Sciatica pain



In this disease, the patient feels pain from the waist to legs through the outer part of the thighs. This disease occurs due to falling pressure on sciatica neural situated below the spinal cord. It occurs due to sitting with wrong posture, appearing strain in the muscles, over fatness, in the pregnancy period, due to disc slip of the spinal cord and appearing swelling in the sciatica.


When the patient suffering from this disease stands up, sudden pain starts in his hips and moves to the legs through the back side of the thigh. Pain is either fast or slow. Pain feels as if that part has shoted. When patient bends (bows) frontward, pain starts to aggravate. The obsessed part becomes insensitive and weak.  

What should we do or not in the case of this disease:-

  1. The patient suffering from this disease should change his sitting posture.
  2. He should protect himself from falling pressure on the nerves and should try to make them flexible.
  3.  He should sleep on the hard and flat mattress.
  4. The painful part should be fomented with an ice cube to reduce pain.
  5. The back and thigh should be massaged.
  6. In the condition of this disease, patient should take treatment according to the advice of a doctor.
  7. The patient should take exercise regularly in the morning and evening.
  8. He should try to make the muscles strong.
  9. Carbohydrates and fat should not be taken.
  10. The patient should not bend himself for taking any article/object from the floor, but should take by sitting on his knees.