-system. The place where semen is produced is divided into two parts that are called testicles. This is the place where male hormones are produced and it is the reason that physical changes take place in a human body.

Male sex organs required for sexual intercourse:-

Penis, seminal vesicles, testes, Cowper glands and prostate gland are important sex organ of a male. All these organs are very significant to make sexual relation but penis is the most important sex organ. This organ is necessary for coition and urination. Semen is also injected into the vagina through penis. 


The penis is located above the scrotum of testes between the joint of both thighs. This is the organ through which semen in injected into the vagina. This is the most sensitive organ of a male and there is big role of it during sexual intercourse. There are two important of the penis. First, it excretes urine from the body and making sexual relation in excitement stage. The penis injects semen into the vagina of the female to conceive a woman.

The length and size of the penis increase in the stage of excitement. When a person strokes after inserting his penis into the vagina, semen comes out and reaches into the vagina of a woman. Thereafter, the penis becomes flabby. It becomes excited again when a man wants to make sexual relation. The frontal part of the penis is called glans of the penis. This portion is covered with a thin layer that is called priapus.

The frontal portion of the penis appears as cap. The priapus can be moved backwardly and forwardly. Color of the penis is sensitive. A male feels excessive enjoyment when he strokes during sexual intercourse.

A kind of fluid exudes from the galns penis and priapus that keeps the top of the penis humid. This fluid gathers there, which is called smegma. This smegma should be removed regularly because a male can be the victim of phimosis if it is not cleaned.   

There are three tubes inside the penis and blood fills in these tubes in the stage of excitement. This is the reason that penis comes in the stage of erection. After ejaculation of the semen, this blood returns and the penis reaches into the stage of flabbiness.

In normal condition, it is 7.5 to 10 cm long and circuit of it is 7.5. It becomes 15 cm to 16.5 cm long in the condition of arousal. There are three kinds of penis on the base of length.

1.     Small penis: A 10 cm long penis in the stage of arousal is called small penis.

2.     Average penis: 10 to 18 cm long penis in the stage of excitement is called an average penis.

3.     Long penis: A penis longer than 18 cm in the condition of erection is called long penis.

According to sexologists, the length of penis can be long or small because of hereditary. Generally, the length of the penis depends on the height of the man. A six feet high man has 6 inches long penis in the stage of excitement. This length is common because it can be less or more on the base of hereditary.

Some men’s penis is small in size because of which they fear by making sexual relation. It is not a truth. Small reproductive organs create no obstacle while making sexual relation. Generally, the length of the penis is as long as it may reach into the vagina. There is no reproduction until sperms do not reach into the vagina. Here long or small penis has no value. A penis, which is too small in length to enter into the vagina, cannot make a woman pregnant.       


The entire round and long portion of the penis is called foreskin. There is a hairless skin around it and this skin is contracted in normal stage. This skin is not attached to the penis whereas other organs are covered with the skin but it covers the shaft of the penis. This skin can be removed backwardly and forwardly with the help of fingers. The length and thickness of the penis increase in the stage of stimulation. At this period, this skin covers the shaft of the penis.   

We know that there is a web of veins and arteries in the whole body. There is fat around these veins and arteries. The veins and arteries cannot be seen because of this fat. These veins can be seen at the frontal portion of the penis because there is lack of fat at the portion. It is a common and natural thing.   

Root of the penis:

This is the last portion of the penis. Its last portion cannot be seen but it can be felt only by fumbling under the testes. This portion is called the root of the penis, which is attached to the urinary bladder backwardly. There are two cowper’s gland at the both side of the penis’ root. When a man reaches in the condition of stimulation, a kind of shiny and thick fluid comes out from these cowper’s glands. This fluid makes the ureter and ejaculatory duct alkali. Sperms that come with semen become active because of this fluid.

This fluid ends the acidity of vagina. Thus, sperms remain active in the vaginal way and reach into the uterus to meet ovule. If we think about sexual intercourse, our glans penis becomes wet and lubricant because of this fluid. Secretion of this fluid is a natural process when a man thinks about sex. Some persons are unaware about this secretion and they consider it semen. Such persons become disturbed because of it. It is not a disease of semen but only a misconception. 


Testes are the most important organ of the body. This organ is the proof of masculinity of a man. It is not an organ of shame or to hide but it is an organ to obtain orgasm. Origin of sex hormones and sperms are its important work. Normally, it is a main male organ because it is situated near about the anus. It looks like a small bag of leather that is called scrotum. First, it is situated inside of body but after birth this little scrotum comes towards outside.  

The scrotum is divided into two portions from inside. It hangs under the penis. The scrotum contracts during cold but reach towards up in the condition of excitement.  The out structure of it seems as if it were divided into the several lines. It appears like beehive. Most often, left side testes is lower than the right one but both testes keep on moving from below to up continuously. This work takes place by two ways. First system is dontras (inside the scrotum) and another is keenester (attached to the testes.). 

This organ is very soft and sensitive. A person feels excessive pain only by light hurt. He cam be the victim of unconsciousness. It can be the cause of death if testes are hurt badly. There are 300 hundred small canals inside the testes where semen is produced. All these canals make epididymis. This canal supplies to sperms into the vagina.   

According to scientists, a sperm may alive and active at the temperature of 35 degree Celsius viz at 95-degree Fahrenheit. Here it means to say that sperms are healthy and active on the temperature of 95 viz 2 degree less than the normal temperature of the body. If temperature is more than normal, sperms will not remain healthy and active. A man of this kind of semen will not able to produce offspring. Many scientists say that wearing tight pent as well as cycling is harmful for testes. The origin of sperms may be destroyed by doing so.     

The hormone named testosterone is produced into the testes, which brings the symptoms of masculinity in a man. This hormone is the main source of physical and mental development. When this hormone dissolves in the blood of child, he grows properly. This hormone is responsible for heavy voice, sexual power, beard and moustache. If the production of this hormone stops in the body of a person, he will not be able to make sexual relation.

Generally, the function of testes is not much active below 14. Thereafter, a kind of fluid exudes from the pituitary gland of the brain. The testes also affect with this fluid. The production of semen is the result of this process.

There is no change in man’s body and agitation of emotions after the production of hormones. Variability of the child reduces after the origin of hormones and he becomes serious. Contemplating power takes birth in him after the origin of hormones. A boy speaks less and does a lot of work.

Sexual urge starts to be produced in the body and a boy attracts towards opposite sex. In this condition, a man always wants woman’s love. He thinks only about a woman. When a man crosses the age of 30-32 years, testes develop well and sexual urge reaches on top.

Seminal vesicle:-

Seminal vesicles are two in numbers that are located behind the urinary bladder. Here semen gets gathered after excreting from the testicles. Seminal vesicles are jointed with vas deferens. The seminal vesicles and vas deferens makes ejaculatory ducts on the both side. The main work of seminal vesicles is to collect a special kind of fluids, which make sperms nutritive and semen becomes dilute.        

Seminal vesicles provides movement to the sperms when semen increases in it, it comes out in the form of nightfall. It works like a safety valve. The length of this seminal vesicle is 18 inches and thickness of it is 17 inches.  

Sperms are too small to observe. It is thick on the one end and it appears as a tail on the other side. It keeps on jumping while swimming with the help of tail. It is so small that almost 1300 sperms seem as only one dot.

Prostate gland:-

It is a three lobed gland near about the penis. There is also ureter into the penis. It secretes a thin and slightly alkaline fluid that forms a portion of the semen. This gland opens into the ureter. Its internal secretion is attached to the hormones of thyroid, adrenal and pituitary gland. Prostrate gland develops because of these hormones and sexual urge of a man becomes high. A man becomes excessive stimulated when this gland works well.   

In male, two yellow, small, rounded bodies about the size of a pea one on each side of the urethra before the prostate gland. It is known by the names of Cowper gland. White, mucous and transparent secretion with urine smell exudes in this gland. When a person is sexually aroused, one or two drops secretes from this gland to make the duct of urethra greasy.

This secretion destroys the particle of urine left in the ureter. This secretion makes the ureter so lubricant that semen goes forward without hindrance in the ureter. Cowper gland starts its work as a person thinks about the sex. There is no need to be worried because of this secretion.  


Sperms and other gland’s secretion make semen. These secretions are produced after chemical complexities in the glands. An offender of rape can be identified in the court if the semen of the offender may have fallen on the cloth of a girl. Chemical check up of semen will prove whether the semen fallen on the clothes belongs to the person or not.  Sperms are found in the semen.

Semen is also known by the names shukra in Hindi language. Semen is produced into the vesicular seminalis. Semen is the mixture of secretions excreted by vesicle glands. Production of semen starts to originate in the age of 13-14 years. Its production level increases when a person crosses the age of 17-18 years.

Semen is thick and mucous with white color. If it falls on a cloth, the cloth becomes a little hard and a spot appears there.

There are uncountable shells in the body of a man. There are 46 chromosomes among them but only 23 chromosomes are found in the vesicular seminalis. When these chromosomes enter into the ovary of woman, 23 chromosomes presented in the ovary meet with them. Vesicular seminalis of testicles contains both Y and X chromosomes.   Therefore, it can be said that the birth of boy or girl depends totally on the testicles.

Sperms destroy on the high temperature but they run away very fast with the help of tail. They cross a distance about 7 inches within one hour. It is also long for them to cross on the base of their size. It will be called a courageous work if a single sperm enters into the ovary because the surface of the ovary is hard whereas sperm is too soft. It is a mysterious too. There is a special chemical secretion of testicle in the vesicular seminalis. This chemical   secretion is called enzymes. Enzymes soften the hardness of the ovary. Thus, soft vesicular seminalis enters into the ovary easily.

If sperms may not get a chance to come out viz a person adopts celibacy fully, all the sperms will die by completing his age. Similarly, if a person excretes his semen repeatedly, sperms will not get maturity. A woman will not become pregnant if she makes sexual relation with any person mentioned above. A person, who makes sexual relation two or four times a day, is not able to produce offspring.

It has been observed that almost 60 crores sperms come out if a healthy person ejaculates his semen only one time. This semen not only contains sperms but other secretions also. Secretions excreted through prostate gland and other glands are contained in it. These secretions provide protection to the sperms. There are proteins, sugar and minerals in these secretions.

Some suggestions given for men to protect reproductive organs from any disturbance:-

1.     A kind of mucous gathers at the glans of the penis, which is called smegma. This smegma should keep on removing here it means to say that a person should keep his glans penis neat and clean. Not only swelling comes at the frontal portion of the penis but itching also if smegma is not removed from there. There is a smell in it too. It is white is color and sometime it becomes the cause of cancer of penis.

2.     Penis of a small child should be washed regularly so that smegma may not gather there. Thus, glans penis should be clean.

3.     Muslims removes the frontal skin of the penis of their boys in childhood. Thus, smegma does not gather at the frontal portion of the penis and there is no doubt of penis’ cancer.

4.     Generally, there is curviness in the penis and this curviness disappears when a penis erect in the stage of excitement. There is misconception in the minds of many persons why their penis is curve whether it is due to masturbation. Untrained doctors earn money from these persons by spreading such false misconceptions. They prescribe different kinds of oils, bandages and applications to earn money. 

5.     It is quite wrong that orgasm of woman belongs to the size of the penis. It has been proved through scientific researches that neither length nor thickness of the penis as well as too much weight is essential for orgasm. Here it is necessary to tell you that the vulva is located at the one-third portion of the lower portion of the vagina. This area is not out of the reach of a developed penis. This thing clears that techniques are important not the size of the penis while making sexual intercourse. On the bases of these things, it can be said that a man can pass his married life happily with a small penis. Therefore, persons with small penis should not be worried about it. It is necessary to clear that life partner should be short because depth of her vagina is also short proportionally her height.

6.     Some persons think that a man with large penis satisfies his wife properly than the person with small penis. Some person thinks that sexual vigor reduces if there is curviness in the penis. All these things are only misconceptions according to sexologists’ researches. Generally, it has been observed that if a man with small penis is fully aroused, he can satisfy his wife fully. Thus, man with small penis should never puzzle for it. A person should not try to enlarge his penis by using oils, massage, lotions and medicines.  

7.     A man should never worry about vasectomy. He should not think that vasectomy is a danger for masculinity of a man. For family planning, production of sperms is stopped by operation but the production of hormones keeps on.

Female reproductive organs and their functions:-

We know that there are several forms of a woman. She is a good wife, good trainer and guide on different occasions. She gives extreme pleasure to a man during sex. She makes a man’s life happy. Sometimes, she teaches us the lesson of kindness and sometimes loves us. All the persons want to know about the body of a woman. Generally, female genitals are quite different from a man. These genitals can be divided into different portions for our conveniences.

All the genital of a woman are inside the body except vagina. Knowledge about the female genitals is necessary for a man if he wants to gain excessive sexual pleasure. If you are fully aware about female genital, you can prove a good husband. A person makes sexual relation properly if he has full knowledge about female genitals.

Sex organs of woman:

As the frontal part of penis is too sensitive in a man, similarly whole body of a woman is sensitive because of sexual urge but this urge is suppressed by shame and shyness of a woman. 

Sexual urge can be increased by kindling, fondling and kissing to all the sensitive organs of a woman. This process is essential if you want to prolong the period of sexual intercourse. If a man arouses sensitive organs of a woman, she gets excessive sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse.   

For example, a fish cannot agonize until it is out of water. Similarly, a woman does not get fully aroused until her sensitive organs are fondled and touched to kindle her sexual urge. Thus, we can say that a woman is not sexually aroused for coition until, her sex organs are kissed or fondled by a man.

A woman does not want to leave a person from her arms if he kisses her, fondles her, embraces her and plays sexual action. It is obvious that if a person gets one thing, he does not want to leave that thing at all. In this way, it is clear here when a woman gets great sexual pleasure in all these activities done by a man, how she can quit these moments.

Many persons think that only vagina of a woman is the most sensitive sex organ. Here we want to tell you that besides vagina there are other sensitive organs too in a woman. Such sensitive organs are as breast, mouth, back, eyes, soles, thighs, waist, ear and cheeks.

Other sensitive organs of a woman except vagina:-


Lobes of the ears of a woman are too soft and sensitive. A woman puts on ornaments at this portion of ear. If a man crushes the lobes of her wife’s ear with both hands’ fingers, she will become excited soon. If there is a lack of sexual urge in your wife, you should rub the soft lobe of the ear very gently. She will become fully aroused sexually by doing so. Besides it, if a man kisses her wife’s ear or exhales his warm breath there, his wife will become aroused soon. A person becomes fully aware which organs of his wife are too sensitive and which not.  

Neck and throat:-

These portions of a woman are very sensitive too. Nerves of these portions attached to the genital organs directly. A woman becomes excited soon when a man touches these areas with his lips and kisses as well as rubs gently. A person examines how his wife becomes excited if he licks these areas with his tongue.


Kissing on the forehead of a woman makes a woman sexually aroused. Her breath will become fast by doing so. Blood circulation of a woman also increases. Sexual urge of a woman can be on climax if a man kisses a woman’s forehead gently.


Hair of a woman is too sensitive. A woman can be aroused for sexual intercourse through hair. Besides it, it is believed that a kind of rays is produced from the hair of a woman which enhances the sexual urge of a man. Here one thing is essential to tell you that a man remains excited for a long time if he makes sexual relation with a beautiful haired woman. It has also been observed that if a man entangles his fingers into the hair of a woman, excitement for sexual intercourse starts to be produced in her body and she feels agitation in the body.


Generally, both man and woman have breasts but in man they are only small nipples whereas a woman has enlarged breasts. Breast is undeveloped when a girl is small but when a woman touches the boundary of puberty, breast becomes enlarged. A woman with big and beautiful breast is considered as a universal sex symbol. Such a woman attracts a man towards her. 

Breast is considered the symbol of beauty too. Menses starts when a girl touches adolescence. Besides it, her breast also starts to enlarge. A round shape comes on a girl’s breast. Breast of a girl enlarges to some extant in the age group of 14-17 years. According to nature breast is for feeding milk to the baby but both breasts are very helpful to arouse a woman for sexual intercourse. A woman becomes fully aroused for sexual intercourse if her breast are rubbed or pressed gently.     

Breast develops gradually in some girls. In some girls, nipples of the breasts develop in the beginning whereas round shape of the breast appears before developing the nipples. In the beginning, some girls try to hide their breast due to shame and shyness. Some girls take this change normally.   

A mother should persuade her daughter to take this change normally. The mother should not restrain her by wearing the clothes what she wants to wear after the change in the breast. There should be no restrictions on her at the period of change. Today, there are orthodox families in our country too in which proper guidance about these changes is not given to the growing girls. Sometimes, girls of such families remain worried about these changes.

This kind of anxiety affects badly on the health of a girl. If a girl is worried about the growing breast and there is restlessness and embracement on her face, it is the duty of her mother that she may talk her as a friend. The mother should not scold her at all. She should tell her that this change is normal and it will enhance the beauty of her body. At this period of age, a girl needs emotionally attachment of which none can give her except her mother.   

Some persons press the breast badly in the lack of sexual knowledge. Size of the breast changes into bad-shaped by doing so. Cells of the breasts are too soft and tender. If they are rubbed this way, an obstruction is produced in their blood circulation. Consequently, beauty and attraction of them disappear and they become flabby. Breast is made with some special glands and soft muscles.

Swelling can appear on the breast by slight hurt or excessive pressure. It may be harmful for mammary gland too. Besides it, a woman suffers from unbearable pain if a man presses them badly. Sometimes it also happens that a woman starts to fear by making sexual relation if a man shows this kind of behavior. Therefore, breast should be pressed and rubbed until it is uncomfortable.

Breast of a woman is so sensitive that a woman becomes aroused only by touching them. A man also becomes excited if he touches the breast. Here it is necessary to tell you that a man gets sexually aroused only by seeing a woman. If a man rubs or touches the breast gently, a woman gets sexually aroused soon. Nipples of the breast are extremely sensitive too. If a person rubs, touches, sucks and kisses them, sexual urge of a woman becomes high soon. In this condition, a woman hugs her husband tightly.  


This part of the woman is also very sensitive. A woman gets aroused sexually if a man kisses and touches the cheeks of the woman with his lips.  Her cheeks can also be licked by the tongue. According to sexologists, cheeks of some women are very sensitive. If a man kisses or rubs her cheeks, she becomes mad because of excessive sexual urge. In this condition, a woman hugs her husband in her arms tightly and she starts to sob.


All the body organs of a woman get sexually aroused if a man kisses a woman with his lips. It has also been observed that sexual urge of a woman becomes uncontrollable if a man kisses her lips with his lips. Thus, we can say that sucking, kissing and biting with teeth arouses sexual urge of a woman. 


It is believed that the tongue of the woman is also very sensitive. If a man pulls woman’s tongue with his lips and sucks it, sexual urges of her stimulates soon.

Fleshy sensitive organs:-

Fleshy sensitive organs of a woman: Thighs, belly and hips are the fleshy organs of a woman. These organs are very much sensitive. If a man kisses, rubs with hands and licks by his tongue, woman gets aroused soon. Naval of woman is called second glans clitoris of the woman. This is the reason that a man becomes sexually aroused only by seeing the naval of a woman. His arousal increases a lot when he touches or kisses to the naval of a woman. Some persons lick to the naval of a woman consequently a woman becomes very much excited for sexual intercourse and surrender before a man to make sexual relation. A cold woman is also excited if man rubs her hips, calves and thighs with his hands. 

Sole of the feet of a woman is also sensitive. If a man kedges his fingers on the soles of a woman’s feet gently, she becomes excited soon. A kind of sensation arises in her vagina and her sexual urges become high. Her dry vagina becomes wet by doing so. She becomes so excited that she tries to insert the penis into her vagina. At this stage, a man should start sexual intercourse immediately.

Female sex organs:

There are many sex organs in a woman, which has been divided into two parts. Outer organs for sexual intercourse include vulva, clitoris and vagina.  Inner organs of woman are ovaries, uterus and fallopian tube.

Glans clitoridis is the most sensitive organs among these organs. When the penis rubs at this organ during sexual intercourse, woman gets great sexual pleasure. Sexologists say that a woman is not ready for sexual intercourse until glans clitoridis excites fully.

It takes some time to arouse this part of a woman. A person should rub this part with penis or hand. This part can be rubbed by fingers gently or licked by tongue. Kissing on this part helps to arouse a woman sexually. A woman gets great sexual pleasure by doing and she becomes ready for sexual intercourse.


Vulva of a woman plays an important role during sexual intercourse. It is located on that area where penis is situated in a man. Here it means to say that it is situated at the joint of thighs and frontal portion of the anus as well as under the abdomen. There is a great change in this area when a girl gets puberty. Soft hair grows at this area and a kind of mucous substance starts to be produced there. This is the reason that this area becomes tender and soft. When a girl becomes excited, blood circulates rapidly at this area and this area swells a little too.     

If a woman lies on the back flatly and folds her both the knees by spreading thighs a little, one can see full area of vulva clearly. All the outer sex organs of a female situated at this area.   

Labia majora:-

There is a long cleavage at the exact centre of the vulva and both portions of it resemble like lips. They are called labia majora. Labia majora covers the vulva like shutter. Maximum length of labia majora is about to 3 inches, which seem fat and pultaceous.  There are pubes at the outer surface of labia majora. Fat and ligaments makes labia majora. It is contracted in the lack of fat during childhood and senility. There are two soft and pink labia minora behind the labia majora. Length of labia minora is 1.5 inches. Labia majora are attached to each other in a woman before delivery and that is why other outer organs situated at its center do not appear. Labia majora open a little in woman who has delivered a child and other outer organs situated at the cleavage of vulva start to appear.     

If both labia majora and labia minora are stretched, one can see two holes inside them. Upper hole is vaginal introitus and lower hole is vaginal opening. There are fibres in the both labia majora and labia minora. This area is very soft and gentle. There is a thin mucus membrane on the upper side of this portion, which keeps this area wet and flexible. Both labia majora and labia minora cover to each other. That is why this portion is safe. When women get excited, blood circulation enhances in labia majora and labia minora. Thus, they swell during sexual excitement and a woman gets great sexual pleasure during coitoin.

Labia minora:-

If labia majora are removed here and there, some small organs can be seen inside the vagina. They are situated at the both sides of the vaginal cleavage. Length of them is 1.5 inches whereas width is 8 mm to 15 mm. these are called labia minora. They are two which attach to each other before glans clitoridis.   


This area is the portion of vulva that is covered with hair and it is a little puffed. This is called kamadri. There is a lot of fat under the skin at this are and this is the reason that it is a little puffed. If one fumbles this area with the help of finger, one feels a bone of vulva joint. This area is too sensitive.  


There is a hole like antrum under the vulva, which is called vagina. This is the main sexual organ of a woman. It is accepted as an outer sex organ of a woman because its mouth is towards outside. Size of the vagina depends on the stature of a woman. Vagina is made of muscles and uncontrollable fibres and this is the reason that it has a natural capacity to stretch and contract. A penis is inserted into the vagina during sexual intercourse. Semen and sperms enter into uterus through vagina.     


Vaginal path of an unmarried girl is covered with a thin membrane and it is called hymen. Here it means to say that hymen partially or wholly covers the vaginal opening. There are different kinds of it as ring shaped hymen and lunar hymen etc. the membrane of hymen can be thin and thick in different women. Mostly, this membrane breaks in the first sexual intercourse. When a person penetrates his penis into the vagina, hymen breaks and the woman feels a little pain too. There is little bleeding too on first intimacy. Sometimes, this hymen is very thick in some women and it does not break in first intimacy. However, it has been seen rarely. This hymen is removed after operation in this case. There is bartholin gland inside the labia minora and upper side of the vagina. A kind of secretion exudes from this gland when a woman gets sexually aroused.

Menses starts from the vaginal opening every month. In this stage a kind of secretion exudes from the vaginal opening and it is called lactic acid. When this secretion exudes from the ovary, quantity of lactic acid reduces and this secretion helps to survive sperms. Vagina remains unaffected from the harmful effect of bacteria because of this acid.    

Menses start in the age of 13-14 years and continue until a woman touches the age of 46-48 years. This secretion exudes from the vagina continuously 3-5 days. Color of this secretion is red. It occurs once within 28 days. Sometimes, menses can be one or two days late or before.

Vaginal opening:-

This is the portion near about vagina, which remains closed in normal condition because both anterior and posterior walls of the vagina attach to each other. These walls have a capacity to stretch and contract. This is the reason that this opening opens by expanding when penis, finger and any thing is penetrate in it. This opening opens during menses and at the time of delivery. Sometimes, anterior or posterior wall can be seen through this opening. It happens only when there is a lack of contraction and expanding. These walls can also be seen after frequent delivery or sexual intercourse.     


There is a protruding part of flesh on the upper side of the vagina between labia majora and labia minora. It is called clitoris. It seems as a penis of man and it called miniature penis. It is too sensitive like penis of a man.

When a woman is fully excited during sexual intercourse, this part fills with blood and it becomes hard. When a person penetrates this penis into the vagina and strokes, a woman gets great sexual pleasure. A woman gets orgasm when a person strokes. After orgasm, this clitoris becomes flabby as a penis becomes flaccid after intercourse. A woman will become fully excited if her clitoris is aroused before sexual intercourse viz during foreplay. Playing with the clitoris before sexual intercourse satisfies a woman. 

This organ is the most sensitive organ of a woman because woman gets great sexual pleasure if her clitoris is rubbed or touched with fingers gently by a man. All kinds of women can be aroused by playing with clitoris viz sexual urge of a woman can be stimulated by touching or rubbing to the clitoris. Blood circulation enhances when a woman is physical or mentally excited for sex. Excited clitoris becomes one and half folds bigger than normal clitoris. 

At this stage, a kind of white secretion with special smell comes out from the vagina. Clitoris accumulates waste between labia majora and labia minora. A woman should pay more attention on the sanitation of clitoris. There are itch, swelling and inflammation in the vagina if it is not cleaned. If this condition (infected clitoris) sustains for many days, sensitiveness of it will end.   

Cleavage of the vagina:-

Cleavage of the vagina situated under the clitoris is coverd with both labia majora and labia minors. There is vaginal opening at the end of this cleavage. This opening is covered with a thin membrane called hymen in unmarried women.

Vaginal introitus:-

It is that opening part of women from where they urinate. It is situated one and half inches below the clitoris but a little above to the vaginal opening. It is called vaginal introitus. This is a one and half inches long tube, which is connected to the urinary bladder from inside. There are two thin pipes a little behind this opening, which is called screen glands. These glands open at the backside of labia minora and vaginal opening. These glands cannot be seen. A transparent, greasy and colorless secretion exudes from these glands when a woman is fully excited during sexual intercourse. This secretion makes the vaginal path wet and lubricant.   


One of the two almond shaped female sexual glands situated on either side of the pelvic cavity in which ova and eggs are formed. Ovary is made of uncontrollable muscles and several fibres. Only eggs are produced into the ovary and they are fertilized here too. Female hormones are produced here, which are essential for woman’s breast, beauty, menses, and production of milk in the breast, development, activeness of foetus and health of a woman.  

Fallopian tube:-

It is a tube extending laterally from each side of the upper portion of the uterus and terminating in the peritoneal cavity near the ovary. The size of fallopian tube is 4-5 inches long. Its one ends attaches to the uterus and other with the ovary. A kind of secretion exudes from inside it. This secretion helps to fling an ovum to the uterus.   


Uterus is a hollow muscular organ of the female reproductive system situated on the below side of waist. There are three parts of uterus-body, cervix and fundus. Fundus is its upper portion, which is situated at the front side and attached to the urinary bladder. There are open-mouthed fallopian tubes on the left and right sight of uterus.

There is another part of uterus, which is called body. Its walls are made with uncontrollable muscles. These muscles can expand and contract easily. Its inner portion is covered with mucous membranes, which is very narrow. Lower portion of the uterus is called cervix of which lower portion opens into the vagina through which semen enters into the uterus.


Ovum is produced in the ovary. Ovum is produced in a woman as sperms are produced in a man. Ovum is miniature in size. When ovum meets with sperm, a woman becomes pregnant.

Essential points related to female sex organs:

1.     There is one hole a little below under the clitoris. There is no use of this hole during sexual intercourse but there are two labia majora under the vaginal introitus. If a man kedges his fingers on these both labia majora, a woman becomes excited soon. A man should insert his penis into the vagina after arousing to the woman by doing so.   

2.     We know that vagina is hollow like a tube and this is the way, which goes from labia minora to uterus. A child comes out through this way during delivery. 

3.     The length of vaginal path is 8-10 cm. Vagina has a rare capacity to expand. An 8-10 or 15-18 cm long and 8-10 cm thick penis can enter in it easily. This shows the capacity of expanding of vagina. Woman feels no pain during sexual intercourse. She gets great sexual pleasure instead of pain.

4.     The vaginal duct has special feature. On one hand, a child comes out with this opening and on the other hand, this duct clutches to the thinnest penis easily. If a woman does not posses this capacity, she does not get so much sexual pleasure as she gets with this capacity.

5.     All the women should be aware with this fact that there is hymen inside the vagina, which breaks on the first intimacy when a man penetrates his penis into vagina. There is a little bleeding too at this time with slight pain because this membrane is very soft and tender. In this condition, a woman should not be worried mentally and emotionally if it happens. Sometimes, this membrane breaks itself because of playing, running and cycling too. Otherwise, it breaks when a woman makes sexual relation on first time.

6.     Sometimes, women are terrified by thinking that she will suffer with unbearable pain when her husband will insert his penis into her vagina. A woman, who thinks so, does not get sexual pleasure. Sometimes, her whole life disturbs because of this fear. Therefore, a woman does not think so. There is a little bleeding with slight pain when the hymen of a girl breaks with the pressure of penis.

7.     A man should not be worried if there is no bleeding from the vagina of his wife during first sexual intercourse. He should not think that his wife has already made sexual relation with another man before marriage. He should ask his wife lovingly how her hymen broke. It would be better for a man and his wife if no question related to this matter were asked. It may be that hymen of your wife has broken because of cycling, exercising, jumping and running.