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           Selenium is considered as very useful drug for the patient who has lost their sperm soon due to enthusiasm of youth and is not able to success in sexual intercourse. Besides them, this medicine is also very useful in the cases of physical and mental tiredness, in old age and weakness occurring after T.B.

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Head-related symptoms:-

           The patient suffers from dizziness as if he has drunk additional wine and he is in nausea. The person who has been drinking wine for a long time suffers from headache. The patent suffers from hair falling due to combing and hair fall of the genitalia organs and moustache. Giving Selenium to the suffered patient checks above symptoms. 

Throat-related symptoms:-

           Selenium is an excellent remedy in the initial stage of burning sensation in the larynx due to T.B, discharge of transparent mucous as pieces by expectorating daily in the morning, throat irritation, bloody phlegm with cough in the morning and throat problems of the singers.   

Ears-related symptoms:-

         Selenium can be used in the cases of deafness caused by frozen filth in the ears. It cures above symptom quickly. 

Stomach-related symptoms:-

           Selenium is very useful remedy in the cases of liver pain due to chronic problems of the liver with small blisters of the liver, chronic constipation, solid stools and gathering stools in the rectum. 

Nose-related symptoms:-

           Selenium should be used in the cases of intensive itching in the nose by that crop of; the patient has to enter his finger into the nose constantly in spite of undesired. The patient also suffers from dilute loose motions after catarrh. This medicine cures above symptoms soon.

Stools-related symptoms:-

          The patient suffers from difficulty while excretion and bleeding from the anus after excretion. The patient’s stool is as much harder as he has to remove out stool with fingers during excretion. Mostly, the patient suffers from above symptoms after typhoid. Giving Selenium to the suffered patient checks above symptoms.  

Stomach-related symptoms:-

           Selenium is a great remedy in the cases of stomach diseases which are aggravated by taking sugar, salty products, tea and beverages, desires for drinking cold wine and feels appetite at night.

Urine-related symptoms:-

           Selenium is used in the cases of strangury while walking, sitting and after urination or excretion and scanty and thick urination in the evening. The red sediment comes out with urine. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.  

Symptoms related to men diseases:-

         Selenium is a beneficial remedy in the cases of impotence due to over sexual intercourse in young age, irritation after sexual relationship, incontinence sperm ejaculation during sleep, excessive desire for sexual intercourse, but unexcitement of the penis during sexual relationship, dilute sperm, filling of water in the testicles and weakness of the nerves related to sexual intercourse.

Skin-related symptoms:-

           Selenium is an excellent remedy in the cases of dry and coaty pimples of the palms with itching, itching in the middle of the fingers and around the layer of the skin and ankles, hair falling from the eyelids, shave and genitalia organs, itching in the palms, in between the fingers and its joints, blisters between the fingers, facial acnes and black marks of the skin with frozen oil.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

           Selenium should be used in the cases of pain in the lower portion of the back like paralysis after getting up in the morning and intensive pain in the hands at night. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.   

Sleep-related symptoms:-

           The patient is not able to sleep whole night due to shivering in the blood vessels of the entire body. He suffers from intensive burning sensation of the stomach. The patient is not able to sleep till midnight even after trying much, but he awakes in the morning before sunrising on a certain time. Selenium drug is very useful in above symptoms.  

Mind-related symptoms:-

           Selenium is a great remedy in the cases of sperm ejaculation by thinking about sex, tiredness caused by doing some mental work, depression all the time and disparity that will never end.   

Anti-miasmatic medicines:-

           Ignatia and Pulsatilla are used for removing all the bad effects of Selenium.

Inimical drugs:-

           China and wine are inimical of Selenium.


           These symptoms are aggravated by taking tea, wine or cold drinks, after sleep, in the sunshine, in hot days and by wind.  


           These symptoms are ameliorated by taking cold water in the mouth or in the cold air.


           Selenium can be compared with drugs like- Agnus, Calade, Sulphur, Teluri and Phosphoricum-acidum.


           6th to 30th potencies of Selenium should be given to the suffered patient.