Sesbance tree is huge. It grows in gardens and digging places. There are two kinds of sesbance tree. First kind’s flowers are white and second kind’s flowers are red. Its leaves are like tamarind leaves. Sesbance tree has about one hand long pod like Boda’s pod, which is used to make vegetables. Its flowers and leaves are also used to make vegetable.

Name in different languages:

English               -        Sesbance

Hindi                   -        Agastiya, Agast

Sanskrit              -        Agastya, Munidrum

Bengali               -        Buk

Gujarathi             -        Agasthiyoin

Marathi               -        Agasta, Agastha, Agse Gida

Kannada             -        Agseymernu Chogchee

Punjabi               -        Hathiya

Tamil                   -        Akk, Argati, Agti                

Telugu                 -        Avisi, Aveese

Malymal              -        Agthi

Latin                   -        Aogty Glandiflora

Color: Its flower is pink and white.

Taste: Sesbance is vapid in taste.

Nature: Sesbance is cool and dry in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of sesbance causes gas in stomach.


          Sesbance is cool, sweet and normalizes vatta, pitta and kapha. It is also useful to cure cough, pimples and relapsing fever. It also ends bad effects of ghosts.

For reading tips click below links     Sesbance (Agust*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Common cold & relapsing fever:

Common cold, headache and relapsing fever:

    Dripping drops of sesbance leave’s juice in the nostril provides relief in relapsing fever, cold and headache.
    2.     Migraine (pain of half head):

    Migraine (pain of half head):

      If someone suffers form pain of left side head, he should drip 2-3 drops juice of sesbance flowers or leaves in right nostril, similarly if someone suffers from pain of right side head, he should drip in left nostril. Using this process provides relief quickly. It also brings out phlegm and cures migraine.
      3.     Phlegm disorders:

      Phlegm disorders:

        The patient should take 10 to 20 ml juice of root or bark of red sesbance according to capacity. If you have to give this medicine to the child, use 5 ml juice of it with honey. If the patient feels the excessive effect of medicine, dissolve sugar candy in water and give it to him.
        4.      Swelling:


          Grind red sesbance and root of thorn-apple with lukewarm water there after coat it on the affected part, it ends all the types of swelling quickly.
          5.     Choked the nose caused by catarrh:

          Choked the nose and Headache caused by catarrh:

            One should drop two drops of sesbance leave’s juice in nose.
            6.     Epilepsy:


              • Grind fine equal quantity of powder of sesbance leave and black pepper with cow urine. Smelling this mixture is useful to get relief in epilepsy.
              • If any baby suffers from epilepsy, mix juice of two sesbance leaves with half quantity black pepper and soak a cotton piece in this juice and make the baby smell, it provides relief in epilepsy.
              7. Catarrh:


                If someone suffers from headache and feels head heaviness caused by velocity of cold, he should drip 2-4 drops of sesbance leave’s juice in the nose as well as mix 10-20 ml juice of its root with honey and give it to the patient to lick 3-4 times in a day. Using this process is useful to catarrh.
                8. Eyes disorders:

                Eyes disorders:

                  • Dripping 2 drops juice of sesbance flowers in the eyes regularly provides relief in eyes nebulosity.
                  • Nebulosity of the eyes is cured by dripping honey of sesbance flower. 2-3 drops honey comes out from the flower after braking.
                  • Fry sesbance leaves with ghee and give it to patient as well as patient should take ghee. It is useful treatment to cure eyes nebulosity.
                  • Night blindness (Ratondhi) is cured by taking cooked vegetables of sesbance leaves twice a day.
                  • Grind 250 grams leaves of sesbance and cook it with one kilogram ghee. After that, take 5 to 10 grams this mixture twice a day to get relief in eyes disorders.
                  9. Insanity (Brain confusion):

                  Insanity (Brain confusion):

                    Mix equal quantity of dry ginger, long pepper and jaggery with juice of sesbance leaves. After that, drip 1-2 drops of this mixture in the nose to get relief in insanity.
                    10. Hoarseness:


                      Gargling with decoction of sesbance leave provides relief in dry cough, cracked tongue, hoarseness, blood with phlegm, etc. diseases.
                      11. Stomachache:


                        Mix black salt and twenty pieces of toasted cloves with twenty ml decoction of sesbance bark. After that, take this preparation twice a day for three days regularly to cure chronic diseases of stomach and pain.
                        12. Constipation:


                          Boil twenty grams leaves of sesbance with 400 ml water until it remains 100 ml then put it down. After that, take 10-20 ml this decoction to eliminate constipation.
                          13. White Leucorrhoea:

                          White Leucorrhoea:

                            Grind fresh bark of sesbance and separate juice from it. Soak a cloth in this juice and put it on the vagina. It cures white leucorrhoea and itching.
                            14. Joints pain:

                            Joints pain:

                              Grind equal quantity of thorn-apple root and sesbance root together and prepare poultice from it. After that, tie this poultice on the affected part to end pain and swelling. If the pain becomes reduce, coat ground root of sesbance on the affected part.
                              15. Blood vatta:

                              Blood vatta:

                                Mix 100 grams fine powder of dried flowers of sesbance with one liter buffalo milk there after freezing it. Second day, separate butter from this curd and rub it on the affected part, it provides relief in blood disorder caused by bile. Butter also can be rubbed on the affected part to get relief.
                                16. Memory weakness:

                                Memory weakness:

                                  Take 3 to 10 grams powder of sesbance seeds with 250 ml fresh cow milk twice a day for some days regularly to increase memory power.
                                  17. Fever:


                                    • Smelling juice of sesbance flowers or leaves is useful to get relief in relapsing fever and choked catarrh.
                                    • If someone suffers from lungs swelling, cough with phlegm and fever, he should take 10-20 ml juice of sesbance root bark or panchang (Root, stem, leaves, fruits and flowers) with equal quantity of honey 2-3 times a day because it provides relief in lung disorders.
                                    • Taking sesbance root’s bark with betel-leaf or taking 10-20 ml juice of sesbance with honey twice a day causes sweat and decreases the fever.
                                    • One should take two grams fine powder of sesbance root bark with ten ml juice of betel-leaf thrice a day because it provides relief in phlegm, cough and fever.
                                    • Mix 2-3 spoons juice of sesbance leaves with half spoon honey and give it to the patient twice a day; it provides relief in relapsing fever quick. This experiment should be used for fifteen days regularly.
                                    18. Senselessness:


                                      Drip four drops juice of sesbance leaves in both the nostril to break senselessness.
                                      19. Children diseases:

                                      Children diseases:

                                        Give about 5-10 ml juice of sesbance leaves to the children to start diarrhoea (motion) for 2-4 times. It calms all the types of disorders.
                                        20. Bleeding:


                                          The patient should eat vegetable (Shaak) of sesbance flowers.
                                          21. Corneal swelling:

                                          Corneal swelling:

                                            The person, who suffers from corneal swelling, should drip juice of flowers and leaves in both the nostrils because it provides completely relief.
                                            22. Pneumonia:


                                              Put bark of sesbance root in betel leaf and suck it or take 10-20 ml sesbance juice twice a day, it brings out phlegm and starts sweat because of that fever subsides.
                                              23. Eyes disease :

                                              Eyes disease (Night blindness) (Nakhtand):

                                                The patient should take 14 ml juice of sesbance leaves or fry 12-24 grams paste of sesbance leaves with ten grams ghee and take it twice a day. Using this process provides relief in the eyes diseases.
                                                24. Photophobia (Fear to light):

                                                Photophobia (Fear to light):

                                                  Photophobia (Fear to light):
                                                  25. Glaucoma (Sabz Cataract):

                                                  Glaucoma (Sabz Cataract):

                                                    If someone suffers from eyesight weakness or blindness, he should drip juice of sesbance leave in the eyes twice or thrice a day because it provides relief in glaucoma.
                                                    26. Iritis (Uptara swelling):

                                                    Iritis (Uptara swelling):

                                                      Drip juice of flowers and leave of sesbance in both the nostrils to cure iritis.
                                                      27. Amenorrhea:

                                                      Amenorrhea (Choked menstrual excretion):

                                                        Eating cooked vegetable of sesbance flowers makes menstrual excretion normal.
                                                        28. Acidity:


                                                          Boil sixty grams sesbance bark with one liter water until remains only 250 ml water then put it down and filter. Mix two grams asafetida in this decoction and make four doses from it. After that, give these dosages to the patient 4 times in a day to end acidity and stomachache.
                                                          29. Pain and Swelling:

                                                          Pain and Swelling:

                                                            Pate of sesbance leave should be coated on the affected part because it provides relief in strokes and sprain.
                                                            30. Nose diseases:

                                                            Nose diseases:

                                                              Nose diseases:
                                                              31. Chicken pox (Chechak):

                                                              Chicken pox (Chechak):

                                                                If someone suffers from chicken pox, he should take 40 to 80 ml decoction (syrup) of sesbance because it is useful to cure chicken pox.
                                                                32. Headache:


                                                                  If someone suffers from headache, he should smell juice of sesbance flowers and leaves. It is useful treatment to cure headache with catarrh.
                                                                  33. Memory weakness:

                                                                  Memory weakness:

                                                                    Take 3 to 10 grams powder of sesbance seeds with 250 ml fresh cow milk twice a day for some days regularly to increase memory power.