Self-Safety by Prayanama


Pranayama and its facts :
Function of Pranayama :


        a person meets with many types of people in his life. These all the people have different nature and method of thinking and understanding. Some people are good from these with those person feels good. But, some such types of people are present in society, who have different nature, diet, living and method of thinking and understanding. Such type of person, who does bad deed, is greedy and wants no pleasure to someone. Moistly, the nature of good and less confidence person can be changed by living such type of person.

        its causes that the effect of bad company affects our mind slowly, which changes our natures and attracts towards the bad deeds after ending our qualities like any disease. The pranayama is very good equipment to stop the changing, which originates in the mind due to bad effects of other persons. The human can save to self from these types of deeds by making self-safety cover by it.

There is no easy to give image of his thoughts-

           the human have not nature and bad habits from childhood. Nobody is about to sinful or wicked from childhood. These types of emotions or feelings take birth in the human due to environment and bad company of around. The person has nature and behavior according to environment or society or enclosure. Living and behavior of enclosure make the human conformable to it.  

        for the example, you will see that when a person listens the sermon or reads religious book, his emotions or feelings are purified and good thoughts start on originating in the mind. The thoughts, which originate in his mind, try to make regular to him. Thus, by living in good society and enclosure its good effect affects the human mind.

        if any person has bad habit as smoking or drinking wine etc. bad habit but if he lives in good society and enclosure, his nature and behavior are changed. His mind starts on changing and his deeds are end slowly, and nature becomes good. Opposite it, if any person has good nature and he lives in and enclosure, his nature is changed according to enclosure.

Safety from demon tendencies of society-

        This bad environment (which has been spread in society) has been called ‘micro demon’ in shastra. Our safety is necessary from snatching, robbery, kidnapping, mudar, lie, cheating etc. accidents, which are done in society. These all the bad effects are called ‘bad motive force’ in psychology. As long as the human does not save to self, destruction of good habits, good thoughts and religious tendency is naturally.  

        The helps of ‘Guru’ can be taken for saving his mentally tendency and sadhna from these demons, which spread around in atmosphere. Such type of guru saves the human from demons or such types of emotions or feeling (which originate in the mind) after ending. The guru (who has been gotten success by the prayanama) destroys all the types of problems by his vitality power. 

Should self-confidence-

        For saving from these types of bad effects (which have spread in the world), the vitality power, which has been gotten by prayanama, should be used towards it. All the types of bad effects and bad nature are removed by it because of that good and clean thoughts and mental impression originate in the human. You cannot search success yogis and able guru easily for the self-safety from the bad effects of this world and if they search, how many times you will stay save from bad effects by the help of this type of guru. Besides it, it has been looked that when the vitality power is awaked in the person by the guru, many people (who are about to get vitality power by the guru) become corrupt from the way after sometimes.   

        its reason was that awaking the vitality power in the human by the guru. This vitality power is free vitality power, which is gotten by the sadhak by the guru and sadhak is wrong used to this vitality power. Besides it, the human has not capacity to sustain this vitality power due to lack of doing the practice of prayanama or other yoga sadhna and human faces many problems by using this vitality power for doing bad works. Therefore, the human should get this vitality power by the yoga for self-sufficient and saving from these causes.   

        There is also a bound of the vitality power, which is gotten by the yoga guru. This power has his time of presenting in the human. The guru awakes which vitality power in other person by their vitality power, its aims that sadhak gets excessive strength and make swavalambi by using these vitalities power in the form of sadhana.

Importance of self-safety cover by prayanama-

        Prayanama is the equipment of awaking or increasing the power. The human also can save to self from the bad effects of the world by the prayanama without any able teacher. This self-safety cover can be used everywhere and every time according to need.

        This cover can be hold then, when you feel that vision of demons or bad person effects try to affect you, upheaval and greed are originating in the mind and also good and bad thoughts are increasing the mind. In such time, you should hold this cover. The mind speed becomes peace by it and bad effect affects the human mind. This dharana should be done twice a day before or after doing worship. This vitality power will be awaked by doing your light sadhna and bad effect will be end. You will feel pleasure and happy by looking activity of their vitality power and self-confidence will be increased in the mind with peace in the mind.

Technique of removing bad effects by the prayanama-

        sit in sidhda asana or padhda asana to do the prayanama. Keep your head, neck, chest and back straight. Bring both the hands toward the navel and put right hand on the left hand. Keep both the palms upwards. Now take breath and think in the mind that “a round circle of vitality power is rounding around me like winsome wheel. This round wheel is doing my safety by his spirit divine power.

        this golden light (which is spread around me) is making more dark. All the bad thoughts are finishing and only light is present around me. The wave ness circle of the light in the shape of Rambo is active for every time for saving my good resolution. This circle (round circle of golden light) is round like legendary flying plate around the body. I am sit between these. This light is carrying to me toward the high position of development. I has been became comprehended by awaking my vitality power. Now I am complete definite that I am getting progress from the god favour. I am rising upwardly and I am safe.

        after filling the air in the body completely, stop your breath according to your capacity and think in the mind like above thereafter while excluding the internal air, think in the mind that “all the dirt of my body has been come out by the breath and my mind, brain and memory have been cleaned and purified”. Thus, thinking in the mind while taking breath, excluding internal breath and stopping breath after taking.

        thus, do this activity for 10-15 minutes. While doing sadhana, the practice of prayanama should be done daily. It proves the cover after becoming strong. After getting its accomplishment, it becomes awake by remembering lightly. This prayanama sadhna is very beneficial to end invisible atoms of the bad effects.