Savage Wheat



Color: Savage wheat is blue like ink.

Taste: It is vapid and pungent.

Structure: It is a grass, which is like wheat.

Nature: Savage wheat is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of it may be harmful for the intestines.

Removing bad effect: Gum guggul and tragacanth gum remove the bad effect of savage wheat.

Compare: It can be compared with black seed.

Dosage: It can be taken in 3 grams quantity.


Savage wheat generates the condition of loose motions and cures swelling. It eliminates gas and kills stomach worms. Make collyrium by mixing savage wheat, cassia absus and sugar candy together. This collyrium is useful to cure entropium. Its paste is useful to cure rickets and end itching. It also cures alopecia.

Useful in this disease:

Memory weakness: Take juice of savage wheat plant for 40 days regularly, it increases memory power.