Secale cornutum-claviceps purpurea


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        Secale cornutum is very useful for the old and weak people. This medicine is also useful for the person who suffers from skin wrinkles and faded face.

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Skin-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum is an excellent remedy in the cases of skin numbness, small and blue spots of the skin, bluish skin, sensation as if ants are crawling on the skin of the entire body, skin dryness of the hands and feet, feeling burning sensation of the skin that is ameliorated by touching cold products, undesired of covering the body parts and bleeding from small wounds of the skin.

Fever-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum should be used in the cases of sensation of excessive cold, cold and sticky sweating, over thirst during fever, skin dryness and feeling of warmth in the body. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Urine-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum is a great remedy in the cases of symptoms like paralysis in the ureter, retention of urine, feeling of urination, but urine does not come out after a long time too, black discharge from the ureter and bed wetting of the old persons.   

Stomach-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum is used in the cases of fast hunger in spite of having much food, over thirst, desires for eating only sour products, frequent hiccup, retching, vomiting as blood and coffee sediments, burning sensation of the stomach and gastric, flatulence and offensive belching. This medicine cures above symptoms completely. 

Mouth-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum is a beneficial remedy in the cases of tongue’s dryness, cracked tongue with black bleeding, thick coats of the tongue, symptoms like paralysis on the tongue caused by swelling and itching sensation on the tongue tip which is hard.   

Face-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum can be used in the cases of facial etiolation, blue spots on the face, swamped face due to weakness and numbness with pain (bayanto) which starts from the face and is moved in the entire body. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Eyes-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum is very useful remedy in the cases of dilated pupils, initial stage of cataract in the old age of women, swamped eyes inward and black circles around the eyes. 

Head-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum is an excellent remedy in the cases of sensation of the head absence, headache due to accumulated blood of the head which starts from the rear of the head with facial etiolation, feeling of strain in the head to backwards, hair whiteness in the young age, hairs falling and blackish bleeding from the nose each time.

Respiration-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum should be used in the cases of heart pain, sensation of the pressure on the chest, dyspnea with spasms in the middle portion of the heart, intensive pain in the chest as if someone is making a hole in the chest with any sharp tool, irregularity of the heartbeat and nerves pulsation with an interval. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.  

Sleep-related symptoms:-

        The patient sleeps as deeply as he does not wake up even by shouting loudly near his ears. The patient suffers from night mare and insomnia at night too. The person who is tipsy suffers from insomnia. These symptoms can be cured by giving secale cornutum to the suffered patient.  

Stool-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum is a great remedy in the cases of green, dilute, offensive and bloody excretion, incontinence excretion, feeling of excessive tiredness in the body after excretion and sensation of dilated anus. 

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

        Secale cornutum is used in the cases of pain with excessive coldness during menstruation, light bleeding of the thin and lean woman, pain with burning sensation of the uterus, offensive and brown leucorrhoea, irregularity of menstruations, menorrhagia, thick menstruations, bleeding like water till next menstruations, doubt about abortion around 3rd month of pregnancy, delivery pain, chocked breasts milk, flatulence, offensive and black excretion, retention of urine and fever after delivery. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Anti-miasmatic medicines:-

        Camphor and Opium are used for removing all the bad effects of secale cornutum.


        These symptoms are aggravated by quilt warmth or heat.


        These symptoms are ameliorated by rubbing, cold air and by keeping the suffered part as uncovered.  


        Secale cornutum can be compared with drugs like- Airgotin, Pediquleris Cannadensis, Bresica neaps, Cinnamon, Colchicum, Arsenicum, Orum-Muriaticum, Agrostema, Ustilago, Carbo, Pituetrin, etc.


        1st to 30th potencies of Secale cornutum should be given to the suffered patient. It cures him completely.