Scapula (Shoulder blade): The large, flat and triangular bone forming the posterior part of the shoulder, which articulates with clavicle and humerus bones.

For reading tips click below links      Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Jaglance-


    Giving Jaglance 3 is beneficial in the condition of pain in the section between two scapulas.
    2.     Chelidonium-


      contUsing Chelidonium 30 proves very effective in the condition of pain below the right scapula.ain
      3.     Cactus-


        If the patient feels any type of trouble in the heart due to pain in the left scapula, giving Cactus 3 is beneficial.
        4.     Actaea Spicata-

        Actaea Spicata-

          In the condition of pain in the left scapula, small joints and wrists, giving Actaea Spicata 3 is very useful.
          5.     Ferrum-met-


            Ferrum-met 6 is very useful in the condition of fast pain between both of the scapula at night, pain in the upper section of the left hand due to which the patient can’t able to raise up his hand, if the patient moves his hand even little, he feels fast pain in scapula.