Sempervivum tectorum




         Sempervivum tectorum is used for curing any type of mouth related wounds. Besides it, this medicine is also used for curing breast cancer, piles and other diseases.  

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Mouth-related symptoms:-

         Sempervivum tectorum is an excellent remedy in the cases of bleeding from the tongue due to tongue wounds, deep wounds of the mouth, intensive pain in the tongue’s wound at night, tongue cancer and excessive softness of the mouth by that crop of, the patient starts suffering from pain due to touching the mouth. 

Skin-related symptoms:-

         Sempervivum tectorum is used in the cases of skin blisters, purulent and poxy pimples on the skin, body warts, skin redness and stinging pain. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.


       Sempervivum tectorum can be compared with drugs like- Ficus caireca, Sedum acre, Oqujelis asitosella-wood, Cota-Eledan, etc.


         Mother tincture or 2nd potency of Sempervivum tectorum should be taken to cure diseases.