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Stannum Metalicum



       Sepia is considered as very useful drug for curing female diseases. This medicine is considered as very beneficial for curing uterus problems completely.      

Useful in various symptoms:-

Mind-related symptoms:-

         The patient suffers from symptoms as severe irritation, starts weeping even on small matters, frustration all the time, negligence in doing any work, stubborn about any matter, mental troubles due to little noise, delirium, talking about the ghosts and devils and fighting with others even on small matters. The patient goes on fearing all the time as if any type of accident occurs with him. He thinks as if his life is vain. Giving Sepia to the suffered patient checks above symptoms.    

Eyes-related symptoms:-

        Sepia is an excellent remedy in the cases of weak eyesight due to weakness of the eyes muscles, seeming of black spots before the eyes, eyesight weakness due to eyes inflammation which belongs to the uterus problems, any type of boil on the eyelids, dilated eyelids and blood accumulation in the back portion of the eyes. The symptoms of eyes diseases are aggravated in the morning and evening. 

Head-related symptoms:-

        Sepia should be used in the symptoms as feeling of dizziness, feeling as if something is rolling inside the head, stinging pain specially in the left side or in the forehead from inside to outside and upwards with retching, vomiting caused by laying on the suffered part and outside of the home, sensation of the shocks backwards and forwards of the head, feeling of coldness in the upper portion of the forehead, headache with head shocks during menstrual secretion, scanty menstruations, hair falling and pimples around hair near the forehead. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.   

Nose-related symptoms:-

        Sepia is a great remedy in the cases of frequent sneezing due to catarrh, thick and green discharge from the nose, nose coats, yellow stain across the nose, pain in the nasal joints and sensation of nose scratching specially in the posterior nares caused by catarrh. The patient also has to throw phlegm out by expectorating again and again.

Ear-related symptoms:-

        Sepia is used in the cases of itching inside the ears, discharging of thick, yellow and offensive pus from inside of the ear, pain in the neck joints behind the ears, swelling and problems in the outer portion of the ear and pain like subqutenyos etiolation. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.  

Face-related symptoms:-

        Sepia is a beneficial remedy for curing symptoms as faded face, yellow spots of the face and brown spots on the cheeks and nose.  

Mouth-related symptoms:-

        Sepia can be used in the cases of tongue whiteness, vapid taste of the mouth, tongue dirtiness which becomes clean during menstrual secretion, swelling and crack in the lower lip and toothache from 6 p.m. in the evening till midnight which is aggravated by lying down. This medicine cures above symptoms completely.    

Stomach-related symptoms:-

       Sepia is an effective remedy in the cases of sensation of the stomach emptiness in spite of eating food, retching by looking or smelling food, indigestion caused by taking tobacco, feeling of salty taste of all the food products, vomiting just after taking meal, sensation of inflammation in the digestive systems, desires for eating sour products all the time, frequent sour belching and retching due to looking at oily products. 

Symptoms associated with men:-

       Sepia is very useful drug in the symptoms of sensation of the excessive coldness of the genitalia organs with excessive sweating from them, painful discharge from the urethra at night due to chronic gonorrhoea, warts on the front part of the penis and diseases caused by sexual intercourse.

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

        The woman feels in her lower parts of the body as if everything will be thrown out through the vagina by that drop of; she has to keep her legs in zigzag position or has to give pressure on her vagina. She feels as if something round is rolling in any part of the body during menstruations, pregnancy and feeding her baby. She suffers from itching with yellow leucorrhoea, delayed and scanty menstruations or early menstruations with menorrhagia, intensive pricking pain in the vagina from the uterus to navel, sensation of rending of the uterus and vagina, retching and vomiting in the morning and intensive pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse. Giving Sepia to the suffered woman cures above symptoms completely.     

Respiration-related symptoms:-

       Sepia drug should be used in the cases of violent cough with sensation of occurring violent cough from the digestion systems, dyspnea which is aggravated while sleeping, feeling of pressure on the chest in the morning or evening, excessive salty phlegm coming with cough in the morning, cough due to sough in the larynx or chest and cough for a long time caused by lungs swelling. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Urine-related symptoms:-

       Sepia is an excellent remedy for curing symptoms of red and sticky particles of sand coming with urine, bed wetting just after sleeping, strangury and ureter swelling.

Rectum-related symptoms:-

        Sepia drug is used in the cases of blood coming with excretion, sensation of the rectum fulfillment, constipation, stools hardness, feeling as if something round has kept inside the rectum, excessive groaning while excretion with pain which increases upwards rapidly, dark brown and round excretion which is jointed with phlegm, prolapsus ani, discharge from the anus oftenly, loose motion of the child due to giving hot milk for drinking and pain of the vagina and rectum which increases upwards rapidly. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.    

Abdomen-related symptoms:-

        Sepia is a great remedy in the cases of flatulence with headache, liver pain with burning sensation which is ameliorated by laying on the right side, many brown spots on the stomach and sensation of stomach emptiness.

Skin-related symptoms:-

       Sepia is a beneficial remedy in the symptoms as ringworms on many section of the skin, skin itching which does not ameliorate by scratching specially on the elbows and knee joints, round circles on the skin in every spring, dropsy caused by going in the open air which is ameliorated in a hot room, excessive and offensive sweating specially on the feet and toes, offensive smell from the skin and marks on the skin like fish marks. 

Back-related symptoms:-

       Sepia drug can be used in the cases of pain which is moved to the back, feeling of back weakness and sensation of coldness in the middle of shoulders. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 


        These symptoms are aggravated by washing, after sweating, at noon, in the evening, in the left side, in cold air and before the storm.


       These symptoms are ameliorated by compressing the body parts inwards, by bed heat, after bathing with cold water and while sleeping.   


        Natrum-Muriaticum and Phosphorus are the supplementary medicines of Sepia.

Inimical drugs:-

        Lache and Pulsa


        Sepia can be compared with Lillium, Murex, Silicea Aasperula, Ojonam,Sulphur, Dictemnas and Lapathum.  


        12th, 30th and 200th potencies of Sepia should be given to the suffered patient.


        Lower potencies of Sepia should not be used much or should not be given to the patient again and again.