Sex in Pregnancy


        Few people believe that sex is harmful in pregnancy period for mother and baby (unborn), but it is absolutely wrong. Involving in sexual intercourse with a pregnant is not harmful, but be careful in this period because carefulness is necessary. 

        Sex should be avoided in early weeks or months of pregnancy or if she has a history of miscarriage or other disorders of the uterus. For this purpose, she should talk to her doctor and should not hesitate for asking any type of question.      

       Sex is not necessary during pregnancy period. Sexual intercourse should be done only when male and female is ready physically and mentally.

        In cases of mental confusion, worry, family or economical or any other problems, even thinking about sexual intercourse is useless. The work in which ones does not get mental peace is of no use.

        In female body, the uterus remains surrounded by bones. A membrane is also found in uterus that is like that of water bag (balloon) and known as amniotic sac. It is filled with Amniotic fluid. The mouth (opening) of the uterus remains closed as lid that protects it from infection. This is the reason why the unborn baby does not get any harm by sexual intercourse during pregnancy period. Amniotic fluid present in it protects the foetus from jerks (stroke) done during sexual intercourse. Extra pressure on the stomach can be harmful for both mother and baby. During sexual intercourse in pregnancy period, sometimes it can be harmful to press or rub the breasts or due to excess warmth.     

        Few women do not like sex in her pregnancy, so men should understand it and co-operate the women time to time.

        In few cases, bleeding takes place after sexual intercourse in pregnancy period and she believes that it has been done due to sexual intercourse. In pregnancy period, bleeding can take place due to lack of hormones at the beginning of date (menstruation). It is light in appearance and sometimes it leaves spot too. 

        This symptom can be treated by giving hormones and she should talk to her doctor. If it had controlled on time, unborn baby do not get any harm (hurt). It makes delivery normal and healthy baby born. 

        Becoming the blood of a pregnant as dark red can be harmful, which is considered as the first stage of miscarriage. In this case, she should talk to her doctor and take complete rest. If a doctor manage (control) this condition, blood starts changing into brown. When the blood has changed as brown, she should take rest as much as possible. In this condition, she should not involve in sexual intercourse with a man, because it can be harmful.  

        After sexual intercourse, the uterus starts contracting by two ways. First, when excess excitement present after sexual intercourse, the body muscles start contracting and the uterus also contracts. Second, contraction starts by itself too due to the presence of hormones named ‘Prostaglandin’.   

        After sexual intercourse, a type of excitement occurs in the breasts. This type of excitement is generated by hormones that is secreted from pituitary gland and carried to the body, which is called oxitosine. It contracts the uterus. It is responsible for pain in the uterus at the time of delivery.    

        This hormone is given to the pregnant with glucose for generating delivery pain. If pregnancy period has not completed, breasts excitement can be harmful for women. This hormone makes the uterus mouth soft before delivery and provides favorable condition for delivery.