Sex in different age groups


Sex in 13-14 age groups:-

Generally, in this age group sexual desire begins to start in a man. Desire for sex is a process, which takes birth gradually and when curiosity and interest about sex increase, different kinds of thoughts originate in the mind. A boy thinks about the bodily structure of a girl and wants to know the technique of sexual relations as well as he wants to know whether girls also have the desire for sex or not etc.

Sex in 15-16 age groups:-

When a boy crosses the age of 15-16, sexual desires increase and he feel like to do sex. At this period of age, he always thinks only about sex and nothing else. When this sexual desire is not fulfilled, he becomes the victim of nightfall. Many boys take the help of masturbation to calm their sexual excitement.

When a man crosses the line of 18 years, sexual desire in him enhances too much. In this age, a male feels copious excitement and erectness in his genital organ. Sex after 18 years:-

When a man crosses the line of 18 years, sexual desire in him enhances too much. In this age, a male feels copious excitement and erectness in his genital organ viz in the penis. Different types of ideas keep on coming in the mind relating to sex and he becomes salacious soon only by hearing about sex or by seeing adult-nude pictures.

Sex after twenty years:-

After twenty years, a boy makes friendship with a girl or woman for the purpose of sex. Many persons involve in masturbation in this period of age and become the victim of languor because of this reason. This bad affects their personality and career. It is necessary to tell you that a person should be more aware for his health in this period of age. You can sustain your sexual power as the age passes by paying attention on the health.  

Generally, a male does not suffer from any sexual disease but sometimes he becomes the victim of early ejaculation because of misconceptions. Besides it, they can be the victim of anxiety and diseases relating to sex.

Sexual diseases in the age of 20:-

1. Early ejaculation: Mostly, males (20 years’ old) become the victim of early ejaculation in this period of age. When a male of this age makes sexual relation with a girl or woman, he becomes nervous too much. Persons belong to this age group do not have adequate and proper sex knowledge and in this condition when sexual desire reaches on top, he loses control over his sexual desires and becomes the victim of early ejaculation.    

The victim of early ejaculation should make sexual relation in a cool mind and all the fears relating to early ejaculation should be thrown away fully. He should possess confidence and control over himself. Thus, he will get rid of early ejaculation by doing so.

2. Anxiety about sexual relations: Many persons become nervous while making sexual relation. The cause of this nervousness is the misconceptions given by his friends. He has no experience about sex too. Thus, he sinks into the sea of anxiety. 

3. Formulae to get rid of anxiety relating to sex:

  • All the persons who belong to this age group should get rid of this anxiety fully before making sexual intercourse.
  • Do not make haste while making sexual intercourse. Here it means to say that sexual relations should not be made hastily.
  • Do not stroke rapidly after inserting the penis into the vagina because it may be the cause of early ejaculation.
  • He should make sexual relation with this belief that he can satisfy his wife fully. 

Sexual diseases:-

Hormones are excreted in ample quantity from the body of a twenty years’ old male person and this is the reason of uncontrollable sexual desires and lust. Such persons commit the blunder by making sexual relation anywhere and with any girl. Consequently, they become the victim of several sexual diseases. Therefore, sexual relations like this way should not be made with any girl to any place.  Here it can be said that this kind of sexual relation should not be accept at any rate.

Sex in the age group of thirty:-

Persons belong to this age group complain sex related problems. The causes of such diseases are depression and responsibilities. They become worried about their children’s study, future, employment and marriage. All these worries reduce their sexual power. In this stage, they should throw away such types of worries because by doing so he makes his wife angry and destroys his married life. Therefore, solve these problems properly.

Lack of sexual desires after 30 years:-

In this group of age, many persons complain lack of sexual desire and they become the victim of depression. If someone suffers from this problem, he should make efforts to enhance his sexual power and he should pay a lot of attention towards sex. 

Methods to enhance sexual desire:-

1. If the cause of this problem is excessive use of alcoholism and other intoxicating product, their use should be closed at once. If you do not so, it may be very harmful for you.

2. Include good foodstuffs in your diet and make a good daily routine.

3. Pay a lot of attention on your health and take exercise. Massage is also beneficial. You should take good knowledge about sexual relations.

4. Sound sleep is must because sometimes it happens that a person becomes the victim of physical weakness and he feels the lack of sexual desires in himself.

5. If there is no sexual desire, you should check your blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and hormones because it may be that these are the causes of your sexual desire’s weakness.

6. If the cause of this problem is a sexual disease or any other disease, you should consult to a doctor immediately.

7. If the cause of this problem is the lack of your wife’s cooperation, you should talk her openly and try to know why she does not want to make sexual relation. Solve all these problems properly.  

Lack of reproduction power after 30 years:-

Many persons loose their reproductive power in this age group. If you want to beget a child, you should make a plan for it before thirty year because there is lack of sperms in your semen because of the changes in hormones. You should check your sperm to know the quality of your sperm. If there is a disability in your sperm, treatment become must.

Sex after forty years:-

Persons become the victim of several kinds of sexual diseases in this group of age. Sensitivity of the penis reduces and there is a lack of erectness in the penis because of this reason. Several other diseases along with sexual disease can take a person in their grip. These diseases affects to the sexual power of a person. The person, who take care of their health, they get pleasure in sexual relation and satisfy their wives too in this group of age.

Lack of erectness in the penis after forty years:-

The people of this age group complain lack of erectness in the penis and flabby penis because of mental weakness, any disturbances in the veins of penis and side effects of drugs.

To get rid of this problem, a person should balance his mental state. He should take good and nutrient diet along with a daily morning walk.  He should get rid of anxiety and depression too.

Lack of hormones’ secretion in the body:-

There is a lack of hormone named testosterone in the body after forty years and a person feels a lack of sexual desires in the body because of this reason. In this stage, it becomes necessary to the victim that he may consult to a well-qualified doctor soon.

Lack of sexual desire in the body:-

Any disease of the body affects sexual power very much. Hence, it can be said that if a person has lost his sexual power to some extant, he should start the treatment of the main disease. Thereafter sexual disease can be treated. If a person does so, he will get rid of main disease as well as sexual disease. Sexual vigor returns soon after the treatment of the main disease.

Sex after 50 years:-

It is only a myth that a person loses the power to make sexual relations. A large number think so which is not true in any way. If a person of this age group maintains his body well and takes care a lot, he can get sexual pleasure by making sexual relation like a youth. Several changes take place in the body of person after 50 years as lack of eyesight, thick skin, weak bones and change in thinking power. Tumors in the arteries, joints’ pain, enlargement of the prostrate gland, heart diseases and urinary diseases are the other problems of this age.  

Lack of sexual desire:-

In this age, a person feels lack in sexual power. The causes of this weakness can be as mentioned further- excessive use of medicines, illness of the body, and diseases of the urethra as well as depression and mental disturbances.

In this kind of problem, a person should consult to a doctor and take medicines prescribed by doctors.

Excessive sexual desires in this age:-

Sometimes, a person can be the victim of excessive sexual desire in this age and the cause of this problem is the enlargement of prostrate gland.

In this situation, consult to well-qualified doctor because if it will not be treated properly, it will result serious.