Sensitive fair skin


Introduction:Sensitive fair skin gets affected in unfavorable atmosphere.

  • Sensitive fair skin gets affected in unfavorable atmosphere. Such kind of skin becomes cracked because of cold winds and spots appear there. Too much attention should be paid on the skin in too much cold or hot skin. 
  • Women with such kind of skin should not use blue and jambul color under the eyes. Give resemblance to the skin with the help of yellow color. Use two opposite colors after mixing for the eyes. Eye shadow in khubani color appears very good above the eyes.
  • Use light colors on the cheeks. You can use brown color too on the cheeks. Orange color appears very good in place of pink color on the founder line for opposite colors. Use orange color on the lips for base. Brown or copper color appears good on such kind of skin. Make ponytail a little high. Let the hair open if it is cut. Plait should not be made with tightness.