If we try to know the history of human beings, we find that when they are healthy, they go on working and their life go on running while when they are sick, they feels pain even in living condition. They go on observing knowledge by their selves in conscious and unconscious stage. In this way, it can be said that sensitivity is whether mentally or physically, it is like a state and is engaged in internal reasons of state organization and outer conditions as well as it is the source of self defense or is the way of self-surrender. Therefore, the human beings convert themselves according to condition through sensitivity. 

        The structure, nature and the reactions against environmental powers are not similar in any two people. even the fingers print of the people in this world are also found as different to each other. It shows that we all have our own personality. In present time, we will meet many such people who are very sensitive against outer effects, while few are just opposite. Few people have thick skin, so there is no any sensitivity of outer effects is found on them.  

     Today, we also see that few children start suffering from painful cough and catarrh just after drinking refrigerated water, but in the other hand, there is no any affect of this water found on few of other children. So, it can be said that the sensitivity against outer environment or consciousness is found differently in every people as well as they show their reaction of all those affects on different levels. Thus, it is said that the people who show more reactions about such affects than normal are called much sensitive.    

        Have you ever think that why the newly born baby shows reaction against only a spoon of cold water? it shows that the sensitivity is being developed in that baby before blood and flesh. This type of sensitivity is hereditary and the child gets it from his/her parents and grand-parents. He/she shows this sensitivity only. If we try to know this sensitivity, we will find that it is not possible to reach in the root of this sensitivity.         

        In this way, the God has provided all those characters in human beings through which they can see and think as well as can observe all those conditions which are responsible for those reactions and use them for their benefits.        

        The affects of sensitivity is not only dormant, but in few cases, its affects are dynamic too. For example- few intelligent and educated people are more sensitive against outer environment and treatment of diseases and that’s why they are become experts in fine arts. Small children are more sensitive against treatment and self-hypnotize than old people and this is only the reason why they recover their health and nature progressively. The dormant sensitivity is responsible for a terrible feeling inside the mind. we know the pain of asthma patients that they are more sensitive against dust, pollen grains, hard fragrance, eggs, milk, etc. sometimes, this type of high sensitivity may become very dangerous as in case of side effects of drugs and it is known as normal or high sensitivity.     

        We may find this sensitivity in many forms in the people using magneto therapy. Few patients are those who take many or even many months to show their reactions against sensitivity and in the other hand, few are those who are recovered within few days due to their sensitivity against magnets.  

        if it is the question of the sharpness of sensitivity, many such patient are found who do not feel any type of sensitivity even after using magnets continuously up to an hour while few are also such type who can not tolerate the affects of magnet even for few minutes. Many patients especially suffered from sciatica and paralysis, can not tolerate magnetic affects for more than 15 seconds, because their veins are being stretched upward easily by the affects of magnet which is responsible for unbearable paralysis. This type of sensitivity is also found in few other people who move away their legs due to magnetic affects and keep the magnet at a distance. They use magnet for little while on their body. in this way, every people show their reaction differently against magnet, so they can not use the magnet in a normal way. It may possible that the patient does not feel any type of sensitivity during treatment by magnet, however the magnet go on working silently on blood, nerves and bones and the patient gets benefits of magneto therapy. Therefore, everyone is sensible against magnet- few are little or few are more sensitive. No one can say that he/she is not sensible against the magnet, because life is impossible without magnetic attraction. Without magnet, any type of response i.e. living or non-living does not appear.

        which people how much insensitive against magnet or to know the reason of less sensitivity clearly, we will have need to know their heritance. However, in few people this problem can be solved on the basis of slow or fast cells. We know that every cell of the human bdoy has its own magnetic unit (point) and there are different magnetic areas of such similar groups of cells or organs of the body. we also know that the blood found in the body has iron particles due to which the magnet is able to affect the body. the abnormal sensitivity of few people against magnet shows the excessiveness of magnetic power in the body while those, who are less sensitive against magnet, have less energy of magnetic power, so few people are against of magnet. In fact, the magnet is a precious metal for human welfare and various types of diseases are recovered by the use of magnet easily. thus, we can say that every people shows their sensitivity against magnet in any way.