Scientific point of view about sex



Sex is an act which is very essential for the origin of all the creatures in the whole world. All the creatures have sexual urge but only human being is such a mortal who understands the depth of sex and the reason of it is the existence of feelings, desires and imaginations of a human being. Sex is an inseparable part of life and it cannot be separated from human life at all. If it happens, there will be no existence of human being in this world.    

There are two things in this world essential for the existence of human being and that are protection of life and reproduction. For protection, a person produces several kinds of eatable things to satisfy hunger and thus, he passes his life. Nature has generated sex urge in male and female for the purpose of reproduction and this is the reason that nature has endowed a sexual hunger to human being. Therefore, sexual intercourse has been made a source of great enjoyment. If there is no so much enjoyment in sexual intercourse, a male does not meet a woman so enthusiastically and there is no man on this earth.   

In ancient time man keep on wandering in the search of food, on the contrary now man gets nutritive and good food without excessive labour. Thus, a man seeks the sources of entertainment to pass his time because of nutritive meals and abundance of time consequently sex urge has been increasing in human being. Sexual life of human being is becoming more and more harmonious and artistic.

Today, some persons consider sex as the medium of luxury and enjoyment. This is the reason that they are going away from the reality of sex and are facing a lot of troubles and problems.

Ancient saints and sages had said in preaches that sex is an only medium for the new generation and the origin of this world but accepting it (sex) as the main and prime job of life is not good at all. This is such power, which can be folded in any direction. It is right that suppression of sex urge becomes the cause of several mental diseases but life can be brought on a right path by controlling this sex urge in a proper way. A person can obtain the real joy of life by controlling his sex urge.     

Love and definition of love between man and woman is described in several ways. Sexologists describe the definition of love in this way that attraction (love) between man and woman originates through eyes and words nurture it as well as touch gives it newness. Language of love creates a soft and tender impact on the heart. Feelings and sensations of love makes this world happy as water brings greenness in desert. This is the reason that sexual intercourse is very important between man-woman, male-female and husband and wife. Several researches have taken place on this topic.   

Chemistry of lovemaking (sexual intercourse):-

All the physical works of man are governed by the brain. Nervous system informs the messages send by the brain to the different organs of the body. A sensation of love feelings originate in the mind because of the brain of the person. The joy we get in sexual relation is mental because many times a person does not become satisfy mentally although he gets physical satisfaction. This result can be observed in both male and female. If sex urge originates in the mind, nervous system informs to the sex organ to be aroused. Thus, it can be said that sex organs become aroused if a person thinks about sex in his mind. No sexual relation can be established without fierce longing for sex in the brain.

According to physical science, there is a point in the brain just behind the eyes and it is called limbic system. Scientists of human physiology say that there are various points in this limbic system, which control all the activities as observing, hearing, feelings, desires, sensations and behavior done by a man. It is so because limbic system affects all the activities of our body. If there is a defect in this system, all the activities along with the sensation of love in the mind affect.

There is a main point of limbic system which is called hypothalamus in English language and aagya kendra in Ayurveda. This point is very sensitive towards our feelings and mental sensitiveness. There is an especial group of cells at the middle of this point, which is known by the name as sex nuclei. This is considered the source of sex urge in human beings according to the scientists. As the sensation of sex originates in this point, as the secretion of sex hormones are produced in the body of both man and woman. A hormone named testosterone start to be produced in a man in this stage. These hormones arouse a man and woman sexually and their reproductive become aroused for sexual intercourse. It can be said on scientists’ researches that a balanced mind and a hormone named testosterone are very essential for enjoyable sexual intercourse.

Several scientists consider that sex urge of man depends on the secretion of a hormone named testosterone. Sex hormones’ origin in testicles viz the origin of testosterone becomes high when a hormone named gynodottrifin produced in the pituitary gland arouses.  The hormone named testosterone starts the production of sperms in the body and it shows the symptoms relating to sex urge. Testosterone hormone is present 10 folds in man’s body than the body of a woman. Besides it, different kinds of secretions (chemical fluids) are produced in the body of both male and female. These secretions are responsible for sex urge in male and female.  

Scientists’ researches exclaim that hormones named testosterone, oxytocin, vasopressin and pheonelathemin are the sources in male and female of attraction, sex urge and excitement and orgasm. According to researches, the hormones named oxytocin and vasopressin attract man and woman towards each other. The secretion of hormones increases very much from mind to reproductive organs when both male and female embrace and kiss to each other.

Work of different hormones in the body while making sexual intercourse:-

Oxytocin hormone:-

It has been proved scientifically that this hormone named oxytocin exists in the body like a gum, which produces a feeling in the mind of both male and female to live altogether and excites to the mind to attract each other. This hormone is very important for human being because this hormone produces milk in the breast of female. According to sexologists, a flabby penis after making sexual intercourse is aroused again by this hormone too. Researchers of this subject say that a female animal wants to make sexual relation (when she is more aroused for sex) with those male animals in whom the level of oxytocin is high. This hormone produce in the glands named pituitary but some researches consider that a little quantity of it has been found in brain.    

Vasopressin hormone:-

This hormone is called the colleague of the hormone named oxytocin. According to scientists, this hormone ends the work started by oxytocin. This is the hormone, which realizes a woman to be wife and a man to be husband. This hormone helps to choose the partner in animals too.   

Phenoelthelamin hormone:-

According to scientists, there is an active chemical hormone in our body, which is called phenoelthelamin. This hormone existed in the body changes our moods viz in the desires. The sex urge and excitement for sexual relation are produced because of this hormone too. This hormone produces excitement, sexual craving and craze for sex in both male and female while making sexual intercourse.

Testosterone hormone:-

According to scientists of human body, the production of testosterone hormone starts to originate in the body when a person enters in the age of adolescence whereas some scientists say that its origin starts to originate in the womb which originates on a high level in youth age. This is the cause that adolescence boy and girls become into a young male and female.

In the reference of human body growth, the process, in which adolescent gets puberty, starts in the age of 10-12 years. In this age, a special kind of hormone starts on originating in hypothalamus and pituitary glands and this hormone is called testosterone hormone. Reproductive organs of the body start to develop because of this hormone. After the production of this hormone another hormones also start to originate in the body, which develops the body soon. One research explains that the level of testosterone hormone is 20 percent high in boys than the girls. This hormone develops in the testicles of a boy whereas it produces in adrenal gland in girls.   

Methods for happy married life:-

Conjugal relationship between male and female should be harmonious for happy married life and sex is the most important medium for good relationship between male and female. Both male and female can make happy to each other through sexual pleasure but it is necessary for sweet relationship between male and female both may get mental satisfaction along with physical satisfaction. Today, people prefer anagogic form of sex and this is the reason that they attain sex knowledge stealthily. However, attitude towards sex is becoming change gradually and they start to consider it as a main subject. Today, people consider sex knowledge is essential medium for happy married life.

Although, they consider sex knowledge valuable yet there is a lots of ignorance about sex in them especially in girls. Many girls are unaware about sex after marriage. They know the necessity of sex in married life but they have no knowledge about sex scientifically and consider married as weight. This feeling towards married life ends it. Therefore, this opinion of girls must be changed and for it, both male and female should understand to each other if they want to remain far away to this problem.  

The mentality of men towards sex is like the women. They also have several misconceptions about sex and women after marriage. Not only opinions of this kind affect their married life but also the physical and mentality too.

Psychologist says that women have more power to concentrate than the men do. Often, women can do two jobs at one time viz they can concentrate their mind on two things as preparing children for school along with making food, teaching to the children along with reading magazines and talking with other along with washing clothes. Thus, a woman can do two jobs at a time. On the contrary, a man does only one job at one time, if someone interrupts him, he becomes angry. If someone interrupts while he is speaking, he becomes angry too. There is scientific reason in the difference between a man and a woman. According to psychologists, human brain works by dividing into two parts- left side controls to the activity of talking and right side controls to the main work viz to the visual power.

A man uses hemisphere of his brain at a time and this is the reason that he pays only one job at a time. On the contrary, both part work altogether at time one time in women and this is the reason that they are able to do two jobs at one time. That is why; conversation is easy for a woman while making sexual intercourse but it may be that the man may pay no attention towards woman’s sayings or it may be that he may remain fail in hearing what a woman said. It is so because only right side of the brain works at that time. Therefore, a woman should not be more worried at this attitude of man and she should not be angry at this behavior of man.

Some researches proclaims that men attract towards opposite sex than the woman whereas women attract towards men on the base of words viz way of talking. This is the reason that boys have great interest in nude scenes, statues and pornographic films and magazines whereas girls like to read love stories, romantic novels and family films and dramas. A husband attracts towards her wife because of outer beauty.

Men like talking, speaking and teasing with woman. Girls are taught to laugh and talking since childhood. The sobriety and decency of a woman are praised in a family. A person gets rid of tensions and depression if he makes joke and teasing with girls. When a husband makes joke with his wife or he tries to please her wife, he gets no response towards his wife so he thinks that either his wife dislikes him or she considers herself greater than him. He thinks that his wife is thinking about the activities done by him. This thing can produce a feeling of inferiority in him. Therefore, both male and female should enhance the attractiveness to each other on the base of mutual understanding.

The balance of love and sex between both male and female should be in a harmonious stage for good and happy married life. Sometimes, it happens that a woman refuses to make sexual relation and consequently; the man consider himself rejected fully. It shows that sexual relation is the reliable symbol that there is no difference in opinion between two.  

Conjugal relationship should be sweet between the husband and wife for happy married life. If husband touches and talks with his wife, the wife should not consider that he is doing so because of sex urge. It may be because of love too. A little incomprehension, exhaustion and negligence of woman towards husband can produce wrong feelings in the mind of man. It is harmful for happy married life. Therefore, a woman should not show such expressions on her face that the husband might consider it wrong.