Sayoco Disitaca




          Sayoco disitaca tree is not very high but its leaves are long. Its fruits appear in bunch like grapes, which are used to make pickle. 

Name in different languages:

Sanskrit       :        Lavli

Hindi           :        Harfarevari

Gujarat        :        Khati aanmli

Bengali        :        Nopal or Loyopar

Marathi        :        Rai aamvala

Latin            :        Filyansegas distiks or Sayoco disitaca

Colour: Sayoco disitaca is yellow.

Taste: It is sour.

Structure: It tree is very beautiful. Its leaves are like leaves of Negro coffee plant and fruits are like cluster fig fruit.

Nature: It is cool in nature.

Precaution: Taking excessive quantity of sayoco disitaca increases phlegm and vatta.

Removing side effects: the side effects of sayoco disitaca are removed by mixing honey in it.

Compare: Sayoco disitaca can be compared with raw Indian gooseberry.


Sayoco disitaca is sour and bitter in taste. It cures piles, vatta, bile disorders and leprosy, and brings phlegm out. It is very useful for the heart and cures anuria-dysuria. It reduces inflammation and warmth of the body. It makes the stomach strong and purifies the blood.