Family Planning


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        A proverb is popular in our society- ‘Small family is a happy family.’ It becomes true only when both husband and wife have correct knowledge about family planning.

       The fair sexes should have full knowledge about family planning. It is very important for her health, conception time, body diseases, gap between any two children, nourishing children and family happiness. Husband and wife should have needed to know about the methods of family planning and should follow any of the methods.

       Various types of methods are followed for family planning. Here, few methods of family planning have been described below-

Hormonal peels-

  • Combined peels (peels of estrogen and progesterone)
  • Progesterone peels.
  • Progesterone vaccines.
  • Progesterone means used inside uterus.

Combined peels-

        Today too, this type of peels is used in large scale for family planning. It is called O.C.  1-1 peel of it is taken up to 21-28 days. After taking this peel up to 21 days, it is stopped to take and menstruation starts again within coming 7 days. In this way, formation of eggs can be stopped through hormonal methods. A layer of greasy fluid called cervical mucus is being formed on the opening of uterus by the effects of progesterone through which sperm do not able to enter inside them. As a result of it, the woman does not able to be conceived.

        In modern age, this type of many peels are available in the market, but main view is to get maximum benefits by using minimum hormones so that menstruation could start again on time as well as other side effects are not happened due to such peels.

        The women having normal weight should used 30 mg of estrogen and those having more weight or age should used only 20 of it. The peels of 50 mg of estrogen should be used by those women whose working ability is more, but it has side effects on their body.

Side (bad) effects of peels-

        Different types of side (bad) effects fall on the body by the regular use of hormonal peels (O.C.) related to family planning like- over weight, accumulation of blood in blood vessels, unable to reach the blood to the muscles, additional fat in body, high blood pressure, debility of nerves, profuse menstrual flow, vomiting, pain in the breasts, headache, irregular menstruations, extra pimples on the face, mental pressure, undesired about sex, less affects of medicines in the patient of asthma, etc.

        The peels made up of estrogen and progesterone together is called combined peels. It plays very important roles in its use. The fair sexes should need to use such peels regularly. Such peels should be used regularly for minimum 7 days. Sometimes, this type of peels does not make any impression on the body due to vomiting or loose motion after taking it. This type of peel is less effective if taken with the medicine of tuberculosis and heart attacks.

        The women who intake peels for family planning should need to check her weight, blood pressure, breasts and vaginal secretion. It gives information about cancer. One thing should also be kept in the mind that if she has to go for any operation in future, the peels should be stopped to take before 4 weeks.

Peels of progesterone-

        This type of peel is made up of hormones named progesterone. This is the reasons why it is called mini peel. Such peels have progesterone in very less quantity. Such type of peels should be given to those women who have history of harmful effects of estrogen, more than 35 years, smoking too much, whose blood pressure is high, are the patient of diabetes or nourishes her baby with her mammary glands. 

Implantation in uterus-

        T-shaped plastic tube named livonor gestrol is put in uterus. By the effects of its medicine, womb does not able to be grown on the wall of uterus. The affects of it is valid up to 3 years on uterus’s wall continuously. When it is removed out from uterus, the woman becomes able to be conceived again.       

Intrauterine contraceptive device (I.U.C.D.)-

         It is a small ‘T’ shaped tube wrapped with copper wire. It is flexible so that it can be inserted inside the uterus easily. It prevents conception up to 5 years due to the affects of copper wire.

        In ancient time, small round smooth stones have inserted inside the uterus of she-camel for the experiment of family planning and observed that she had not be conceived until the stones are present inside the uterus. On the basis of it only, I.U.C.D. had been discovered.

Side (bad) effects-

      I.U.C.D. has also its side effects like- profuse menstrual flow, pain and swelling in hips, conception after long time, displacement of the uterus, coming out of tubes from uterus, movement of the tube to the other side of the uterus, etc. so, a younger woman and those who have no any children should not use it.

Vaginal diaframe (rubber cap)-

        It is a small rubber structure like that of cap which is inserted inside the body with such cream that is responsible for killing sperm. This cap like structure is worn on the cervices through cervical path. One thing should always be kept in the mind that the woman should take part in sexual intercourse up to 6 hours after removing it. By following this precaution, she can conceive again.  

Female condom-

        It is a type of rubber bag. This type of condom is inserted inside the vagina with the help of cream. As a result of it, sperm do not able to enter inside the vagina.

Family planning by cream-

        This type of cream is applied inside the vagina with the help of pesari such a way so that sperm could be destroyed by the affects of this cream while sexual intercourse. Few of such cream produce foam which kills the sperm soon.

Safe period-

        The temperature of female body goes on increasing after formation of eggs that indicates that eggs have been started to be formed inside the uterus. If this temperature is noted down from the first day of menstruations, this temperature is same up to 7-8 days. After 14 days, the temperature is increased than normal. It indicates the time of forming eggs. So, she should not involve in sexual intercourse in between the period from 9th to 19th days.

        If a woman has taken part in sexual intercourse without any precaution (method of family planning), she should need to use I.U.C.D. just after sexual intercourse up to 5 days. It will prevent conception. 

Precaution followed by male (Family planning by male)-

Quietus intrapatus (not releasing semen inside the vagina while sexual intercourse)-

        In this method, the sperm may be left inside the vagina that increases the possibility of conception.    

Male condom-

        It is a type of transparent cap like structure made up of thin rubber. It is worn on the penis while sexual intercourse. As a result of it, the semen is collected in this condom after ejaculation, but is not able to reach inside the vagina. Male condom is the cheap and easy means of family planning.


        The tube called vas deferens that carries semen from testes is cut through surgery after making it insensitive and surgeon ties both the ends of this tube. This method plays very important role in family planning.

Side (bad) effects of vasectomy-

        If sperm is left in the tube before this surgery, they may develop zygote after fusing with eggs. Sometimes, congestion and infection is taken place on the affected part after this operation. It is believed by 5 percent people due to mental pressure that sexual desire is decreased in male after this operation.     

Operation related to family planning in fair sexes-

        For this purpose, fallopian tubes are tied with clip through surgery or with the help of a particular type of device. By this method, sperm did not able to reach inside uterus and she does not able to be conceived. It is a safe method for family planning, but it has also 2 percent of failure (failing). It can be re-opened at the time of need.

        Whatever precaution is followed for family planning is not able to be successful completely due to four main reasons-

Unable to know the time of egg formation-

        Eggs grow from the first, tenth or eleventh day of menstruations in fair sexes. These eggs are responsible for developing zygote after fusing with sperm. Sometimes, the possibility of conception is become true due to not determining the time of eggs formation. 

The affects of over age on the different methods of family planning-

        As soon the age of male and female is increased as the methods of family planning goes on becoming less effective and weak.

Improper use of methods related to family planning-

        For family planning, mostly the fair sexes have to use different types of means. Sometimes, she is forgotten many things like- diaframe. Sometimes, she can also become pregnant due to bursting the condom of male. 

Affects of regular or over use of any method or device related to family planning-

        By the over use or use for long time of any mean of family planning, the affects of that means goes on decreasing and they do not give appropriate result.

        Failure of different types of peels and other types of means related to family planning have been shown with the help of following table in percentage-      

Percentage of failure (in a year)-

1.     Peels:

 50 mg estrogen                                                0.16

             30 mg estrogen                                                0.27

2.     Progesterone peels                                              1.2

3.     I.U.C.D.                                                                   1.5

4.     Dyfram                                                                    1.9

5.     Condom                                                                  3.6

6.     Releasing the sperm outside the vagina

         while sexual intercourse                                       6.7

7.     Use of chemical and cream                                 11.9

8.     Changing in the maturing of ovum (eggs)          15.5