Senega acts better in lungs diseases. In asthma, phlegm gets accumulated in the respiratory-pipe and the patient feels trouble by excessive coughing. The patient feels much trouble while throwing this phlegm out. Giving Senega to the suffered patient provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Useful in various symptoms:-

Eyes-related symptoms:-

         Senega is an excellent remedy in the cases of glaucoma, eyes inflammation due to writing or studying, burning sensation of the eyelids, seeming one thing as double, watery eyes all the time, sensation of sparkling before the eyes all the time and dilated eyelids.  

Face-related symptoms:-

         Senega should be used in the cases of symptoms like paralysis in the left portion of the face, facial inflammation and blisters in the corners of the lips and mouth which create burning sensation. This medicine cures above symptoms quickly.

Respiration-related symptoms:-

         Senega is a great remedy in the cases of excessive dryness inside the throat, much difficulty while talking with someone, intensive pain of the back due to coughing, hoarseness (chocked voice) due to coldness of the respiratory-pipe in the winters, frequent cough which is ameliorated after sneezing, sensation of the chest contraction, rumbling sound in the chest, feeling of pressure in the chest while climbing on a high place, tough mucous of the old persons which comes out with difficulty, burning sensation in the respiratory-pipe of the old person due to weakness with burning sensation in the kidneys after a long time or chest varicose for a long time, chest dropsy and sensation of the pressure in the chest as if someone is pushing the lungs towards the back bone.     

Urine-related symptoms:-

         Senega is used in the cases of scanty urination, excessive mucous and membranes pieces coming with urine, intensive burning sensation in the ureter after and before urination and bursting pain in the back and kidneys. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Nose-related symptoms:-

         Senega is a beneficial remedy in the symptoms of nose dryness, discharge of catarrh from the nose due to cold, frequent sneezing and nostrils inflammation like chilly.


         These symptoms are aggravated by staring anything constantly, in the evening, during rest, in the open air, by taking cold breath, pressing the suffered part, touching the suffered part and at night.


         These symptoms are ameliorated by any type of movement, bending the head backwards, folding and sweating.


         Senega can be compared with Causticum, Saponin, Ammoni, Phosphorus, Calca and Nepeta caitaria.


         Calcarea-carbonica, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, etc. are the supplementary medicines of Senega.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:-

         Arni, Belladonna, Bryonia, Camphora, etc. are used for removing all the bad effects of Senega.


         Mother tincture or 30th potency of Senega should be given to the suffered patient.