Sex and society


A person is a social creature who can live only in the society. He learns good and bad habits by living in the society too. Generally, sex is observed with disgust in our society. Family members, teacher and other people of the society suggest several tips for good carrier to the young generation but these persons feel hesitation talking about sex. A growing child is very curious about sex knowledge. Such youth persons become the victim of several diseases due to lack of sex knowledge and several wrong misconceptions take birth in their mind. Such misconceptions are as masturbation, impotence and lack of semen.

A person, who is the habitual of masturbation, is considered as a bad person. If there are acnes of the face and dark circles around the eyes of a young boy, people think that this youth is the habitual of masturbation. They think that acnes on the face and dark circle around the eyes appear only when a young boy masturbates. Whereas there is no harm to the body because of masturbation because the penis does the same work in the fist of a boy as it does after inserting into the vagina. A person gets free from physical and mental tension by masturbation. Masturbation is good to avoid aids and unwanted child. 

Masturbation has a great role socially and morally. Imagine that a boy wants to make sexual intercourse with neighboring girl but the girl has no interest in sexual relation. The boy can do everything to make sexual relation. Think, what will happen if he does anything with the girl. If an idea of masturbation comes in the mind of the boy and he becomes satisfy through it, there is no obstruction in social and moral stream by doing so. If the boy makes sexual relation forcibly in spite of masturbation, it will be called rape. This thing is very harmful for both society and civility.       

If masturbation will be observed with disgust, several kinds of sexual offences will take birth in the society. A man feels no weakness because of masturbation like sexual intercourse with a woman even then there are several misconceptions existed in the society. Such misconceptions as impotence, tuberculosis, weakness of the mind, heart attack are the consequences of masturbation. All the things mentioned above are baseless. There is no truth in these misconceptions and these things disturb to those boys who are in the habit of masturbation. A boy becomes depressed mentally because of such misconceptions.

Masturbation is natural. If a man masturbates before or after marriage, his personality remains unaffected in spite of masturbation. Generally, emigrates remain far from their wives. In this condition, a man will either masturbate or go near a prostitute. Going near to prostitute or other’s wife is wrong socially and legally. Besides it, a man, who goes near a prostitute, becomes the victim of several sexual diseases. Therefore, a man should satisfy his sexual urge by masturbating. A man is not true who says that he never masturbates in his life. Whereas reality is that masturbation teaches a man how to fulfill the imaginations because of which function of his nervous system convert according to his imaginations.

Mostly, parents become worried when they know that their sons are in the habit of masturbation. There is no need to be worried to the parents in this respect.

Masturbation and sexual intercourse are the two sides of a coin because there is no importance of the semen ejaculated through both ways. It provides neither life nor strength. There is a misconception in the society that 100 drops of blood makes one drop of semen whereas there is no relationship between blood and semen. Semen keeps on originating in the body continuously, which is for excretion not for storage. Generally, several boys are misled by fake doctors by making such kinds of misconceptions. They spend their money and time in the treatment. They become depressed too and this depression ends the puberty gradually.

Besides it, young persons become disturbed because of thinness and thickness of the semen. There is a scientific reason behind the thickness and thinness of the semen. When sexual relations are made after long time, semen is thick but if sexual relations are made repeatedly, the semen is thin. It is natural process. This thing does not affect a man’s sexual life at all. There is a difference between a young boy’s semen and the semen of a 30-35 years old man. The semen of young boy is white but as he grows, the color of his semen starts to change pale. The quantity of the semen also reduces. Therefore, there is no impact on a growing man due to the color and quantity of the semen.  

Numerous men living in rural areas become disturbed because of impotence. If a man does not become the father of a child after 3-4 years of marriage, he is considered impotent. There is a need to change this thinking because the birth of a child depends on the sperms. Lack and excess of sperms are not related to sexual power of a man. Semen is falling with urine is another misconception among young men.

Some young men complain that semen falls when they urinate. Such men become weak because of this misconception. They become the victim of frustration by going to fake doctors. This frustration makes them hollow from inside. Sexual knowledge becomes very necessary for such kinds of men. Scientists say that semen never falls with urine. Greasy substance that falls with urine is not semen but it is a secretion excreted from the glands named prostate gland. When a man evacuates stool or urine, he gives a little pressure on the abdomen because of which secretion from prostate gland and other urinary glands comes with urine. Truth is that semen with urine is not possible scientifically because when a man reaches near about orgasm; mouth of the bladder closes itself.   

People use commode for evacuation of stool but Indian evacuate stool by sitting in a squatting posture. In this stage, mostly a man sees towards below while evacuating stool and he thinks semen to the substance that falls with the urine. He thinks so because of the misconception existed in the mind. Mostly, a man thinks semen as precious and vital thing. If it falls with the urine, he becomes too disturbed. He thinks that he is becoming weak day by day. The result of it is that he thinks himself weak both physically and mentally. In developed countries, people use commode for evacuation in which a man sits with erect backbone and he shows nothing towards below side. This is the reason that he remains healthy both mentally and physically.      

There are various doubts and wrong beliefs regarding the size of the penis. Mostly young men remain worried about the length and thickness of their penis. They compare their penis with the penis of others. They think that their penis is shorter than the others’ penis.  This is the reason that they become the victim of inferiority. Such young men always seek the methods to enlarge the size of the penis. This is a vain effort because as nose, eyes and height of each person differ to another person in the same way length and thickness of the penis of each person are different. Length and thickness of the penis are not related to the sexual power of a man.      

Generally, vagina is 15 cm deep whereas sensitive nerves of the vagina end in the depth of 5 cm. The remaining depth (10 cm) of the vagina is not sensitive. Therefore, a man with small penis should pay more attention over the sensitive areas of the vagina because 5 cm erect penis is sufficient to satisfy a woman. All the men have so much long penis viz 5 cm long penis in erect stage. Thus, we can say that a man should think about his sexual vigor than the length and thickness of the penis.    

Some women also give importance to the size of the penis. They think that a man with long penis satisfies a woman more than the man of short penis. They are quite wrong. It should be known by those women who think so that the vagina is too much sensitive and there is no importance of the length and thickness of the penis at all.

Newly married couple is eager to know when and how many times sexual relations should be made. There is a doubt in their minds because of misconception existed in the society that too much sexual intercourse brings weakness. Another misconception is that too much sexual intercourse becomes the cause of tuberculosis. Most of couple suppresses the feelings of sex because of this wrong belief. Such misconceptions are the origin of our society. Suppression of sexual urge is very harmful physically and mentally for a couple.   

Newly married couple should not suppress the sexual urge at all. They should make sexual relation as they feel sexual urge. No medical theory explains when and how many times sexual relation should be made. Sexual relation brings neither physical weakness nor mental weakness.  Regular sexual intercourse or sex relation once a week depends on the sexual urge of a couple. Some couples satisfy by making sexual relation three four times a day whereas some couples satisfy by making sexual relation once or twice a week. Here one thing becomes clear that a newly married couple can establish sexual relation according to capacity. Time should not be wasted by contemplating over the misconceptions existed in the society. 

Pleasure, happiness and satisfaction are important things in married life. Many couples do not satisfy after several sexual intercourses whereas some couples get satisfaction only one time sexual intercourse. Therefore, quality of sexual intercourse is more precious than the numbers of sexual intercourse. A man should know good techniques of coition so that they may get too much sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse. Both man and woman should satisfy with the sexual intercourse because both are involved in coition.

According to some people, man is more salacious than the woman is. Therefore, a man satisfies soon after ejaculation but woman remains unsatisfied. Only those people believe in this philosophy who read or watch such ads given in newspapers and television screens. In these kinds of incidents, only man is considered responsible for it. On the contrary, numerous women are not at tail in any way than the men are. 

Generally, celibacy means that an unmarried man remains far from sexual relations. It is believed in the society that a man, who is a follower of celibacy, gets long life, good health and strong body. Because of this misconception, most of young men want to sustain their strength by adopting the ways of celibacy. When they remain unsuccessful in it, they think that they have harmed their body by breaking the rules of celibacy. The result of it is that they produce anxiety and despair in their minds. When these kinds of incidents happen many times, conditions become too serious. Emotional inconsistency can be produced in a man, which disrupts the concentration of a man because of abnormal sexual desires. Sometimes, a man becomes the victim of restlessness, impatience, insomnia and other serious diseases. If a man suppresses his sexual urge, sexual genitals of the man can be passive. Mostly such kinds of men become the victim of nightfall. In other words, this thing can be understood in this way. 

Imagine that a pot is filled with water. If something solid or liquid is kept in it, water of the pot will be overflowed. The same thing applies in the matter of semen too. Semen keeps on being produced in the body continuously but semen of a man who is the follower of celibacy does not come out. Thus, semen keeps on gathering into the body of the man. When he thinks about sex, semen of the person becomes active and comes out in the form of nightfall. It is called wet dreams too. A man can become the victim of nightfall in any period of life. Celibacy and nightfall are deeply attached to each other.

This is the reason that followers of celibacy become the victim of nightfall. Nothing is strange in it because sperms of man a makes semen mixing with the secretions of prostate gland and other glands of testes. When production of semen keeps on being produced continuously, emission of it becomes also necessary. Emission of semen is general thing. Semen emits from the body through sexual intercourse, masturbation and nightfall. This is the reason that mostly followers of celibacy become the victim of nightfall. Therefore, nightfall is not a disease but a physical activity. If someone is the victim of this problem, there is no need to consult a doctor or treatment. Some persons think that a man feels weakness after nightfall. It is not true. It is wrong belief given by the misconceptions of the society. A child is learnt that as genitals of a man are important as the semen is. This kind of wrong belief disturbs a man too much.     

Some men examine her wife with the blood that comes out in the first intimacy  after marriage. They think that blood comes out from the vagina of a virgin girl. If blood does not come out from the vagina, the girl is not virgin. In this case, a man thinks that his wife has established sexual relation with another man before marriage. This is quite wrong. It is only a misconception existed in the society. According to sexologists, hymen that is the proof of virginity of a girl closes the mouth of vagina since birth. Sometimes, this hymen breaks due to taking part in sports activity or cycling. Therefore, it is not true that bleeding from the vagina is must in the first intimacy.

Samaj aur sex samaj men sex ka mahatw